Why group remedy could be the perfect sort of remedy for males

Everyone by now knows that talking about the things you're going through - whether it's a divorce, a job loss, or an inexplicable fear - can help processing emotions. It doesn't have to look like talking from a couch, though: group therapy is a great option for men who don't like to talk about themselves, who like to learn from listening and observing others, or who are just Rachel Kazez, therapist and founder of All Along, a consultancy that brings people together with therapists, misses that sense of community support. Group therapy can be the most accessible form of talk therapy. Without personal pressure, it's like having a beer with your friends, only some people talk about their feelings.

These days, group support often looks like four to 15 people (all men if you wish) place a Zoom call and talk about current fights and recent victories. These sessions are usually led by a licensed counselor or therapist. You don't have to share them if you don't want to. But many people find that seeing others work through difficulties helps them figure out their own difficulties, says Kazez.

She adds that face-to-face meetings may be more beneficial when you're dealing with a particular trauma or looking for a place to talk non-stop. However, a group can act as a bridge if you're not ready to individually address your biggest concerns yet. (Bonus: it's usually cheaper too.)

Of course, it's about finding the right one, adds Kazez. The participants and managers set the tone. So keep looking around until you find a good fit.

Illustration of men in group therapy Illustration by Kagan McLeod

There are great virtual sessions offered by online platforms like EVRYMAN and Hims & Hers. If you'd like the opportunity to meet in person, ask local clinics or therapists about groups that are currently meeting remotely. t sure where to start? Tap on a service like Kazez 'All Along or MyWellbeing that emails personalized matches to help you navigate and narrow down the options.

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