Glutes to the max: growing a full, spherical butt

A round butt can be one of the most attractive parts of the female body. Especially since her wider hips and the more acute angle at which her femurs attach to the pelvis create that particular way of walking that Tennessee singer Ernie Ford described as "quite a problem in their coming together."

But some butts are better shaped than others -- either primarily through genetic inheritance, or a combination of nature and nurturing (exercise, activity, and diet). For example, fitter women tend to have a much harder and rounder butt and less "padding" from layers of fat covering them.

Although you are born with certain physical qualities and proportions, several decades of female muscle competitors and hardbody athletes have shown that there is much you can do to bring out your best qualities and to compensate for inherent natural deficiencies.

Workout tips for round butt female bodybuilder Dayana Cadeau Professional female bodybuilders train and diet for maximum muscle and striation. Bill Dobbins


The key to sculpting and building a round butt is putting the affected muscle through the right resistance training program. And the most effective and efficient type of resistance exercise ever invented is the modern bodybuilding-like weight training program. It's not what serious competitive bodybuilders do, but the principles underlying this workout that can be used by anyone to build, shape, and develop their own physique.

In order to build and shape the body for a round butt, you must do the basic exercises with sufficient intensity and for a sufficient period of time. Regardless of what your ultimate goal might be.

Female bikini bodybuilders competing on stage showing off their full round buttocks on stageCompetitors in categories like fitness, shape, bikini, and wellness don't have the musculature and striations of female bodybuilders. wings of strength


There are two basic types of leg training exercises for a round butt:

  • Two-joint movements: Knee and hip joints are included
  • Single joint isolation movements: Where only the knee joint is involved

Two-joint compound movements are a type of press—like squats, leg presses, or squats. These are strength exercises that combine the efforts of many large muscles like the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes, allowing you to generate a lot of power.

The 4 best glute and hamstring exercises for a rounder butt

Female bodybuilder performing a leg press exercise for a rounder butt There are all kinds of machines you can use to do leg presses. The position of your feet largely determines whether you primarily hit the front or the back of the leg. Bill Dobbins

LEG PRESS: Everyone knows what a deep squat is. Well, that's the basic leg press move performed as a calisthenic exercise using only your own body weight for resistance. Both the hip and knee joints are involved, and depending on how precisely this movement is performed, almost all of the major leg muscles can be involved.

Barbell Squats: This is the primary exercise for building the lower body. Balance a barbell over your shoulders, squat down until your thighs are roughly parallel to the floor, and push yourself back up. A variation of this is squats while holding two dumbbells at arm's length by your side.

MACHINE LEG PRESS: There are a variety of machines that allow you to perform a leg press movement without having to control a free weight. There are standing machines, inclined machines, and vertical machines (where you lie on your back). You benefit from using these machines because you don't have to balance your weight and risk losing control during the movement. But muscles tend to be less responsive to exercises where "difficult" replaces the feeling of "heavy," so it's best to include both free weight and machine exercises in your routine.

Hack Squats:- This is the primary exercise to target the glutes and hamstrings - the absolute best for a round butt. It's essentially a leg press move with your feet placed well in front of you instead of under you. This reflects the effort from your quadriceps back to the back of the leg - glutes and hamstrings. You obviously can't do hack squats with free weights. You would fall backwards. Instead, position your feet high up and in front on an incline press, or well in front of you on a Smith machine (with the bar moving up and down in a track). Lower your body so that you can only come up about three-quarters of the way up—otherwise your quads will be working instead of your glutes and hamstrings.

Training the legs is very demanding and if you train intensely, you only need to train them at the gym about once a week or twice in ten days.

Female fitness model in tight leggings and yoga pants looking at her buttocks in the mirror

Bodybuilder Debbie Bramwell performs a lower body hack squat workout for a rounder butt The further forward (up) your feet and the lower you sink, the more you target the muscles at the back of the leg. Bill DobbinsFemale model showing a well defined round buttocks and hamstring muscles Muscle training creates a well-formed bottom and back of the legs. Extreme muscling and banding is achieved through extreme nutrition. Bill DobbinsBikini fitness competitor showing her bum during a female bodybuilding competition Figure and Fit Bikini competitors work for full and toned glutes without the musculature of female bodybuilders. But the exercises they use are the same. Bill Dobbins

Sets and reps for a round butt

Ms. Olympia Iris Kyle shows off her muscular legs and round butt Iris Kyle is 10 times Ms. Olympia. The fantastic shape and musculature of their legs is one reason for this. Bill Dobbins

Exercising the muscles sends a signal through the nervous system telling the body to grow and adapt. You don't change the muscles directly unless you damage or overwork them.

The amount of resistance you want to aim for is about 75% of your maximum for one rep. In practice, that means a weight that you can do about 10 to 12 reps to failure for the upper body and about 12 to 16 reps to failure for the legs. The reason for the difference is that the leg muscles are supplied with blood and oxygen more efficiently, giving them a little more endurance during exercise.


It should be remembered that the human body is a homeostatic organism. That means it tries to stay the same regardless of the environment or the way it's treated. Because of this, you may diet or overeat significantly, and it may take days or weeks before you notice any changes in your body. Likewise, you can follow a bodybuilding-like program for an extended period of time before the changes in your physique become apparent.

This is another reason why you need to follow a bodybuilding-like program even if your goal isn't to become a competitive bodybuilder. Bodybuilders have found the most effective and efficient way to develop the muscles of the body throughout history. Since few of us are "genetic geniuses" who build a lot of muscle just by looking at weight, and everyone finds themselves in a situation of diminishing returns at some point, this is the best way to reach your goals and get the most out of yours Getting genetics out of heredity is learning to give your muscles the most stimulation possible. And that's why training like a bodybuilder is your best strategy.

  • MAXIMIZED INTENSITY: Bodybuilding works through a combination of enough weight (resistance) and enough time (number of reps). Training with higher reps produces some beneficial effects. Low-rep, heavy-resistance training produces the greatest strength gains. But the way you'll best develop the size, shape, and strength of your muscles is to lift a weight that's about 75% of your one-rep maximum for the required number of repetitions. For lower body training, this is generally 12 to 16 reps. These sets should be taken to failure: This means you can't do any more reps on that set without first stopping to rest.
  • MAXIMIZE TECHNOLOGY: It takes a lot of discipline to do every rep of every set with the strictest technique possible. But the point is to do your best to make it happen even if you can't expect 100% results. What does rigorous training mean? The idea is to realize that you are strength training, not weightlifting. The resistance is only a means to an end. Here are some guidelines:
    1. Treat each part of your rep—lifting the weight, lowering the weight—as a separate movement.
    2. Stop DEAD at the top and bottom of each movement so no inertia is involved. te that you need to use a little less
    3. Work through a full range of motion, with muscles fully contracted on top and fully stretched on bottom.
    4. Try to target only the necessary muscle or muscles during the exercise. Don't "cheat" by incorporating extra muscles or swing and cheat to move the weight.
    5. Give yourself enough breaks between sets. At least a minute, up to two minutes for heavy and demanding sets. When you rest, you recover and rebuild your strength. Exercising too fast simply weakens your muscles and reduces the effectiveness of your workout.

Bodybuilder Sha-ri Pendelton poses on a pedestal and shows her butt Sha-ri Pendleton ("Blaze" on American Gladiators) has some of the most beautifully developed glutes in female bodybuilding. Bill Dobbins


Fitness model doing a lower body workout for a round butt with a squat exercise Squats can be performed with a barbell or, in this case, a Smith machine. This exercise, with your center of gravity directly below you, primarily works the quadriceps, or front of the leg. Bill Dobbins

Many lower body exercises have some impact on butt shape and the ultimate goal of having a round butt. Again, some genetic geniuses need only do a few squats and leg presses and end up with great butt development. But most aren't that talented. For the rest, hack squats are the main exercise.

Technically, hack squats are a leg press movement that involves moving the feet far forward, which shifts the center of gravity backwards—which more specifically targets the glutes and hamstrings. To do this, you need some kind of machine or device. My recommendation is to use a Smith machine - the device in which a bar slides up and down in a fixed path.

To do a hack squat on a Smith machine, position yourself with the bar over your shoulders and move your feet well forward. You can judge how far by trial and error experience. If you're new to this, use very little weight to begin with. Done correctly, this move doesn't harness the power of the large quadriceps, so you won't be as strong as most squats or leg press moves.

Bend your knees and come down until your butt just touches the floor but isn't touching it. Stop at the bottom and then back up - but only about ¾ of the way. Going further engages the quadriceps, which you don't want to involve in this movement.

Hack squats are the only two-joint power press exercise that directly targets the glutes and hamstrings. If you're at the end of the movement and start up first, the glutes will do almost all of the work. As you get a little further up, the hamstrings get involved. As long as you don't go too high, all of the effort will come from the back of the leg, not the front of the thighs.


Fit fitness model performing a smith machine hack squat exercise for a glute workout routine To work the back of the leg on a Smith machine leg press, place your feet well forward, bring your glutes directly to the floor, and then push back up about 3/4 of the way. Any further and you're targeting the quadriceps Bill Dobbins

Unless you've done squats like this, you've probably never done a serious workout in this area of ​​your legs. So you will be surprised. Because you're using a lighter weight than you would squat, after a few hack squats, it doesn't feel like you've accomplished as much. But later in the day, maybe the next day, you might suddenly find that your glutes and hamstrings are extremely tired and sore. Even cramps. This is a sign that you've exposed those muscles to an intensity they're not used to.


Many people are concerned that squatting that deep will put too much pressure on their knees. But if your feet are far enough forward, you'll find that your knees are only bent about 90 degrees by the end of the exercise.


Using a bodybuilding-like approach to fat loss will help create the definition that will show off your muscle development. In general, bodybuilders enter and remain in a negative calorie balance state, expending more energy than they expend. They keep their protein intake high, their fat intake low, and align the amount of carbohydrate calories they eat with their daily calorie intake schedule.

One thing to keep in mind is that fat loss is a slow process, just like muscle building. Competitive bodybuilders generally take about 12 weeks of strict dieting to gain muscle. But a large percentage of this change occurs at the end of the diet, not at the beginning. All you have to do is establish a diet strategy and stick with it long enough.

Bikini contestants face the judging panel at a women's bodybuilding competitionIn a world with so much obesity and women complaining about too much "garbage in the trunk," more people should be aware of the changes that are possible with the right exercise and nutrition techniques. Bill Dobbins


  • Train as hard as you can to complete your target number of reps, and don't stop until "failure" - when you can't do any more reps for that set without resting.
  • Use strict technique - full range of motion, no cheating, stop at the top and bottom of the movement.
  • Build mass and strength with double-jointed pushing movements. Shape and refine with single-joint isolation exercises.
  • The primary exercise for building and shaping the glutes and hamstrings are squats. Work mostly at the lower end of the range of motion. Don't get high enough to involve the quadriceps.
  • For maximum development, allow yourself enough rest between sets to allow adequate rest and strength to return. Leave endurance exercises for isolation sets or cardio.
  • Achieve definition by following a strict bodybuilding diet for a long enough period of time.
  • Consume the greatest percentage of your calories and nutrients within a short period of time post-workout, while your body is in peak condition.


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