Andre Rush's dedication to health by no means has a "rush"

When people look at Andre Rush, their eyes usually roam to the chef's huge arms. Its incredible development makes bodybuilders stare in awe, generating many requests for arm training tips. His commitment to training, however, began with a very different origin than what he is known for today - picking up a car from his father was a challenge.

“I went to one of those old school heavy cars every day for six months,” he recalls. “Then one day I got my hands under this car and picked it up. When I went to my father and told my father, the only thing he said was, 'It is time'. I thought he would be proud like the other guys there, but he was so tough. "

Of course, his other big passion is what he is best known for: his cooking skills. Andre Rush has worked as a White House cook for Presidents Clinton, Bush, 43, Obama and Trump. This love for food can also be traced back to his childhood in the kitchen with his mother.

“I snuck into the kitchen and went to cook with my mother without (my father) knowing. I just remember how it felt when I cooked with her, ”he said proudly. “I'm a mother's boy and it meant everything in the world to me. The first meal we made was chicken and cabbage. It's like my graduation dinner. "

Courtesy Andre Rush

Having the passion to be successful is one thing, but being as successful as Rush has become requires an entirely different level of consistency, one that requires making a commitment and sticking to it as he did during his time learned in the military.

"Because of what my mom taught me and what my dad put in me in terms of work ethic, everyone around me would be drawn to me and we would train and train and train," he says. “I realized that training is a niche. Everyone had to train because they wanted to be bigger, badder and stronger. That's why I also take time in the culinary or nutritional field to support you in your work. "

The chef is constantly asked about his diet and a breakdown of his macros. His answer is usually the most surprising: Rush doesn't really matter much. Thanks to all the years that he has invested, his body is programmed. However, he still makes sure to keep an eye on his overall health.

"I always have my blood values ​​evaluated religiously and always check to see if there are any underlying problems," he says. "What I tell people all the time is that I need to know what is going on in my body first before I put anything in my body, be it food or multivitamins."

The chef has added a touch of flavor to their latest collaboration and has partnered with whiskey giant Southern Comfort to create Trail ReMix, a healthy, whiskey-infused jerky snack that can be a flavorful way to keep on track .

"My first drink when I got out of the military was Southern Comfort," says Rush. “This opportunity brought back so many memories and moods and this is a great product. One pack contains a total of 150 grams of protein. There are also complex carbohydrates and fats. It can be part of a meal, it can be a snack on its own, ”he said.

Andre Rush says people often ask how they can train like him and acquire a range of weapons like his. Rush always points out that everyone should focus on what is best for them personally, rather than imitating their routine.

“I tell people not to try and do what I am doing,” he says. “You weren't in the military when I was. You couldn't get up at three o'clock every morning and meditate like I did. You can't do the pushups that I do and that's fine. Find out what you can do and work on it to make a difference. "

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