Brett Wilkin talks about his transition from traditional physique to the open

Aside from the competitors who graced the Olympic stage, Brett Wilkin was a bodybuilder who broke out as a rising star. The Colorado native of Iowa surprised many people in the sport by finishing second in the 2021 Chicago Pro. Hunter Labrada was eventually crowned the winner, but Wilkin has noticed that his turn will be next when he's ready.

Many people didn't see Wilkin coming because he was so well known. He told Dennis James on the latest episode of The Menace Podcast that he turned pro at Classic Physique.

"I didn't have a coach, I didn't have any guidance, I did it on my own," said Wilkin of training as an amateur. His wife, Figure Pro Ivana Ivusic, played a role in helping her husband learn what to do on stage. “Ivana definitely helped me, and her brother also took part. He also helped me. "

He turned pro in 2017, but he never competed in his original division. He would actually make his debut in the 212 division in 2019. After finishing sixth at this year's Toronto Pro, Wilkin and current coach Matt Jansen decided it was time for him to jump into the Open.

"(Matt) supported me, and I think I wrote to Tyler Manion because he was the judge. I wanted the judges' feedback and he agreed," Wilkin told James. While Wilkin was no longer limiting himself to growing, he found that the process of growing was not as straightforward as one might think, especially when it comes to eating.

"People don't know how much to eat to be an open bodybuilder," he explained. “Exercising is fun, we love to exercise, we love to pose, even cardio isn't that bad. I spent two years waking up in the middle of the night to eat a seventh meal. "

The effort was great, but it was worth it for Brett Wilkin as he is now one of the competitors fans are looking forward to in 2022. He hopes his next appearance will be at the Arnold Classics, but the ultimate goal is to get Labrada and the other top athletes on the Olympic stage to compete.

“Ultimately, I want to qualify for the Olympics, but I would be lying if I said that I didn't want to win Arnold in order to qualify for the Olympics. It is a dream to win the Arnold in March and not compete again until the Olympics in December. "

Wilkin and James talk more about Classic Physique's transition to Open, his wife Ivana Ivusic, responding to critics, the Arnold Classic 2022, and more. Watch all episodes of TMP on the Muscle & Fitness YouTube channel. Regular episodes fall every Sunday at 3 p.m. Easter time.

time stamp

0:09 - How he became "The Butcher"

2:42 - Brett as a teenager

4:28 - Entry into bodybuilding

9:08 - Turning Pro in the classic physique

12:00 PM - Moving to Denver

3:06 p.m. - Phil Heath

16:31 - From classic to 212

19:39 - From 212 to Open / Chicago Pro

21:36 - Why not another show?

24:17 - nutritional requirements

26:36 - Arnold Classic 2022

30:16 - Responding to critics

32:55 - hobbies outside of bodybuilding

35:15 - Where he sees himself against Olympic contenders

37:15 - Qualification for the Olympics

37:49 - Live and prepare with a figure professional

44:25 - Brett's sponsors

46:40 - From the photos to the stage

48:01 - conditioning

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