If the Olympics had Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore in the Black Hills region of South Dakota celebrates four honored American Presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. Their 60-foot granite counters are carved into the mountain.

If we had an Olympic version called Mount Oympus that is limited to Olympic competitors only, who would qualify? Here are our tips for a men's and women's version of Olympus.

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Legendary professional bodybuilder Larry Scott flexes his biceps and muscular body

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The golden boy: Larry Scott 1965-66

Being the first in anything guarantees a place in history, like the first man on the moon or the first four-minute miler. Larry Scott is the first Mr. Olympia in 1965 and thus qualifies for his place on the mountain.

There couldn't have been a better candidate than Scott to start the Olympic roll of honor. With his stunning physique – with protruding arms and delts – and dyed blond hair, he embodied the Californian surfer: Anyway, he was naturally dark-haired and born in Idaho. He was the epitome of the west coast image Joe Weider wanted to project. and a dynasty was created.

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The young Arnold Schwarzenegger stands behind a barbell bench after training

Gene Mozee

The chosen one: Arnold Schwarzenegger 1970-’75 & 1980

After finishing second with Sergio Oliva at the 1969 Olympics, Austrian Arnold Schwarzenegger won six titles in a row (1970-75) before returning in 1980 and taking a controversial seventh place.

body has done more than the native Austrian to bring bodybuilding into the mainstream. From his charismatic performance in the groundbreaking Pumping Iron to his Hollywood superstar career followed by his election as governor of California, no bodybuilder has ever reached such a high global profile. In addition, he is selflessly giving something back to the sport by promoting his Arnold Classic franchise worldwide.

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Legendary professional bodybuilder Lee Haney stands in jeans and shows off his muscular build


The Class Act: Lee Haney 1984-1991

Lee Haney packed nearly 250 pounds of fine muscle onto his 5'11 ”frame, amassing eight back-to-back Sandows before retiring undefeated in 1991. But he was as much a star when not competing as he served as a shining example of when a life should be lived both backstage and backstage.

The word "ambassador" is often used and abused, but bodybuilding has never had a nobler ambassador than Lee Haney. As a committed family man, a deeply spiritual person and heavily involved in numerous charity projects, he is a credit to his upbringing and his sport. Bottom line: everyone loves Lee Haney.

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Legendary bodybuilder and Mr. Olympia winner Ronnie Coleman poses in a bodybuilding competition

Chris Lund

The Big Nasty: Ronnie Coleman 1998-2005

From a humble competitive start, Ronnie Coleman insisted on eventually winning eight consecutive Olympic titles. In 2003, he rumbled on stage at 287 humorous and quality pounds, the highest body weight ever to receive an Olympic crown.

In doing so, he probably built the largest fan base of any modern bodybuilder. The lines for his photo ops and merchandise were always the longest and the slowest to disperse. He loved being Mr. Olympia, perhaps more than any other owner, and with his infectious spirit of fun, loved the sport of being Mr. Olympia.

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Female bodybuilder Rachel McClish holds a trophy

Bill Dobbins

The Delish One: Rachel McLish 1980 and 1982

1980 was the first year of Ms. Olympia competition. What female bodybuilding needed at this point was a standard bearer, a beautiful, bubbly, flashy woman who was PR savvy. McLish was a person with the most nebulous talent – charisma. She was an "It" girl who inspired and adopted the role model's coat, and someone who loved the camera, which in turn inherited the ability to generate magazine sales and put bums on seats.

In short, the women's side of sport needed its Arnold: someone who could only be immediately identified by their first name. Keyword Rachel McLish! And sport never looked back.

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Legendary bodybuilder and wife Olympia Cory Everson

Mike Neveux

The undefeated: Cory Everson 1984-89

At 5 & # 39; 8 "and 150 pounds, Cory Everson brought the woman Olympia an impressively stately but still feminine personality. She had personality and great stage presence. She was trained by husband Jeff Everson and has been unbeaten in six Olympic Games. Many saw their appearance as the limit for women's muscles. She retired after her 1989 victory and during the competition, her crown never seemed to be threatened.

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Bodybuilder and woman Olympia Lenda Murray wear a black bikini

Bill Dobbins

The Driven One: Lenda Murray 1990-95, 2003 & 2004

Over a period of 14 years, Lenda Murray won eight Olympic titles and became as good as the most popular bodybuilder the sport has known – only Rachel McLish could match her for the award. She graced countless covers and appeared in mainstream publications with various fashion shoots. Because of her affiliation with Jake Wood's Wings of Strength organization, she is still a driving force in sport to this day.

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Female bodybuilder Iris Kyle participating in a bodybuilding competition

Bill Comstock

The Enegiser Bunny: Iris Kyle 2004, 2006-2014

Iris Kyle is the only person – male or female – to have won a total of ten Olympic titles. It's certainly a record that will never be broken – unless she breaks it herself. She brought rock-hard, severed muscles into the fight that were proportionally distributed and, at best, unbeatable.

After her first retirement in 2014, she is returning to Olympic competition this year at the age of 46. It's mind-boggling to think how many wins she would have had if she hadn't taken a break six years ago. argument, she is the most successful female bodybuilder of all time.

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