Slim Leaf

Product Name: Slim Leaf

Hey, my name’s Katie Patterson**.

Over the next few minutes, I’m about to tell you my shameful story about how I nearly let my 5-year-old son drown…

All because I was too out-of-shape to run 30 steps to save him.

Truthfully, I let myself go over the years…

And it got to the point I could barely stand the way I looked in the mirror.

My love life with my husband was practically non-existent.

I avoided taking photos with friends…

Seeing those pictures on social media made it painfully obvious how “big” I was compared to them.

And as much as I felt like I was “cursed” with bad genes and a body that piled on stubborn fat…

The tipping point came when being overweight nearly made my son drown.

Today, I’m relieved to say, my son’s okay…

AND there’s a silver lining too.

Because this near-tragic experience led me to discover…

You see, there’s a biological switch inside your body - called the “CARB-BURN SWITCH”.

Flip it and you’ll melt the unwanted pounds you’re carrying right now…

AND it also makes your body burn carbs for energy, instead of storing it as fat!

By flipping this carb-burn switch, I’ve been able to shed stubborn fat WITHOUT giving up my favorite foods...

And I’ve even thrown away my “baggy mom jeans” for skinny jeans…

Now, I’ll show how you too can get the kind of body you’ve always dreamed of…

And maybe even get that coveted “thigh gap!”

Plus, if stick with me for the next few minutes - I’ll also reveal:

Why Ivy League Scientists say THIS little-known hormone is a major predictor of future weight gain...

What’s more? This 13-cent herb from Walmart will help you crush this “fattening hormone...” (I’ll show you what this is in a minute)

You should avoid carbs to lose weight right? WRONG.

The billion-dollar Keto and Atkins industry have been pushing the LIE that carbs are evil...

This is simply NOT true. I’ll show you why in a second...

Why the Japanese from Okinawa are reputed to be the healthiest people in the world… Yet their diet consists of 85% carbs!

In a few minutes, I’ll show you the bizarre reason why they can eat all the carbs they want…

WITHOUT gaining a single pound of ugly fat (you can do this too)

I’ll reveal all of this and more, right here on this page.

But before I get too carried away, let me introduce myself properly.

Okay. As I mentioned earlier, I’m Katie Patterson.

And as you’ve probably guessed, I’m no scientist or diet expert.

I’m just a regular gal from Arkansas City…

Where I live with my son Ben and my husband, Jason.

And while I’ve always been the “chubby girl” for most of my life…

My body fat began “accelerating” after I had Ben.

After I had Ben, the weight piled on so fast…

People sometimes mistook me for being pregnant, even though I wasn’t!

(Which was really embarrassing, by the way).

And in between raising my 5-year-old son, working part-time and supporting my family…

My weight turned into a runaway freight train I couldn’t stop.

It all came crashing down during September, last year.

You see, being cooped up indoors for so long had Ben itching to go out and play.

So I agreed to take him to the local park.

Once there, I got a sudden phone call from my mom about the Christmas party we were organizing together.

I swear, I took my eyes off Ben for just a second...

But the next thing I knew?

By the time I noticed, he was already thrashing about...

And the pond was too deep for his little legs to reach.

I immediately rushed over...

But as I was running, time seemed to slow down.

Breathing felt impossible. And my head started spinning.

Then, all I saw was darkness.

When I regained my senses, I was blinded by a white light.

But as I groggily opened my eyes, I realized it was just the hospital lights.

Blinking several times, I saw the faint outline of a nurse hovering over my bed.

Seeing me regain consciousness...

A few moments later, she came back with a doctor.

My head was pounding, but I didn’t care.

The first words out of my mouth were:

The doctor assured me Ben was fine…

And that I should worry about myself first.

Yes, I knew I wasn’t in the best shape of my life...

But I wanted to see my son.

Seeing me agitated, they let my son and husband come into the room shortly after.

My husband Jason was clearly emotional, with tears in his eyes.

As I hugged them both, I noticed Ben was a bit distant. Which was odd.

But seeing him safe took the burden off my mind.

I asked what happened after I passed out.

It turned out, I was lucky.

I asked Ben if he was okay.

He said he was, but he didn’t make eye contact.

My husband chimed in and said he’d been like that since the incident…

“Don’t worry honey. Ben’s strong, he’ll be okay. We need to talk about you.”

But I was worried about Ben.

Not only physically, but the emotional toll this would have on him.

Me being overweight caused this whole incident…

And Ben was traumatized because of it.

It was devastating to think about, because I knew it was all my fault.

And it was all because of this “weight loss demon” I’d been struggling against my whole life.

Of course, I tried to lose weight before.

I tried more fad diets, workout programs and diet powders than I can count on my fingers and toes.

I even spent hundreds of dollars we couldn’t afford on a personal trainer.

It worked for a short while, and maybe I’d lose 2 or 3 pounds.

But the yo-yo always swung back.

But with so many failed weight loss attempts...

At the end of the day, each failure cut down my self-esteem further.

Until all that was left was a sinking, guilty feeling that I had wasted our “family money” on another doomed weight loss attempt.

If so, here comes the good part.

Because this incident led me to the breakthrough that helped me shed my of stubborn fat…

And it could help YOU lose all that unwanted weight too.

Because even though I didn’t know this at the time…

It was a biological “CARB-BURN SWITCH” that was causing all the problems…

And once you “flip” this carb-burn switch, you’ll be shedding unwanted fat, consistently.

But of course, I didn’t know this at the time...

All I could think was that me being overweight affected my entire family.

Seeing my distress, the nurse ushered my husband and son out of the room, saying I needed to rest.

And shortly after, I found myself alone in that cold hospital room, staring at the ceiling.

I berated myself for being a fat, lazy slob who couldn’t run 30 steps to save her son.

Lost and without a shred of hope...

Praying helped me calm down a little.

I even felt a little hopeful.

I knew He would help me find a way.

And even though I still felt bad about my current weight and how that affected my family...

My faith in God helped me drift off to sleep with a fuller heart.

Or be mistaken for being 10-20 years younger than I actually was.

Or see that coveted “thigh gap” staring back at me in my reflection whenever I wore a swimsuit.

Do you fantasize like this too from time to time?

If so, that’s perfectly normal.

It’s only natural for us to want to look good.

And it’s completely normal to feel good about seeing yourself in the mirror.

The first thing I did was start looking for the person who saved both my life and Ben’s.

I wanted to thank them in person…

But the hospital refused to give me their contact details.

After begging and pleading…

They reluctantly agreed to call up my “savior” and pass on my phone number.

A few days later, I got a text from that person.

I replied and said I wanted to thank them face to face.

And that day, we met at a local cafe.

It was an older man who looked like he was nearing his 70s.

He introduced himself as Ronald**. But just Ron** would be fine.

The first thing I did was thank him profusely. Both Ben and I owed him our lives.

He seemed a bit bashful but smiled.

Then he asked me what had happened.

At first, I flushed. I was embarrassed to tell him the real reason.

But Ron assured me it was okay…

“I was so out of shape, I couldn’t run a few steps without blacking out.”

In response, Ron nodded thoughtfully.

He Mentioned He Also Struggled With Weight Issues for Many Years…
Which Surprised Me Because He Looked Incredibly Lean and Healthy for Someone His Age!

But Ron explained - until his late 30s, he was nearly 90 lbs overweight.

I could hardly believe it.

At the same time, it was reassuring to hear someone had experienced something similar to me.

He used to work as a medical researcher in the health field.

And even with all his health knowledge…

Long working hours and stress made his health go downhill…

While his waistline continued to expand.

It wasn’t until he decided to take a break and go on a sabbatical to India...

THAT’S when he started losing weight.

I was so curious, I couldn’t help but ask…

“How did going to India help you lose weight?”

Ron told me, while he was on his sabbatical, he came across a bizarre herb.

It was something the Indian locals revered as the “Queen of Herbs…”

And They Used it To Make a Mysterious “Indian Holy Tea,” Known for Its Amazing Health Benefits…

And Even Rapid Weight Loss Effects

Of course, at first - with Ron’s years of experience, he was a born skeptic about this kind of thing.

It was part of their daily ritual, and he didn’t want to be rude…

So he drank this so-called “Holy tea” every day.

To his shock, the weight he’d struggled with for years started dropping off!

I got so curious, I couldn’t help but ask:

“What the heck was in the tea?”

At this point, Ron paused for a moment and said…

Seeing my puzzled face, Ron went on to elaborate:

“I’ll explain what the CARB-BURN SWITCH is in just a second… But first, let me ask you this…”

“Have you stopped to wonder why some folks can eat almost anything they want… Like ice cream, cakes, pizzas, hamburgers, fried foods and so on... And NOT gain a single pound…”

“While people like you and me, gain weight just by LOOKING at a table of food?”

Well, that was obvious to me.

That’s because we have different genetics and metabolism right?

“well that’s close, but not quite.”

And he also quickly mentioned it’s not my fault for thinking that way.

What’s more important is flipping something called the “carb-burn switch.”

“See, for most folks, the real reason the unexplained weight piles on is because most of their food contains carbohydrates.”

“But the problem with that is, for many people, their bodies are NOT processing carbs into energy!”

“Actually, because they haven’t flipped their carb-burn switch, most folks are storing those carbs as fat instead.”

Ron followed up and said:

“But you should know, there’s NOTHING about our biology that says carbs have to wind up in our fat cells.”

But of course, like you - I was skeptical.

“How is it possible to eat ‘fattening’ carbs and lose weight?”

That’s when he pointed out an undeniable fact.

“This is about how your body USES the carbs you eat.”

“And when your body processes it properly, it burns off existing body fat too.”

To make his point, Ron showed me living proof:

You see, the Japanese who live in Okinawa are well known as the healthiest people in the world.

They regularly live to 100 years (or older)...

Completely free of health complications…

But here’s the REAL shocker…

If carbs were supposedly so “Evil” like most Keto or Atkins companies would have you believe…

How come the healthiest people in the world consume 85% carbs?

Ron also showed me a strange experiment run by a professor from Kansas State University.

Just to prove that you CAN eat ‘Fattening’ carbs and still lose weight…

And Lost 27 lbs in 10 Weeks!

All this time I was led to believe I had to cut out my favorite foods to lose weight…

But here was LIVING PROOF certain folks were eating carbs but losing weight!

At this point, Ron explained it wasn’t my fault for thinking carbs made me fat.

Weight loss companies have spent millions marketing Keto or Atkins with all their might…

They’d have us believe that carbs are evil.

And THIS is the reason the Keto diet has been so popular…

Sadly, it’s easy to be tricked into thinking carbs make you fat.

And sure, if you’re happy to avoid carbs for the rest of your life, Keto can work.

But if you could lose weight WHILE eating carbs...

I don’t know about you…

But to me, that sounded like a way-of-eating I could actually stick to.

At this point, I was at the edge of my seat…

So I couldn’t help but ask Ron:

“How do I actually burn fat by eating carbs?”

Because every time I tried a low-fat, high-carb diet in the past, my weight blew up.

“Well, that’s the catch. You have to flip your body’s carb-burn switch first, BEFORE you start eating those carbs.”

“Technically, scientists call this the GLUT4 receptor.”

The GLUT4 receptor controls how much glucose (A.K.A. carbohydrates and sugar) gets either burned as energy, or stored in your fat cells.

I know that can sound a little confusing…

So here’s the simple way to think about it:

He can direct the cars (carbs) into one of two lanes.

The first lane is the “fat BURNING” lane.

The second is the “fat STORAGE” lane.

And depending on which lane the cars are funneled out by the traffic officer…

It determines whether those carbs get burned as energy or stored as fat.

When GLUT4 is functioning normally...

Roughly 80% of glucose gets moved into the muscle cells - which is essentially the “fat burning” lane, because that’s where it gets burned for fuel.

From The U.S. National Library of Medicine

Now, going back to Ron’s original question…

GLUT4 is why some folks can eat ice cream, pasta, burgers, fries, sugary drinks and so on…

If we looked inside their body, we’d see their traffic cop (GLUT4) directing their carbs down the “burn fat” lane.

But for people like you and me?

Well, you’ve probably noticed…

Eating carbs makes your weight shoot up the VERY next day.

In fact, a study from the prestigious Charles A. Dana Research Institute discovered that when carbs get funneled down the “fat-storage” lane...

The NUMBER of fat cells more than DOUBLED!

The NUMBER of fat cells more than DOUBLED!

The pieces of the puzzle were finally coming together.

I began to understand why the Okinawans…

And even the “twinkie diet” professor (who lost 27 lbs), could eat loads of carbs and lose weight.

It’s because their “carb-burn switch” (GLUT4 receptors) were flipped toward burning carbs for energy.

My “carb-burn switch” was flipped toward fat-storage…

And if you’re wondering whether your GLUT4 is the main issue here…

Have you ever been able to stay skinny while eating lots of carbs?

Or does having a bowl of pasta for dinner make your weight shoot up the next day?

And if unexplained weight gain has been plaguing you for years…

There’s a good chance your “carb-burn switch” is in fat-storage mode right now…

Funneling the carbs you eat into fat-storage, instead of burning it.

And THAT’S why you’ve never been able to succeed in losing weight.

When your body’s storing carbs as fat…

Even if you ate a low-fat diet, that would never work.

After all, low-fat just means high-carb.

Remember, those carbs are being funneled down the “fat-storage lane” by GLUT4.

Workouts don’t help either.

Because exercising alone can’t overcome all the carbs being stored into your fat cells.

The only options left are ultra low-carb diets like Keto or Atkins.

But as you’ve probably guessed by now…

That’s like slapping a bandaid over a bleeding gunshot wound.

Because these diets are ignoring the fact that your body isn’t burning carbs for energy...

And instead of targeting the root problem, it’s sweeping it “under the rug…”

And forcing you to give up your favorite carb-based foods forever.

But who can give up a WHOLE food group for the rest of their lives, and ENJOY it?

WITHOUT worrying too much?

Luckily, there’s a better way...

After Ron showed me everything about this carb-burn switch…

I was dying to know how I could “flip” it and get my body to burn carbs for energy, instead of storing it as fat.

And that’s when he got even more excited.

“That trip I took to India changed everything.”

Ron explained, this is how he was able to finally shed all his excess fat for the first time in his life.

When the Indian locals gave him the leaves, which they revered as a “holy” herb...

He followed their exact instructions to brew it into a special “weight loss” tea.

And when he drank it everyday…

It commanded GLUT4 to funnel carbs toward the fat-burning lane...

He started to lose weight!

Just so you know, reports show that local Indians eat up to 53% MORE carbs than the average carb intake…

Yet they stay skinny as ever!

Not to mention, he didn’t have to give up his favorite foods either!

At this point, I was so curious, I blurted out:

“What the heck was in that tea?”

Ron smiled and said it contained a special “holy leaf.”

You see, scientists have known about GLUT4 (the carb-burn switch) and what it did for many years.

Nobody knew how to “flip” it, so GLUT4 would direct carbs toward the fat-burning lane.

That is, until recently...

At this point, Ron whipped out his phone and showed me an image of an odd-looking purple plant.

You see, Holy Basil contains a special compound called “Ursolic Acid.”

Scientists have now discovered…

Ursolic Acid acts like the traffic cop’s superior officer…

And it has the power to command GLUT4 to funnel your carbs down the fat-burning lane!

This discovery was made possible by Dr. Yonghan He…

An esteemed scientist with more than 60+ research papers published to his name.

He teamed up with his colleagues and the National Research Council in Canada to crack the code.

After running rigorous tests…

Dr. He and his team proved that GLUT4 could be controlled by a compound called Ursolic Acid!

After experimentation, he concluded:

“Ursolic Acid enhances GLUT4 expression and translocation… The expression of glucose transporter 4 (GLUT4) were stimulated by 10mM of UA (Ursolic Acid)”

Further studies also revealed that Ursolic Acid could help lower insulin levels.

And this was key because insulin is well-known as the “fattening hormone…”

Average Weight Loss of 28 lbs!

Meaning, when you flip the carb-burn switch, not only do the carbs get burned for energy…

This Helps You Shed the Unwanted Pounds You Have Right Now Too!

A scientific review of 17 studies on human clinical trials (so not in lab rats or test tubes)…

Discovered that Holy Basil gave several more health benefits like:

Improved Body Mass Index and fat levels

meaning, it helps you reduce unwanted fat from your body… Including existing fat.

which is incredibly important if you want to stay healthy to enjoy your later years!

Best of all, out of the 783 participants in these 17 studies…

These participants didn’t experience any serious side effects.

Which means, it’s safe and natural to take for as long as you need to.

Renowned researchers like Dr. Marc Cohen - who’s published 100 peer-reviewed scientific studies, has gone on record to say…

Holy Basil is “mother nature’s gift to humanity.”

And with all this evidence…

At the very least, I was eager to give it a try.

So I pleaded with Ron to let me try his Holy Basil “weight loss” tea…

He smiled and said he’d bring me some the next day.

It wasn’t long before I had my own supply of Ron's Holy Basil leaves.

Using it, I prepared the tea, following his exact instructions.

Which by the way, took several hours because it required me to measure out the exact amounts, the right temperature and so on.

I also made sure not to change anything about my eating habits, lifestyle or exercise…

Because I wanted to keep this experiment as “accurate” as possible.

The first day I drank it, I didn’t feel any difference at all.

I was beginning to think this was going to be another “dud.”

But Ron specifically told me to give it at least a week to start working…

So I stuck with it for a week...

And when I stepped on the scales several days later…

That’s Nearly A Pound A Day!

As I continued to drink the tea, the weight kept falling off.

I even caught up with a few friends at a local cafe…

And the first thing they mentioned was that I had become seriously slimmer!

You know what’s even better?

But as YOU now know, that couldn’t be further from the truth!

Naturally, they started asking how I was doing it…

And I told them all about Holy Basil and what it was doing for me.

But when they asked me if I could get them some…

I only had a small batch left - nowhere near enough to share with my friends.

So I reached out to Ron again to see if I could get some more.

On the phone, he sounded a bit distraught.

He said he was only able to get a limited batch from India each month...

And it was nowhere near enough to give out to my friends too.

He went silent for a bit…

“Well, I could reach out to my old contacts in the industry and see if they could source me some more in bulk.”

That’s when a lightbulb went off in my head.

I told Ron I’d do everything I could to spread the word.

And on his end, Ron would find a way to get more of this Holy Basil.

Ron had saved my life and my son’s.

And we’d become good friends…

For the next few months, Ron came out of retirement to work with his old colleagues.

They worked tirelessly to perfect the formula.

They also decided that extracting the Ursolic Acid out of the Holy Basil was the best thing to do.

That way, anyone could use it WITHOUT going through the tedious process of making the tea.

In addition to this, Ron’s team of researchers added several more potent weight loss ingredients to the formula.

These included fat-burning nutrients that supported GLUT4.

For example, Vitamin B6 - which is a key nutrient that helps your body metabolize carbs for energy.

Ron’s researchers discovered a key study from the prestigious Journal of Diabetes Research…

Scientists proved that Vitamin B6 improves GLUT4 levels.

Ron’s team also added magnesium, which you may have seen in your local supplement store.

Not only is magnesium an important mineral for your body…

So it was clear, these two ingredients could make this weight loss formula even better.

They added several more fat-melting ingredients.

One of them was ashwagandha - which is a special herb known for reducing stress.

This is super important because stress is one of the major factors around unwanted weight gain:

“Higher cortisol (the stress hormone), insulin, chronic stress were each predictive of greater future weight gain”

The key word here is “future weight gain.”

That’s why Ashwagandha was just as important to add to the formula as Holy Basil…

Because if Holy Basil helps you get the weight off in the first place…

Researchers discovered Ashwagandha reduced stress scores by a whopping 35%...

So just imagine, cutting down your stress levels by ONE THIRD of what it is now.

Ashwagandha cut cravings down by more than HALF!

After seeing these results, these researchers concluded:

“A statistically significant reduction in body weight and body mass index were observed in patients treated with Ashwagandha root extract compared to placebo.”

The Ursolic Acid inside Holy Basil directs carbs toward the FAT BURNING lane, helping you lose weight…

Then Ashwagandha helps you KEEP that weight off by reducing stress levels (which is a major cause of unwanted weight gain).

Now, while you can grab Ashwagandha from Walmart for 13-cents a capsule…

But don’t go off doing that just yet.

Because it’s the COMBINATION of these herbs that completes this powerful weight loss formula.

And you won’t get these kinds of results unless you combine them all.

On that note, Ron’s team also added:

Ron’s team took these potent compounds…

Extracted them into a concentrated, purified form…

Then encapsulated it into an easy-to-swallow pill.

That way, it’d be much more convenient than going through all the steps to make the tea…

But it’d be just as potent for weight loss!

And after many months of development…

I agreed to be the first “guinea pig.”

I still had more weight I wanted to shed.

...But to my surprise, this new formula was even MORE powerful than the tea!

We’d truly outdone ourselves...

And you know what really made my day?

I was able to run out and play with Ben again.

I even jumped on the trampoline with him without getting out of breath!

We'd truly outdone ourselves...

When Ben looked at me and said:

“Mommy, you’re so much more fun these days.”

...Tears welled up, because that’s when I knew it was all worth it.

And remember how my friends asked me for my weight loss secret?

Well, after I got the “beta-test” bottles of this new, improved formula…

I shared them out to all of my friends…

And their results were astounding too!

"Fat Around My Belly - Front & Sides, Finally Melting Away!"

"In just about a month that I've been using it, I've had a noticeable reduction in feelings of stress, and the fat around my belly, both front and sides, seems to be finally melting away! The best effect has been my ability to fast from dinner until lunch the next day, without the feeling that I'm starving-- there's been a noticeable evening out of my blood sugar levels that enables me to go further between meals than I've been able to go for a long time. I know that it's working, because I'm doing nothing else differently. AMAZING product!"

"I was dieting and exercising without weight loss. I have a high stress job and stressful home life raising 2 children with autism. I get sugar cravings everytime, especially when things get tough. This product has helped me lose weight around my middle, feel calm, help with sleep, my blood pressure is back to normal. Very happy and will continue to take this product. 17 lb weight loss thus far. 6 inch reduction in my waistline."

"During the past several months, I had several "weight loss" supplements to try out. This proved to be the only one that actually worked for me. I've lost over a pant size so far and I can now wear my belt! It's been like a miracle for me. It really helps to curb my apatite and my sugar cravings.

"In just a few months, I've lost 43 lbs! No exercise"

"During the past several months, I had several " I love the product it really helps me lose weight and gives me energy, and in just a few months, I've lost 43 lbs! No exercise"

"My clothes are starting to just hang off me, I guess I need to shop for smaller sizes now."

"I feel and see my gut and “love handles” deflate right in front of my eyes. My clothes are starting to just hang off me, I guess I need to shop for smaller sizes now. I am usually very sensitive to what I put in my body and I have not felt any adverse reaction to this supplement."

"I eat everything that I want now, and feel great! 19lbs lost so far in 1 month!"

"This is real. I actually feel my energy levels increasing as a result of the carb burning. Unlike other products, this does not block out carbs, but instead transforms them into energy. I eat everything that I want now, and feel great! 19lbs lost so far in 1 month!"

And that’s when Ron and I knew…

We had to share this with the rest of the world.

Together, we founded a company called Barefoot Origins…

And our mission was to bring forgotten, natural ways back to the modern world…

And today, I’m excited to announce…

As you might have guessed...

Slim Leaf™ is the purified, encapsulated form of weight loss herbs like Holy Basil, Ashwagandha, and more.

And we’ve blended these into a unique blend, called the “Slim Leaf Blend”

And our mission was to bring forgotten, natural ways back to the modern world...

You’ll see it on the label like this:

Remember, it’s the COMBINED power of these herbs that helps you melt unwanted fat in no time!

It’s the only supplement that you can take before your meals...

That lets you flip your body’s carb-burn switch...

Letting you burn carbs for energy instead of storing it as fat...

AND as a result, it also helps shed the unwanted pounds you might have right now too!

You can’t get this potent fat-burner anywhere else...

As this is shown to me by Ron.

And he's never shared it with anyone else before.

And when you take Slim Leaf™ daily, it helps you reduce existing body fat...

Over 783 participants and 17 studies…

NONE of these folks experienced ANY serious side effects.

What’s the first thing you’d do once you’ve obtained the body of your dreams?

Swap out those “baggy mom jeans” for sexy skinny jeans?

Or maybe flaunt off that gorgeous dress you’ve been eyeing?

And the next time you’re out with your friends...

While they complain about having to watch what they eat all the time…

You’ll just smile on without a care in the world…

Because YOU’RE losing weight without giving up your favorite foods!

Whatever your thing might be…

That future is yours with Slim Leaf™.

Now of course, to turn that into reality…

That means you need to get Slim Leaf™ first.

I’ll show how you can do that in a second.

As well as why you won’t risk a penny to get your own supply.

I have to give you a fair warning.

I have to give you a fair warning

Ever since I started sharing Slim Leaf™ with everyone I knew...

Many folks have been getting multiple bottles for themselves and their loved ones.

They saw how it gave better weight loss results the longer you use it…

So they wisely ordered multiple bottles.

And as a result, it’s caused a surge in demand I wasn’t expecting!

And as a result, it’s caused a surge in demand I wasn’t expecting!

Combine this with the fact that the fat-melting ingredients inside Slim Leaf™ comes from halfway across the globe…

It can take WEEKS to produce each batch.

Add in the other logistics, and Ron’s team tells me that it’ll take at least 3 months for each re-stock.

When explosive demand meets limited supply…

It means we’re constantly running low on bottles.

It means we’re constantly running low on bottles.

And since this page is the ONLY place you can get it...

You don’t want to put this decision off, or you could miss out completely.

But once you DO have your own supply of Slim Leaf™...

You’ll notice the fat-burning effects immediately.

But remember how I showed you the study where folks lost 28 lbs by reducing the “fattening” hormone, insulin?

Well, according to this clinical study, the longer they stuck to their guns…

The greater the weight loss effects!

As you can see on this graph, as the weeks go on…

The lower the calorie intakes get…

And that’s why you should take Slim Leaf™ for at least 8-12 weeks to get the best results.

If you want to continue enjoying your favorite foods…

You’ll want to take Slim Leaf™ forever, so you can STOP the fat from coming back.

I've personally continued to take it long after I've hit my goal weight.

And once you start taking Slim Leaf™ as part of your daily routine?

You'll quit worrying about calories, macros, food logging and so on...

And you'll finally achieve that slender, sexy body you've always dreamed of...

All while continuing to enjoy your favorite foods, without ever worrying about your weight again.

On that note, let me ask you...

I know it's hard to put a price tag on it.

But I did it to illustrate a point.

Enough to go on a nice vacation with your loved ones!

That's the power that Slim Leaf™ gives you once it makes you lose the unwanted fat, nearly effortlessly.

And this is also why I know how invaluable weight loss results like this could be.

The powerful ingredients inside Slim Leaf™ was without a doubt, worth it.

I had experienced it first-hand with how it helped me shed all my stubborn fat...

As well as give me more energy to be a better mom for Ben.

So this wasn't about profit.

It was about changing lives

I felt it was my duty to pass it forward.

So I pushed back against this price.

I explained to the financial team how this was bigger than us.

Luckily, they saw thing my way.

Because within the first month of taking Slim Leaf, you’ll feel more relaxed than ever.

The powerful formula will enter your body and begin to activate your GLUT 4 receptors, directing a steady flow of carbs and fat to the “Fat Burning Lane”.

People will be telling you that you’ve never looked so good…

After 3 months, your GLUT 4 receptors will almost be fully activated…

People will begin to mistake you for a woman half your age. They’ll be surprised that a hot mom like you looks so good!

And finally, around the 6-month mark…

Your GLUT 4 receptors will have been 100% activated and filtering all carbs and fats into the burning lane…transforming into a fat burning expressway melting fat off your body faster than your fat cells can fill.

So, if you’re truly dead-set on getting the best results possible…

And since each bottle of Slim Leaf™ contains a 30-day supply...

That’s less than a dollar a day.

Take a moment to think of all the daily things you spend more than a dollar a day on…

That only brings a tiny fraction of the joy Slim Leaf™ would get you when you start seeing the pounds drop...

Wouldn’t you agree that investing less than a dollar a day is worth the happiness you’ll experience when you finally get the body of your dreams?

I’m sure you’d agree.

And once you’ve got your own supply?

You’ll finally win the battle against the bulge.

Every marker of wellbeing will improve.

You’ll have more energy to do the things you love.

And you can be a better mother, daughter, or spouse to everyone you care about.

Your friends' may even turn green with envy when they see your amazing body transformation.

And you’ll know, it’s all thanks to the wise decision you made to try Slim Leaf™ today.

You WON’T find Slim Leaf™ on Amazon, at retailers or anywhere else.

We’re cutting out the middleman to keep prices as low as possible for you.

As soon as supply runs out…

Our tech team will take down this page immediately to prevent backorders.

And as I mentioned earlier, it can take as long as 3 months to get a new batch of Slim Leaf™

If you’re reading this on your phone, you might have to scroll down a bit to see all 3 options.

Oh and I should mention...

No matter which package you choose, you’re covered by our180-day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Which is a 3-step promise:

You must start shedding unwanted fat and hit your goal weight.

You must achieve the body of your dreams.

You must feel confident and happy in your new slender body.

Unless Slim Leaf™ fulfills all three of these promises…

Let us know within 180 days and I’ll give you a FULL refund.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve used up all the bottles.

Just email our friendly customer service team and send back whatever you’ve got left…

And we’ll refund EVERY single penny.

Even for the bottles that are used up.

That means you’re not “buying” anything today...

Now, once you’ve clicked the “add to cart” button below, here’s what will happen.

You’ll see a checkout page where you can confirm your order and fill out your details.

The secure checkout page will look like this on desktop:

And like this on mobile. Make sure to scroll down to see the forms where you can fill out your details.

Now you can call me old fashioned...

But I often get a little antsy over ordering things online because of the security aspect.

So you can order with peace of mind knowing your details are safe!

And once you’ve completed your order…

You can expect your package to arrive in 5-7 business days.

Tear open the box and grab your bottles.

I want you to start taking 2 capsules with 6-8 ounces of water.

Remember, you’ve got to take it every day.

You should start feeling the effects within just a few days...

But as I showed you in the clinical study earlier…

The biggest and BEST results come the longer you take it.

And continue for 180 days if you want to ensure the best fat-burning results.

And unless you LOVE your new slender body...

Contact us within 180 days of your order to get a FULL refund.

Remember you can use up the bottles and still get every penny back.

So the only decision you’re making right now is whether you want to take the 6-bottle package for the best “bang for your buck.”

Regardless of which package you choose, you’re still covered by your 180-day money-back guarantee.

So if you’re ready, scroll down and click the “add to cart” button below!

I’ve shown you all the science.

I’ve shown you why the “carb-burn switch” is responsible for all that unwanted weight gain...

And unless you flip it, your body is doomed to continue gaining weight.

You’ve also seen the studies that prove that Slim Leaf™ flat out works.

Of course, you could choose to ignore everything you’ve seen today.

And I’d harbor no hard feelings even if you did that.

If you do nothing today, what will change?

You go back to your usual routine.

Maybe you try a new diet.

But you know it’s just a matter of time before that dreaded “plateau” hits…

You realize this new diet or weight loss program is too hard to stick to forever…

Then you fall back to your old ways and the weight “yo-yos” back to your body.

It’s happened before and it’ll happen again.

And in the past, it wasn’t your fault.

You didn’t know that your body’s “carb-burn switch” is turned off, and it’s storing all those carbs and fat instead of burning it off.

Now you KNOW what the core issue is.

So now that you KNOW the solution…

It’s YOUR responsibility to act.

If you don’t act today…

The next time you go to weigh in at your bathroom scales…

You’ll get that sinking feeling as you realize it’s another failed weight loss attempt…

And even if you decide to come back to this page to order Slim Leaf™...

We might have run out of stock by then...

Because others have already taken the leap and ordered their supply.

That means you’ll be waiting another 3 months.

That’s 90 days of waiting...

Instead of experiencing the joy of shedding the pounds today.

At that point, wouldn’t you think back to this moment and regret not taking action?

If the answer is even a “maybe…”

You’d be wise to take the smarter, second path.

You’ll get your own supply of Slim Leaf™ today with our 180-day money back guarantee.

Which means you truly have NOTHING to lose but EVERYTHING to gain.

I’ve shown you exactly how I personally took that first step…

And now I want to show you the way.

So now’s YOUR turn to start shedding those pounds and achieve the slender, sexy body of your dreams.

Now it’s YOUR turn to feel completely confident and happy about the way you look.

Now it’s YOUR turn to look in the mirror and see that coveted “thigh gap” staring back at you!

All of this can be yours when you take the first step.

Hover your mouse over the order button. Click it. And fill in the information requested on the next page.

And after you’ve ordered…

Because I’ll stay in touch with you every single day via email.

I’ll be making sure you get all the information, motivation and support you need to succeed.

But that can only happen after you take the first step.

Move your mouse or scroll down with your phone…

And click the “add to cart” button.

Now’s your final chance to take Slim Leaf™ for a 180-day trial run.

When you see that orange button, click it. Then fill out your details on the next page.

And you’ll be on your way to getting the body of your dreams.

I can’t wait to hear your success story with Slim Leaf™!

I’ll see you on the other side.

I’m Katie Patterson and thanks for hearing me out.

Ah I see you're still here. That means you've got questions.

Let's go through them now.

No, this is a one time purchase! We won't bill you again. So order with peace of mind!

The carb-burn switch is a biological process that controls how much glucose (A.K.A. carbohydrates and sugar) gets either burned as energy, or stored in your fat cells.

Scientists also call it the “GLUT4 receptor.”

The GLUT4 receptor (or carb-burn switch) is like a policeman directing traffic...

He can direct the cars (carbs) into one of two lanes.

The first lane is the “fat BURNING” lane.

The second is the “fat STORAGE” lane.

And depending on which lane the cars are funneled out by the traffic officer…

It determines whether those carbs get burned as energy or stored as fat.

When GLUT4 is functioning normally...

Roughly 80% of glucose gets moved into the muscle cells - which is essentially the “fat burning” lane, because that’s where it gets burned for fuel.

Well, let me ask you this.

Have you noticed that eating carbs makes your weight shoot up the very next day?

I’m sure you’ve noticed that before.

I can almost guarantee that your body’s GLUT4 is directing the “carb traffic” down the FAT STORAGE lane...

In fact, a study from the Charles A. Dana Research Institute discovered that when carbs get funneled down the “fat-storage” lane...

The NUMBER of fat cells more than DOUBLED!

And if unexplained weight gain has been plaguing you for years…

There’s a good chance your “carb-burn switch” is in fat-storage mode right now…

Funneling the carbs you eat into fat-storage, instead of burning it.

And THAT’S why you’ve never been able to succeed in losing weight.

Slim Leaf™ contains several fat-melting ingredients that flips the carb-burn switch (GLUT4) toward fat-burning mode...

For example, Slim Leaf™ contains ingredients like:

Holy Basil - which scientists have shown, activates GLUT4.

And when this happens, you can experience weight loss benefits like:

Insulin reduction - which is important because insulin is known as the “fattening hormone…”

Case in point… Researchers from the University of Tennessee found reducing insulin resulted in an average weight loss of 28 lbs!

Improved Body Mass Index and fat levels

Meaning, it helps you reduce unwanted fat from your body… Including existing fat.

Plus, Slim Leaf™ also contains potent ingredients like:

Which reduces stress. Ivy League researchers say stress is one of the key predictors of future weight gain… So in short, Ashwagandha helps to STOP the fat from coming back!

Which was shown in studies to reduce fat levels by 15%

Which was shown to suppress fat tissue growth (and even “starved” fat cells to death)

In short, all of these potent ingredients come together to help melt away fat and STOP it from coming back!

For the best results, take 2 capsules daily with 6-8 ounces of water.

Even though you’ll start feeling the fat-burning effects of Slim Leaf™ almost immediately…

Clinical studies show that the longer you use it…

The more powerful the effects get.

That’s why I recommend you take Slim Leaf™ for at least 12 weeks if you want maximum fat-burning results!

This is actually a really interesting question that I get asked sometimes, but it happens quite often too.

If you lose weight too fast, we recommend taking 1 capsule of Slim Leaf™ a day instead of the regular 2 capsules a day.

And as always, consult with your doctor for any medical advice.

You can only get Slim Leaf™ on this page.

You won’t find it in retail stores or on Amazon, because we’ve cut out the middle man to keep prices low for you!

You can order today without risking a single penny.

That means, no matter which package you choose, you’re covered by our 90-day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Which is a 3-step promise:

You must start shedding unwanted fat and hit your goal weight.

You must achieve the body of your dreams.

You must feel confident and happy in your new slender body.

Unless the Slim Leaf™ fulfills all three of these promises…

Let us know within 180 days and I’ll give you a FULL refund.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve used up all the bottles.

Just email our friendly customer service team and send back whatever you’ve got left…

And we’ll refund EVERY single penny.

Even for the bottles that are used up.

That means you’re not “buying” anything today.

The only decision you’re making today is to take Slim Leaf™ for a trial run for the next 180 days.

Great! You’re about to take the most important step toward finally getting the body of your dreams.

But we’re at the end of this presentation.

So now’s your last chance to take Slim Leaf™ for a “trial run” for the next 180 days.

Remember, you’re always covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

And when you choose the 6 bottle package today…

LESS than what you’d spend on a gallon of gas.

If you agree that investing less than a dollar a day is worth your happiness and a slender, healthy body you love…

Then scroll down now and pick the 6 bottle package (or whichever one is right for you)!

I’ve done everything I can to make this decision as EASY as possible for you.

But you’ve got to take the first step.

And even after you order, you won’t be alone.

I’ll stay in touch with you every single day via email.

And you’ll get the motivation, support and encouragement you need to succeed.

I truly care about seeing you get the body of your dreams…

But I can’t take the first step for you!

So scroll down right now.

Click the button on the package you want. And fill out your details on the following page.

Until you fill out your full details on the checkout page, we can’t ship your supply of Slim Leaf™ to you!

It’s your last chance to take control of your weight...

Flip your body’s carb-burn switch...

And you’ll finally get that slender body you’ve always dreamed of!

So scroll down and click below now.

I can’t wait to see you on the other side!

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