Greg Norman on the 2021 Masters, overcoming Covid-19 and extra

On the golf course as well as in the business world, Greg rman lives up to his nickname - The Shark.

During his Hall of Fame golf career, the blonde Australian has achieved 91 professional wins, including two British Open Championships and 20 PGA Tour wins. In the 1980s and 90s, rman spent 331 weeks on the official world golf rankings. wadays, rman scores victories in the boardroom and serves as the CEO of the Greg rman Company, which operates in various fields such as apparel, real estate and golf course design.

However, this weekend's Masters tournament is a new venture for rman - lead analyst for Sirius XM's Masters radio show. Men’s Journal recently met with The Shark to hear his thoughts on the 2021 Masters, how he overcame a serious battle with Covid-19 and the new supplement that has boosted his gym performance.

Serving as the lead analyst for Sirius XM will be a new experience for you at the 2021 Masters. Discuss how this opportunity came about and what you expect.

I have a relationship with Sirius XM and I do a radio show with them that went very well. When Sirius became the Masters' exclusive radio, they came up to me to see if I was interested based on my story. Whether you win Augusta or you don't win Augusta, I have a story there from the emotional standpoint, the playability standpoint, the course record standpoint. The only thing I don't have there is a green jacket.

But I didn't make an immediate decision. I had to think about it because I've never done the radio before. I had to exercise my diligence to understand what it takes, but I was honored that you asked. But I don't know what to expect to be honest. I walk into a dark room and don't know where to stab my toe.

What do you expect from this year's Masters? Are there any players to be seen?

I am an open book, honestly. There is a lot of great talent right now, and there are a lot of interesting subplots and behind the scenes storylines that are going to take place. The guys who have a week left (until the Masters start) are probably not going to find their game as quickly as they think, it just doesn't happen that way.

Much will depend on the weather. It has been very cold in Augusta lately. So what's going to happen to the grass? Will it stay damp? Is it going to be hard to play? You won't know until the tournament starts, but Augusta is a completely different golf course when it plays hard and fast than when it's cold, wet and windy.

Are you talking about the mental aspect of the Masters and how professional golfers are staying right now?

It is the same as any other golf tournament you play. You stay in the moment and don't focus on the event you are attending. You only focus on your game and how to get the most of your ability to give yourself the chance to win the tournament. It doesn't make a difference. Every player wants to win every tournament they tee off.

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Whether it's the Masters, Players Championship or Dell World Match Play - every player wants to win. When it comes to the final six or nine holes, they don't think about winning or losing the Masters, they think about how to play the next stroke. And if it turns out that they win and get the green jacket on their shoulder or pick up the trophy - that's what they've trained for.

Speaking of training, you recently partnered with vex Biotech and talked about the positive effects their supplements are having on you. What boost were you looking for and did it work?

I'm not the type to take just a few different vitamins or supplements. But I was looking for something else and this conversation with vex started. I started taking their supplements in October / vember and it helped a lot to work out at the gym.

When I took their Oxydrene supplement before training, I actually felt the difference in my oxygen levels and my level of fitness in the gym. My recovery time between repetitions was very quick. And with GF-9, I definitely noticed that from a wellness standpoint too.

I sleep much better too. I used to be a five-hour guy, but for example, I slept seven hours and 46 minutes last night. I have an Oura Ring (sleep tracker) that I got when I started taking GF-9 just to see what would happen. And it's amazing that the consistency has gotten so much better in my sleep. My REM sleep is deeper and I sometimes fall asleep in one to three minutes. This is proof that you work your ass off and are physically exhausted all day, but also that my body is in a good place.

The benefits of the vex supplements were a pleasant surprise and it really increased my excitement to be more involved in health and wellness and to work as my body's CEO.

You just mentioned that you are the CEO of your own body and your health. What can other people learn from this attitude?

You need to be aware of and get out of your body and what you are putting into it. I think a lot of people are extremely lazy and whatever they can find they put it in their mouths. You don't understand the consequences.

As a CEO of a company, your inflows must be better than your outflows. Ultimately, you need to manage the entire process.

Late last year, your health was put to the test during an uphill battle with Covid-19fAfter the PNC Father Son Golf Tournament in December. How was that experience?

By 2020 we all heard about Covid-19 over and over again. But until you actually have it, you don't realize what happens in the transformation because it's different. It's a different virus than ever before.

It was crazy for two weeks. I drove back from PNC on December 20th and was in a world of injuries. I didn't know what I had, but I knew I had severe pain in my shoulder blades down to my L4 and L5 vertebrae that I had never experienced before. When I got home I started quarantining myself. When Christmas Day arrived, I got in my car and drove to the emergency room because I was so injured and just needed to know what the hell was going on.

Fortunately, I didn't have any pre-existing conditions and my health was obviously a huge benefit to me as I got through the way I did. But it wasn't easy because you have to do it alone, you are isolated and you just have to grin and put up with it. Every day was a different experience.

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