Three workouts to organize your higher physique for the fitness center

When we take a break from the gym, we need to take care of our upper bodies. Exercising the posterior muscles such as the back, shoulder blades, and deltoids is critical to maintaining good posture and avoiding the "hunched shoulder" effect.

If our posture is rounded off by inactivity, it forces our spine to balance it while lifting and affects our ability to intervene in our core. In addition, if you have decided to start running while the lift is not in the know, functional exercises for these muscle groups are essential. Your neck, falls, and shoulders should always be relaxed and upright while running. When the shoulders are hunched, the chest and airways are stressed, making it difficult to breathe during the performance.

This can be harmful to your health and damage the thoracic spine.

Let's look at three exercises we can add to our program to address both of these issues.

Ben Walker is an Irish personal trainer and strength coach at Anywhere Fitness. He lives in Dublin and is a fitness specialist who creates personalized plans for strength and endurance athletes at home and online.

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