Would you want to remain wholesome this vacation season? First, preserve your fingers clear

Did you know that the average person touches their face an average of 23 times a day? rmally we wouldn't even pay attention to something as trivial, but this season is different from any other. That's why we've taken extra moments to think about what's most important to us: our loved ones, neighbors and friends.

Since the state of the world is as complicated and uncertain as the danger of touching your face with dirty hands, sometimes it is best to take a few minutes to protect you and yours.

The good news? With Zest Soap, you have an easy and thoughtful way to stay safe by simply washing your hands. Here are some top reasons why you should have a bar of zest soap handy by every sink in your home.

Washing hands keeps us clean and safe:

At the start of the cold and flu season, keeping your hands clean has never been more important. Washing your hands with the Zest Aqua Cleansing Bar is one of the best steps to keep yourself and your family safe. And did you know that bars of soap are equally effective at removing germs, according to the CDC? Just make sure you scrub and dry thoroughly for at least 20 to 30 seconds.

Washing your hands is more invigorating than coffee:

Maybe that's up for debate, but Zest's invigorating scent will wake even the grumpiest person. It works like magic - a touch of that fresh scent and everything just seems a little brighter.

Citrus peel

Wash your hands with zest for life to get softer and smoother hands:

Can you say that we are some kind of ob-zest? The Zest Aqua Cleansing Bar contains vitamin E and provides intensive moisture so that the skin feels hydrated, fresh and invigorated after every wash. While we're embarking on a leisurely winter season, there's nothing like reaching our loved ones with soft, smooth hands.

Zest Aqua Bars

The Zest Aqua Cleansing Bar (8 bar, 3.2 ounce, 3 pieces, $ 8.94) is available at Walmart.com.

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