Take your exercise wherever with these out of doors health must-haves

For over a year now, most of us have had to reconfigure our exercise routines, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. The ability to work out anywhere, not just at the gym, provides the opportunity to stay constant while a new environment provides plenty of inspiration.

With the right travel gear, you can get a solid sweat anywhere; nothing is missing in your training. Whether it's resistance training or general conditioning, creating a "pocket gym" can be a total game changer.

Here are some ideas on how to make your workout strong anywhere.

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Hand protection - GloFit gloves

Although calluses show hard work, they can somehow get in the way. Lifting gloves increase grip performance, help prevent injuries and prevent calluses. t to mention the added stability for your hands and wrists provides a strong base that can boost performance and provide an overall better workout experience. At the same time, a barrier is created against the friction created by ligaments, weights, and suspension training systems. GloFit gloves are light, breathable and have a padded padding with non-slip silica points. Their frictionless construction improves comfort, durability, and can protect your hands from abrasion while exercising.

Gruper yoga matCourtesy of amazon.com

Exercise mat - Gruper Mat

Slip resistance and additional stability are just a few reasons to take an exercise mat with you to your next workout. The Gruper mat is lightweight, comes with a travel bag and has a double layer of zipper protection that makes it a safe base for many different environments.

Woop fitness trackerCourtesy Whoop.com

Fitness tracker - WHOOP

Monitoring your heart rate while you exercise can be a great way to find out if you are maximizing your exercise time. especially if you want to stay in your target heart rate zone. Designed for a high performing lifestyle, WHOOP also provides personalized feedback on your sleep pattern, stress levels and recovery so you can adjust your lifestyle as needed to meet your goals.

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Interval training timer –GymBoss

Interval training can be incorporated into many different training techniques and has a variety of benefits; From burning fat to building muscle. The GymBoss timer attaches to your workout clothes or gym bag and offers personalized time options that match your workout.

Whatafit resistance bandsCourtesy Whatafitrestistancebands.com

Resistance training: WhatAFit

Resistance bands are a handy exercise tool for improving overall fitness. be it burning fat, increasing muscle mass, building strength, improving endurance and developing better coordination. WhatAFit straps are portable, lightweight, and resist up to 150 pounds; and comes with a door anchor, waterproof travel bag, padded handles and an instruction manual.

TUX HUI running parachuteCourtesy of Amazon.com

Speed ​​training - TUX HUI Running Parachute

Speed ​​parachutes are designed to increase speed, power, explosiveness and strength. Progressive parachute resistance strengthens the lower body and increases lung strength. The TUX HUI parachute is an affordable, lightweight, portable, and great way to challenge your body.

DEGUL skipping ropeCourtesy of Amazon

Cardio - DEGUL skipping rope

This portable exercise device is small but mighty. Known as one of the most challenging and effective forms of cardio exercise; There's a reason boxers jump rope as part of their regular workouts. Jumping rope builds cardiovascular endurance, breaks plateaus, and conditions the entire body, including the lungs. The DEGOL rope is height adjustable, has a ball bearing system that prevents twisting and bending, and has a memory foam handle for additional comfort.

Core-Tex seatCourtesy of Coretexfitness

Balance / core strengthening - Core-Tex Sit

A strong core will protect your spine and allow you to lift more confidently and perhaps even heavier. The Core-Tex is a portable tool that will help you strengthen your core while you exercise or even do something less strenuous like working on the computer. This wearable product challenges and strengthens your core by doing other exercises like pushups and planks, and by inserting various movements into the exercise. activate, challenge and strengthen the deep core muscles. You can use Core-Tex Sit as a seat on a park bench while lifting or doing push-ups and planks to add extra strengthening techniques to your workout.

The RitFit systemCourtesy of Ritfitsports.com

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Bodyweight training - RitFit

Do you want to build muscle and not go to the gym? Use your body weight to exercise. Thankfully, there is a suspension training system like RitFit that can help you build muscle, burn fat, and get stronger wherever and whenever you want. The RitFit system can be attached and detached to doors, rafters, trees, poles, ceiling mounts, pull-up bars or other fixed structures indoors and outdoors. screws or drills required. It can be practiced anytime right in the office, gym, home, hotel or park. Compact and portable enough to slip into the included travel bag on the go.

FitFighter steel hoseCourtesy of fitfighter.com

Conditioning / Balancing - FitFighter Steel Pants

Dumbbells and sandbags aren't the easiest exercise equipment to travel with. This is where FitFighter Steelhose comes into play. This training device is medicine ball, sledge hammer, kettlebell and dumbbell in one. The FitFighter steel trousers are designed for lifting, swinging, pulling, throwing and dropping; supports the general conditioning of your body and is at the same time easy to transport.

BalanceForm Slam BallCourtesy of Amazon.com

To explainactive traition - BalanceForm Slam Ball

If you want to increase your explosiveness and strengthen your core muscles, a slam ball is a must for your gym bag. With a range of different exercise movements to choose from, from ball slams to core twists, this weighted ball can help increase upper body strength and build muscle and cardiovascular endurance. The robust and structured surface of BalanceForm promotes a safe and easy grip and supports the build-up of strength and explosive power. Available in a variety of sizes and weights to suit all fitness levels.

Perantlb battle ropeCourtesy of Amazon.com

Endurance / Condition - Perantlb Battle Rope

t only does battle rope training work for all the major muscle groups, it's a high calorie burner and fat blaster, not to mention it feels pretty cool to use. The Pernatlb Battle Rope System is a simple travel device that is versatile and effective, and comes in three different lengths, with enhanced sleeves that protect the rope from friction and fraying.

GHB PRO mobility ladderCourtesy of Amazon.com

Flexibility training - GHB PRO flexibility ladder

Agility leaders add a new component to any training routine; makes it fun and exhausting at the same time. Even if it looks easy, integrating a leader training into your training session increases the intensity and promotes faster speed, better coordination and an increase in performance
Weight loss. The GHB PRO is inexpensive, comes with a carrying case, and is 6.5 m long, which makes it a great workout challenge.

owflex SelectTech 840 kettlebellCourtesy Bowflex.com

Condition / Endurance - Bowflex SelectTech 840 Kettlebell

Swinging a kettlebell is both challenging and cool. From increased muscle and cardiovascular strength to building general endurance, a kettlebell is the strength and conditioning tool for the entire body that you can take with you practically anywhere. But when you have to carry six different sized bells from home to the park, they can be painful. The Bowflex SelectTech 840 solves this. It's a 6-in-1 kettlebell that easily adjusts from 8 to 40 pounds with the push of a button and can be used anywhere you want to workout - from your garage to the beach. Problem solved. Keep swinging.

Myovolt recovery equipment and tools for recoveryCourtesy of myovolt.com

Recover - Myovolt

Effective recovery techniques must be followed after intense training sessions. Myovolt allows you to relax wherever you are by simply wrapping the lightweight vibration technology around the desired body part that you want to care for. Myovolt is fantastic for loosening up and relaxing sore and tense muscles, and promotes post-workout recovery by helping you recover faster. This unique recovery session can be used on many different parts of the body, from the lower back to the biceps and
is very easy to transport.

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