Derek Lunsford hopes the change will assist him win the 212 Olympic title

Derek Lunsford was a rising star in the 212 Division who appeared to be on an expressway to legendary status. Six days later, he went from winning the US in 2017 to first place at the Tampa Pro. After the Olympics a few weeks later, he was fifth. He then followed with a second performance at the 2018 Olympics to Flex Lewis, who then gracefully withdrew from that division.

With that kind of success so early in his career, 2019 almost seemed like a crowning glory for the native Indian who now calls Florida home. Kamal Elgargni spoiled that moment by angering Lunsford and winning the Olympia, relegating Lunsford back to second place. He shared with Dennis James on this week's episode of The Menace Podcast that the loss hurt him. He now also knows a reason why things went this way.

“There was an opportunity to win, but I went too high with all the hype,” he admitted. "I was in my head."

Despite hoping to recover and win last year, Shaun Clarida surprised everyone and claimed the title that year. Lunsford finished fourth. At that point, he knew it was time to change something.

“I said to myself,“ I think now is the time to learn from someone else. Get a different perspective, get a different eye, someone who has trained other Olympic champions. ""

In Hany Rambod he found the perfect coach. Rambod had trained numerous top athletes, including Olympic champions Phil Heath, Jay Cutler and Nicole Wilkins. Derek Lunsford informed James that he knew this meant he had to raise his own standards.

"Being with someone new and someone of this caliber makes me want to improve my game even further and to do (win) even more."

On this week's episode of TMP, Lunsford talks more about the changes he and Rambod are making, his thoughts on other 212 stars, including Clarida, and how his mother followed in his footsteps and made her competitive debut on stage. The full episode of TMP can be seen on the YouTube channel Muscle & Fitness, where episodes are broadcast every Sunday at 3 p.m. Easter time.

time stamp

0:45 - Derek before bodybuilding

3:20 - Entry into bodybuilding

8:36 - Wrestling abandoned and missed

9:47 - DJ breakdance before bodybuilding

12:11 - Derek's mother attended

15:29 - 2017: amateur to Olympic champion

22:06 - Ready for the hype back then?

27:38 - 2018 and 2019 Olympics

30:22 - 2020

33:40 - A change is being made

39:15 - 212 or open?

44:39 - Schedule 2021 and adjustments

48:17 - What needs to be improved

49:28 - Fan support and awareness

57:24 - Travel to Las Vegas to see Flex Lewis

59:45 - 212 division evaluation

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