How Erin Andrews stays match and wholesome regardless of her hectic way of life

NFL broadcast icon Erin Andrews learned that staying fit and healthy means always being able to make short term adjustments to keep those long term goals in check. At the age of 43, the sports host and television personality has managed to stay in shape despite the pressures of a hectic travel plan, the stress of covering live soccer matches, and a host of other business interests that threaten to take up her training time. Day.

M&F Hers sat down with popular part-time reporter at Fox Sports to find out how to stay motivated to stay fit. We have learned that it's about staying healthy, being passionate, taking good care of yourself, and finding an individual balance.

Get inspiration from others

Whenever you want to find out what kind of athlete we want to be or what type of physique we want to achieve, it is always a good idea to watch those who are already crushing him. “I work in football, don't I?” Says Andreas. “So I look at a lot of these guys that I am describing who have a front row seat to the best and fastest and most talented athletes out there and how they take care of their bodies, how they train, what they eat. I'm 43 and watch a 44 year old Tom Brady shock week after week ... that really motivates me. "

Keep challenging yourself

Erin Andrews earned the nation's admiration for her competitive spirit in 2010 when she took third place on Dancing with the Stars. It meant showing the public a side of themselves that they hadn't seen before, while at the same time pushing the boundaries of their physical limits. "It was one of the hardest things I've ever done," says Andrews. “I train all the time, I can do cardio, I grew up a dancer, but most of all; Ballroom training is completely different from any type of tap dance, ballet, or jazz I've ever done ... and I have such a terrible demeanor. You have to clamp your bum and be up close and sensual to your partner when I'm like the biggest fool of all time. It was phenomenal. I thought it was so great. "

t only did Andrews enjoy challenging herself, but she also gained muscle and lost about 15 pounds of body fat.

Get regular checkups

In January 2017, the popular presenter announced that she had previously been diagnosed with cervical cancer. Fortunately, a regular check-up had diagnosed the disease, but the path to recovery was through two operations. Today Andrews works with companies like Hologic to encourage more women to see their doctor regularly.

"When I announced I had it, I knew it was going to be a big story," says Andrews. “What I didn't realize was the related data, how many women have cancer, how many women don't see a doctor. When I came out and revealed that I had treatment, surgery etc to make an appointment with my doctor, "and that's crazy for me because I go there every year and we still found it, so it was all very, very shocking to me. "

Accept and adapt to days that challenge your fitness goals

Erin Andrews has learned to accept that every day is unpredictable and that life will often lead us to miss a workout or make less healthy food choices. But she also realizes that it's okay to accept this as long as we're trying to make the most of even the most hectic of schedules.

"I definitely try to exercise every day," says Erin. “I know there will be days when I am physically or mentally unable to do this, but when I have a day when I cannot do it I think 'OK' hard when You walk around with work, have been at the airport for 20 minutes, and haven't eaten in the past seven to eight hours. If there's a salad or a burger it's really hard. Sometimes you go for the burger, but that's why; when i'm at home or on the go, when a hotel is offered a green juice, i drink it. I'm trying to have a ton of water. I just try to be really smart because I know there will be times when I can't be (as healthy) as I want to be. "

For Erin Andrews, cutting out unprocessed carbohydrates and eating more vegetables along with eating lean protein is a surefire way to lose fat, but she doesn't want to look too thin and also admits that fasting just isn't for her . "I have to be honest, if I don't eat everyone around me knows about it, and that's not a good thing," laughs Andrews. “My biggest thing is portion control. I love to eat. I am married to someone (Jarret Stol) who loves to eat. We order 15 starters. In that sense, I've always been a "guy girl". I love a beer; I love to enjoy the whole (social) experience, but it's moderation that I have to be good at. Do I need the bun with my dinner? ! Can I cut out the mashed potatoes and fries? Yes indeed! It's just trying to be really smart about it. "

Train in a variety of ways

“I used to be very interested in going to bootcamp or taking a Pilates class, but now it's really difficult with my schedule and the pandemic too. So I'm grateful for all the things I can do in my home, ”said Andrews, who is a keen peloton enthusiast. “I'm obsessed and this is not an advertisement! It's something that has become a huge part of my exercise routine. I love it so much. I think their music is fantastic, I think the coaches are wonderful and they really drive you in the way you need them to. Whether 20 minutes or an hour (free of charge). And what works so well for me is your app. I can go to or use a treadmill in a hotel and run or walk outdoors. There is weight training, they have all of these great things. I use her meditation app to calm myself down at night, ”she continues. “I also follow Melissa Wood, and she does this type of Pilates yoga too. Some days, when I don't want rigorous training or anything like that, I become (train) her. I have a tonal too, and I really like that when I'm at home because I feel like I can use it to lift the heavier weights that I don't really do with free weights. So I'm someone who has all these different training apps in my hands. "

Find your passion

For Andrews, her clothing line WEAR was a great way to combine a love of sport and fashion and create official team wear that can be worn outside of the game. The concept has grown from strength to strength, and their WEAR by Erin Andrews range is now launching its first collection for the National Hockey League, joining existing lines such as the NFL, NBA and select NCAA schools. "We wanted it to be something that you could wear anywhere, anywhere and cheer your team on," says Andrews. “And not just on the game or day of the match. I have a wonderful creative design team and stylist who actually dresses me for soccer games and she creates the gear that we wear. I'm very practical with it, and the design and creation of the looks. "

There is an old saying that if you find a job that you love, you won't work a day in your life, but some would say that it over-simplifies things because you are still working hard at it Can work on things you love, but maybe with a lot more passion!

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