Olympic Champion Brandon Hendrickson provides some completely nice recommendation

Men's Physique Olympic Champion Brandon Hendrickson has been a busy man lately. After winning his third Olympic title in Orlando, Florida in early October, he decided to fly to Italy. The Yamamoto Cup was taking place, and he and trainer Neil Hill saw the opportunity to test another title and first place. Spoiler alert: he did and he was glad to see his fans in this part of the world.

“I'm not afraid to be in the water,” said the winner of the Yamamoto Cup Men's Physique 2021. “I thought, 'Hey, why not? I'm already fit and can build a fan base in Italy. This was a perfect opportunity for my fans in Europe to see me compete. I can actually be with them and talk to them. So I couldn't say no to this opportunity. "

w that Hendrickson is a three-time winner of the Men & # 39; s Physique Olympia, he has options. He could either stay in his division and chase Jeremy Buendia's record of four Olympic titles, or he could switch to Classic Physique - a move many fans want him to do. athlete has won the Olympics in two divisions, and his supporters believe he can do it. Hendrickson eyes himself when he finally does both.

"I'll be going to Classic Physique at some point, but my priority right now is pursuing Jeremy Buendia's record," said Hendrickson. That means fans can expect him to defend his title on the Olympic stage in Las Vegas, Nevada next December.

Brandon Hendrickson offers advice on how to get great abs

Per Bernal

Whether he stays in his department for the rest of his career or moves to another, you can be sure that his abs will get to the point. After losing the Arnold Men’s Physique 2020, he made a commitment to train his core even more. Hence, its midsection is one of its strongest assets, and it is not afraid to share the secrets of its success. He relies on basic movements with his own body weight. His favorite moves include leg raises, reclining crunches, side crunches, and flexing the abdominal muscles as often as he can.

"When I started, I had to go back to that old school ab workout," he said. “I've dedicated my training and everything I've done to my core. That's why you can now see my abs development that you do. I'm going to do 10-second isotension holds on my abs and about 20 sets of them. "

He also started using a waist cutter which he found so successful that he now sells one himself. The Big Waves Waist Trimmer is one of his business ventures, and it has been a productive endeavor for him so far.

“It's actually sold out right now, so it's going well,” he says. “The trimmer is less about stomach development than about water retention in the torso and lower back. In all honesty, the waist trimmer is not going to help you build abs, it is not going to help you burn fat. That's all diet and exercise, but the waist trimmer helps with the water, yes. "

Brandon Hendrickson is a big fan of calorie burn, but he doesn't limit himself to water as his only drink. He adds Celsius drinks between meals or sometimes with a meal. The drinks can be enjoyed at any time.

"For me there is no off-season, but Celsius can be used in off-season or in prep," he said. “I like the BCAAs because they are sugar-free and have no calories. I can eat them while they are being prepared, even if I am disgusted with the diet and constantly eating fish. It's always nice to have something cold that has a lot of taste. "

While he can have it whenever he wants, Hendrickson likes the Celsius Heat before training for the energy boost.

“I always have Celsius heat before I train. I love the orangesicle. It's great for prep, it's great for lifestyle training, anything you want to do, you can have Celsius as part of your routine. I even got my mom to drink them now. It can be for everyone. "

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