Mike O’Hearn: Defying age is all about persistence

People in the bodybuilding industry hope to be relevant for 10, maybe 20 years. Mike O’Hearn has been a major player in the fitness space for more than three decades. He's been on over 500 magazine covers (including "Muscle & Fitness" multiple times, including his first), and he's 50s a force that many people wish they had in their 20s. He told Dennis James on The Menace Podcast that the secret of his success and longevity isn't really a secret.

"There's a secret to persistence," O & # 39; Hearn said. “This annoying thing that nobody out there wants to hear, the only thing that is left to the individual (is) the consequence. I think they want to hear the trick, know what the trick is. It has to be a pill or it has to be something else. "

A constancy that dates back to childhood is what Mike O’Hearn attributes to his ability to lift the weights he was able to lift when he won bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions. One thing the Battle Dome star also confesses is his love for lifting, which is as strong today as it was in his youth. One reason for this is the competition within the workouts he spoke of, which were held at Gold’s Gym Venice with a bodybuilding legend.

“I trained with Tom Platz and we did 20, 30, 40 reps on squats and I thought, 'I love that'. You couldn't hold me back I was off a leash like a pit bull, ”he said with a smile. "That would be the only thing I would say, 'I want this fight." "

O’Hearn's name is well connected to another topic that has been debated for many years, is it natural or not? w that he's 52, he told James that he no longer worries about what others believe.

“It doesn't bother me anymore. As a kid, they did it because they said, 'Oh, you make money out of it.' It just annoyed me that I put the work in, and they said that, but that was when I was a kid. w at this age do you want to say that I use drugs? Sure, great, whatever, folks. "

O’Hearn talked about his career as an American gladiator, his transition to being a husband and father, his love for dogs and much more. Subscribe to the M&F YouTube channel so that you can watch every episode of TMP when it airs at 3:00 p.m. on Sundays. Easter time.

time stamp

0:34 - age and consistency

2:20 - Mike is growing up

5:39 - American Gladiators & Battle Dome

6:45 am - nutrition

8:00 - skin care and advice

10:39 - Of course?

14:58 - training and injuries

16:55 - Stay at the top

18:16 - overtraining and love of lifting

21:45 - dogs

26:15 - What motivates him?

27:08 - Mona and Titan

34:19 - Will you have a girl one day?

37:31 - Who's the boss?

38:51 - Resurrection of the Titan

40:21 - acting

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