A tweet about your "Man Components" can earn you $ 25,000 from the Greenback Shave Membership

We never thought that talking about our balls could make us so rich. But thanks to the fine people at the Dollar Shave Club, it can! The brand gives you the chance to win $ 25,000 simply by tweeting what your balls mean to you.

This special offer is linked to the newly released Ball Spray from Dollar Shave Club, which has been expertly designed to reduce the "swampy" feeling we all get after a day of adventure in the woods or on our bikes. With just a few sprays, Ball Spray gets to work, offers odor and wet protection all day long and reduces the annoying friction and friction that we boys get, especially after long days on the run. wonder that the product quickly became popular in the face of the current heat wave. According to the Dollar Shave Club, the ball spray will be sold out in less than two weeks!

All of this popularity has resulted in a waiting list for the product (you can sign up for the waiting list here). But while you're waiting to get your hands on this hot summertime, the Dollar Shave Club offers consumers the chance to get a cool $ 25,000 just by going to Twitter and answering what your balls mean to you (in 280 characters or less). The Dollar Shave Club determines its two favorite entries and each winner receives $ 25,000.

We want to celebrate your balls. Reply to this tweet with #paintmyballs and #contest and tell us what your balls mean to you. Use poems or tell us a story. Just don't use a camera. You could win $ 25,000 and see how your testicles become art. Rules: https://t.co/CYWmAiJMJJ pic.twitter.com/bIgWvwHPxa

- Dollar Shave Club (@DollarShaveClub) July 21, 2020

But wait, there's more. The winners will also have their balls turned into art by renowned artists Serge Gay Jr..

Remember to literally keep it clean, and you can take cash home with you and have your artwork immortalized for the whole world!

Ball spray

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