These 2020 Olympic champions present they're able to defend their titles

The biggest weekend in bodybuilding is just around the corner. Joe Weider's Olympia Performance and Fitness Weekend 2021 will take place on the weekend of October 7-10 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Fans, competitors and returning 2020 Olympic champions alike can't wait to gather in Florida to celebrate everything related to bodybuilding and fitness.

t only the fans present or the many spectators around the world are enthusiastic. Participants in 11 professional divisions hope to take the title from the 2020 Olympic champions. Nine of these divisions have champions who will defend their titles. All they want to hear is Bob Cicherillo announce "And still" to signal that their defense has been successful. These five 2020 Olympic champions are showing on social media that they have done their homework and are ready to pose in Orlando.

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