eight meals to chop out of your weight loss plan now

If you want to achieve your exercise and body goals, you need to provide your body with the right foods. While junk food may be tempting, trying to get yourself ready for the beach is doing you no favors. Some unhealthy foods like sugary sodas and candy bars are no-brainers, but there are plenty of “healthy” options that aren't actually waist-friendly.

This is partly due to marketing. Some foods have a reputation for being "fitness friendly" because influencers have been broadcasting them non-stop on their Instagram stories (we see you, smoothie bowls over 1,000 calories).

But as we said earlier, gorgeous abs people aren't nutrition experts - you have to listen to the real experts. Fortunately, we've found one for you that is a trusted source of information.

"It comes down to moderation," said Franci Cohen, CEO of Fuel Fitness in New York and inventor of SpiderBands. "In general, you want to limit the things that the body makes the fat storage hormone insulin. You don't want large spikes and drops in insulin throughout the day, you want them to remain relatively constant."

Chewing or sipping large amounts of these products too often can inadvertently hinder your progress.

matter how much the internet tells you to eat these foods, we're going to tell you in a moment why you should probably avoid them. As always, this doesn't mean you have to cut them out completely - but if your looking for a pounding body this won't do you a favor.

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