Become An Expert In Vegan & Vegetarian Nutrition Today!

Product Name: Become An Expert In Vegan & Vegetarian Nutrition Today!

If you want MORE energy, BETTER sleep, BALANCED weight and IMPROVED health…

You need the VegHealth Nutrition Mastery Program!

Explore the lessons, recipes, expert interviews, and full texts of the books on any computer or mobile device — traveling, at the gym or at home!

Based on the input and experience of dozens of medical and nutrition experts, the VegHealth Nutrition Mastery Program will guide you step-by-step through a powerful blueprint designed to support a healthy, thriving plant-based lifestyle, without the painful missteps and health challenges that cause many to simply give up!

When you graduate from the Nutrition Mastery Program…

You’ll know how to create delicious vegan or vegetarian meals in 10-30 minutes, using everyday produce – no fancy schmancy or crazy-expensive ingredients required.

You’ll have the knowledge you need to be confident you’re definitely getting ALL the nutrients your body needs to thrive and protect you from disease.

You’ll be liberated from packaged and processed foods made with animal byproducts, fillers, preservatives, white sugar, and high fructose corn syrup! (While still having treats!)

If you’re like most vegans who eat the whole foods we recommend, you’ll have more energy, clearer thinking, stable moods, and glowing skin. You’ll radiate health and age slower.

Includes all 50 lessons on plant-based nutrition, over 250+ recipes, 45 expert interview audios and transcripts,a dozen bonuses, PLUS our Plant-Based With Ease 4-Week Plan (and meal plan)…

All with a 30-day money-back guarantee!

Unlimited access to all 50 Nutrition Mastery Program lessons

Unlimited access to the entire Plant-Based With Ease 4-Week course

45 INTERVIEWS with world-leading nutrition experts and plant-based advocates

FREE membership to the members-only Nutrition Mastery Facebook groups

Downloadable PDF full interview transcripts

Downloadable MP3 audio files of interviews and lessons

200 Chef-created and Tastebud-approved recipes

Plus, expert bonus guides, books & programs (and discounts!)

This powerful program was developed over almost two decades by passionate advocates of vegetarian and vegan eating. All of the lessons are designed to liberate you from the pitfalls and guesswork of what to eat, and how much… Which expert to believe, and who’s just selling their next fad diet book.

This series of 50 lessons takes you by the hand, step-by-step, and transforms you into a thriving vegan or vegetarian.

The VegHealth Nutrition Mastery Program will teach you how to thrive on a vegan diet, and say goodbye to all of the all-too-common risks, worries, and headaches that cause so many to eventually abandon plant-based eating.

You can explore each topic online. Or you can print out the written lessons and download the expert interviews. We’re even adding audio versions of the written lessons, so you can listen during your commute, at the gym, or anytime you like.

Each of the lessons includes an assignment, so you’ll take one step closer to mastery each week. And of course you can repeat lessons as many times as you wish, because you’ll have unlimited access!

PLUS, we cover far more than just nutrition! The Mastery Program is about a healthy, thriving life in all areas of your life… However plant-centered your personal choices are.

When you choose to enroll, you also get access to our exclusive, members-only Facebook group where you can share experiences, ask questions, and get tips and advice from others on the same journey!

You’ll also have access to our in-house Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, so you can get specific nutrition-related answers that apply to your unique circumstances.

BUT WAIT…We’ve added on something else that makes this program even MORE complete and valuable!!!

We know first-hand how challenging it can be to incorporate major changes to your diet and lifestyle into your life…

Or if that part is easy for you, just deal with the practical realities of a busy family, worklife, etc. etc.

You come home exhausted and meal prep is often the last thing you want to do! Let alone the time and energy it can take to properly plan and shop for meals to begin with.

But it’s hard when one (or many) of the following are true…

Plant-Based With Ease makes it convenient and confusion-free to eat for your best health.

Enjoy delicious meals in minimal time and without the stress using a system that works with your schedule.

You’ll cover 80% of your meals with simple core recipes that can be modified for endless variety.

Form lasting habits with a clear plan that lays out what to do and how to do it in easy, manageable steps.

We’ve created this course so you learn exactly what you need to know, nothing more and nothing less.

Know you and your family are getting the nutrients you need with recipes designed by a Registered Dietitian specialized in plant-based eating.

The one thing all the experts agree on is that more plants and whole foods are better for our health.

We all want to do the right thing for our bodies and our families by preparing nutritious meals. But sometimes life gets in the way.

Like when you get home, mentally and physically exhausted, and realize you have no idea what’s for dinner.

The thought of hunting down a recipe and spending hours cooking before finally sitting down to eat at 9 pm is overwhelming.

Instead, you end up spending too much money on takeout, reaching for unhealthy premade meals, or scrounging up whatever you can find in your cabinets.

This understandably leads to guilt and frustration.

Maybe you have even tried following a pre-set, one-size-fits-all meal plan only to realize it’s full of complicated recipes and zero flexibility to fit into your real life.

Cue even more frustration.

We get it and you are not alone! We have spent the last year talking to hundreds of people just like you, and this is the biggest challenge we hear.

The good news is, healthy eating doesn’t have to be stressful or overwhelming!

You just need a system for planning, cooking, and enjoying healthy meals that works for you and your busy lifestyle.

That’s why we designed Plant-Based With Ease.

In our experience helping thousands of people adopt healthier eating habits, there are two key components for lasting change. They may seem in opposition at first. But we’ve seen again and again that pairing the two is what makes change stick!

Structure gives you a clear process
to follow and fall back on. It takes
away the guesswork and overwhelm. Without it, the system falls apart and
things break down.

Flexibility lets you adapt when life
doesn’t go according to plan. It gives
you variety and choices.Without it, the system is too rigid
and cracks in half.

Most health and nutrition programs offer one or the other. You get a fixed 28-day plan that you have to follow exactly OR you get a lot of information about what to do (eat more plants, cut back on sugar) but no framework for how to do it. 

With Plant-Based With Ease, we’ve built in both structure and flexibility so that you can develop a sustainable system that works on autopilot. 

This becomes your saving grace when you come home drained and starving!

You’ll follow a streamlined process for planning, prepping, and eating delicious, plant-based meals.

These are easy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes like muffins, wraps, salads, bowls, and energy bites that lead to 80% of all plant-based meals.

Each one is 100% plant-based and designed for optimal nutrient balance and absorption by a Registered Dietitian.

Best of all, they take just 15 minutes of hands-on prep time!

You’ll pick which substitutions or add-ons to try in each of your base recipes.

You can keep this super simple to save on time and groceries. Or, get as creative as you like to experiment with flavors, tastes, and textures!

You’ll also find easy modifications to make recipes soy-free, gluten-free, or oil-free if you choose.

You’ll walk through what you have going on for the week and plan your meals to fit your needs. 

Slot in super-fast recipes or leftovers on busier days. And save new recipes or more creative variations for the days when you have more time.

You can also plan what items to prep in advance or cook in bulk and freeze to save time in the future.

Then, enjoy your tasty and nutritious meals throughout the week with a new sense of confidence and energy!

Tempeh is a fermented food that contains prebiotics which promote healthy gut bacteria. 

Quinoa is gluten-free, very high in fiber, and is loaded in nutrients like protein, magnesium, and folate.  

Dates are a source of fructose, a natural sugar found in fruit. They are an excellent whole-food sweetener choice due to their fiber, antioxidants, and more.

Small habits, built up over time, are what lead to big results. 

You don’t say “Hey, I’d like to run a marathon” one day and try to sprint 26.2 miles the next. You’d end up gasping for air and jelly legged a mile or two in, saying “I’m never trying THAT again!”

You start by running one mile at a time and build up from there. That’s how you’ll master meal planning too, one week and one meal at a time.

Learn the Plant-Based With Ease system, choose your recipes to get started and do your shopping.

Master breakfast with staple recipes customized (or simplified) as much as you like.

Move onto dinner recipes your family will love. Focus on just these or add them onto your breakfast routine from week 1.

Tackle some on-the-go options for plant-based lunches and skip the sad salad from the corner cafe.

Cover 80% of your meals with quick and easy recipes for breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks!

We’re easing in here, not sprinting. During breakfast week, you can keep eating as you normally would for lunches, dinners, and snacks. 

This is not an all-or-nothing diet where you either succeed or fail. Or a “follow-this-exactly 4-week challenge” that ends and leaves you back where you started. 

It’s a system to make planning and preparing healthy meals a sustainable habit. Each meal that you master moves you one step closer to putting healthy eating on autopilot.

Exclusively For Students Who Join Now

Building new habits takes commitment and support. That’s why everyone will go through the course TOGETHER with guidance from our team every step of the way.

You’ll have access to a members-only support community just for students to ask questions, celebrate wins, and share tips and ideas.

On days that you’re struggling, you can pop in and ask for advice. And when you’re on a roll, you can provide encouragement and show off your food photos!

“This course was an answer to my prayers, literally. The concise instructions, the structure approach, the meal planning, calendar, and grocery list were all helpful tools that made it so much easier. The biggest plus, it was all delicious.”

“I found Plant-Based with Ease a very welcome introduction to stress- free meal planning. It is well-paced, with just a few new recipes to learn each week and the recipes are thoughtfully chosen with variety and flexibility in mind. I thoroughly recommend this course if you want to ease into a healthier plant-based diet without getting overwhelmed!”

“This course was practical and fun! I came away with some great recipes to add to our family’s repertoire. The support from the team was awesome when I had a question.”

If you enroll today, you’ll get the following SUPER BONUS!

Jumpstart your healthy eating with a sample 7-day meal plan (with recipes!), while you learn how to build your own! This 42-page plan is dietitian approved for ease, nutrition and deliciousness!

Explore the lessons, recipes, expert interviews and full texts of the books on any computer or mobile device — traveling, at the gym or at home!

Learn to stock your kitchen and find out which staple foods – and kitchen utensils – you’ll want on hand for future lessons. You’ll also discover the science behind why you crave certain foods, and how to overcome those cravings for good as you transition to plant-based eating.

When there’s a large acid load in your diet, your body neutralizes these acids by leaching calcium from your bones. So it’s crucial to minimize acid-forming foods and emphasize alkaline-forming foods. Includes a chart listing which foods are alkaline vs. acid, and suggestions for balancing your daily diet.

Sadly, calcium-rich foods like spinach, Swiss chard, and almonds contain oxalates that inhibit the absorption of calcium. Likewise, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes contain phytic acid. It too interferes with calcium absorption. Discover how to release these acids so you can absorb the calcium in your meals. Plus, find out which foods, condiments, and medications inhibit calcium absorption. Includes yummy recipes.

Learn to make vegan French toast, pancakes, brownies, chocolate pudding, cornbread, “ice cream”, and alfredo sauce so authentic and yummy, your dairy-loving spouse and kids will crowd around you for first dibs.

Many vegans have lower blood levels of EPA and DHA than meat-eaters. Why? Plant foods only contain ALA, the pre-cursor to the other Omega-3s. Your body can convert ALA to EPA, but only if circumstances are optimal. Discover which foods and oils interfere with your body’s ability to make DHA and EPA, and which help the conversion process. Includes a table you can print out for easy reference.

Give braised tofu, tempeh, wheat gluten, Portabello and oyster mushrooms a texture and taste so savory, your spouse and kids will rush to your side, gladly surrendering their hamburgers and chicken wings.

Unlike the “heme” iron in flesh foods, only 10% – 20% of the non-heme iron in plant foods gets absorbed by your body. This lesson reveals a “magic” food combination that multiplies the amount you absorb. Also: which foods and beverages interfere with iron absorption, and which food prep methods release iron-blockers from whole grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes. Includes delicious recipes that employ the “magic combination”.

Fats, starches, and proteins…. find out which of these three groups combines poorly with the other two and why. Also discover why people have indigestion when combining fruit with other foods. Learn which foods are compatible with each other, and receive sample meals to make it even easier. Includes a food combining chart.

Do fermented soy products, amazake rice, or umeboshi prunes provide significant B12? What about the soil on unwashed veggies? Many foods reported as good B12 sources are tested with methods that measure B12 analogs (which block the absorption of active B12, thereby causing B12 deficiency). Those methods misrepresent true B12 content. Get definitive answers in this lesson.

Baking without eggs can seem impossible — until you discover these 5 vegan substitutes that bind, leaven, and give structure to baked goods… and which are best for cakes vs. brownies vs. muffins. Plus, discover whole food substitutes for butter, condensed milk, and buttermilk that have NO fillers, preservatives, or hydrogenated oils. Includes recipes.

“Just get more sun” – we’ll debunk the Vitamin D and sunshine myth and show you why Scientists now realize that the sun’s power to produce Vitamin D is not enough for most humans. Find out which foods are fortified with plant-based Vitamin D, why the US government’s RDA is outdated, and how much Vitamin D you really need.

Discover five underlying reasons for cravings, and how to address the root causes. Plus, recipes for wholesome brownies, ice cream, fudge, chocolate pudding, fruit bars, granola, savory popcorn, ginger oatmeal cookies, rice crispy bars (from puffed brown rice), and kale chips (similar to potato chips but super nutritious). These snacks will gratify your taste buds, and end your cravings for junk food and empty carbs.

Plant foods don’t contain active Vitamin A. They only contain beta-carotene, its pre-cursor (which is only 1/12 as potent as Vitamin A). Discover the “magic” food combination that multiplies the conversion of beta-carotene into active Vitamin A. Plus, the three groups of produce that are rich in beta-carotene, and food prep secrets that make the beta-carotene in vegetables easier to absorb. Includes recipes that employ this life-saving food combination.

How much protein do you really need? What if you’re athletic? What are the dangers of eating too much protein? Do you need to eat complementary proteins in the same meal? Which plant foods contain large amounts of all nine essential amino acids? And how can you “transform” beans so they never cause gas, bloating, or indigestion? Includes recipes for high-protein, soy-free burgers, soups, and Faux salmon.

From a simple cashew cream that literally takes 1 minute to prepare, to a mouth watering herbed cheese spread, these recipes will satiate your taste buds — without the fillers, oils, and preservatives found in commercial soy cheeses and creams.

Jill authored the award-winning cookbook, The Veggie Queen: Vegetables Get the Royal Treatment. She's a Registered Dietitian who writes and edits for Natural Food Network magazine and Vegan Culinary Experience magazine. She’s also been a nutritionist and cooking teacher at the McDougall program for the past 7 years.

Nomi’s best selling book, The Raw Gourmet, has sold over 150,000 copies. She’s received awards for Best Educator, Favorite Chef, Favorite Recipe Book, and been featured in Alive magazine and Get Fresh. Before that, she ran The Hippocrates Health Institute’s certification course.

Brenda Davis, RD, has authored or co-authored 9 books on nutrition including Becoming Vegan, Becoming Vegetarian, and Becoming Raw. Her books have sold over 2/3 million copies and are printed in 8 languages. She's a member of the Vegetarian Hall of Fame. She's also a past chair of the Vegetarian Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group of the American Dietetic Association.

Jo is the author and co-author of 16 books on compassionate living and vegetarian cuisine, including Vegan Vittles: Down-Home Cooking for Everyone. She was inducted into the Vegetarian Hall of Fame at the 2008 NAVS Vegetarian Summerfest. Her award-winning column Ask Jo! appears on her Website, “Grassroots Veganism”.

Virginia Messina, MPH, RD, has been a nutrition instructor at Central Michigan University, a public health nutritionist in Michigan and Washington, DC, and a dietitian for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. She has authored The Convenient Vegetarian, Help! My Child Stopped Eating Meat, and Vegan for Life: Everything You Need to Know to be Healthy and Fit on a Plant-based Diet. She's also written a vegetarian textbook for health professionals.

Meredith’s most recent book, Sweet and Natural, won the Versailles World Cookbook Fair Award. Formerly the associate editor of Natural Health magazine, Meredith directed The East West Center For Macrobiotics for 19 years. She’s also worked with Dr. Dean Ornish and Dr. John McDougall.

Dr. Klaper wrote all of our lessons on vitamins and minerals. Author of the book Vegan Nutrition, he’s Director of the Institute of Nutrition Education and Research, and a featured expert in two PBS productions, “Food for Thought,” and the award-winning, “Diet for a New America”. (Disclaimer)

Dr. Loscalzo has been an integrative health care practitioner for over two decades. She’s a Doctor of Chiropractic with Certifications in Acupuncture, Clinical Nutrition and Herbal Medicine. She’s the author of Power Breakfast Ideas, Deliciously Quick Lunch and Dinner, Healthy Halloween Treats, Dessert: Making it Rich Without Oil and Dried and Gone to Heaven.

50 Written lessons on being healthy, happy, and THRIVING on a plant-based diet

45+ Expert Interviews and Q&As - MP3 audios + transcripts

Monthly opportunities to get questions answered by a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Ongoing social support through our private Facebook community and resident (vegan) Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Optional homework assignments to solidify learning and inspire further questions

BONUS: MP3 audio recordings of all our Mastery Program lessons to listen on the go

BONUS: Exclusive access to our members-only Facebook groups (including our new secret recipe/cooking group we’ve not announced yet!)

A special option to upgrade to our VegHealth Certificate Program at a DEEP discount... Perfect for coaches and RDs that want to confidently and correctly guide people in plant-based eating!

Printable nutrition charts and shopping lists to assist you in choosing the best foods for your long-term health!


Remember, if you choose our easy, 4-month payment plan, you’ll get access to Lessons 1-10 today.For full access, please choose the one-time payment option.

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain when you enroll in this life-changing program.If you’re not fully satisfied, simply let us know within 30 days and we’ll give you your money back – no questions asked! We’ll even let you keep the digital items from your Commitment Bonuses!

We’re so sure you’re going to love this program and want to keep it, we back it up with a full month’s, no-risk guarantee.

Why are we so confident? Our members give us AMAZING feedback!

"Eating mostly animal foods and processed foods, I began suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome in December 2011. I tried 3 different doctors and 3 naturopath's before I discovered your Mastery Program in August 2012.

Remember, if you choose our easy, 4-month payment plan, you’ll get access to Lessons 1-10 today.For full access, please choose the one-time payment option.

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain when you enroll in this life-changing program.If you’re not fully satisfied, simply let us know within 30 days and we’ll give you your money back – no questions asked! We’ll even let you keep the digital items from your Commitment Bonuses!

We’re so sure you’re going to love this program and want to keep it, we back it up with a full month’s, no-risk guarantee.

Why are we so confident? Our members give us AMAZING feedback!

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