The 11 hardest abs workouts ever

Her usual abdominal exercise routine worked great - until it wasn't. Abs, like any other muscle, require progressive resistance to become stronger and more torn. Think about it: you wouldn't be putting another £ 135 on the bank. to grow your breast if you are able to lift double that. It won't make you stronger or your pecs bigger - you need to add more weight.

The same applies to abs. There will come a time when you've done so many crunches that your midsection will just get used to it. You need to strain these muscles if you expect a six pack to appear. Or, if you already have one, to take care of it and make it look even sharper.

With these moves from top trainers, you will break this plateau and develop the torn and torn core again.

Be warned that some of these are so tough that even the most advanced exercise rats may not be able to do many (if any) - at least not right away. "A lot of people could do a few iterations and not really make anything of it," said Eric Emig, personal trainer and founder of Evolution Fitness in St. Louis, MO. "The right shape is of course the key." So instead of turning the volume down, focus on getting some repetitions of these movements done correctly to avoid injury.

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