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Product Name: Hassle Free Fat Loss

has not just written a
fascinating book about how to lose weight, he’s actually blown the
lid off many of the dumb and quite frankly hurtful myths of losing
weight and getting in shape. 

first section of the book is about
your mindset and nutrition. Jeremy has written all of this in a way
that totally makes sense. He’s not talking down to anyone and he’s
not propounding some whacked out theory that happens to be popular
right now, he’s giving the information we need to lose weight in a
hassle free way. 

second section is about exercising and let me
tell you, it’s not what you think. What this book is about is
looking outstanding, not just losing the weight but actually looking
really good. It’s not just, do this exercise or that exercise, he
tells us why it’s important to do the right exercises, what the
advantages are. 

The main reason for yo-yo dieting and dieting failure in general is
because they're too
complicated, take too much effort, and are too
intrusive on your life.

counting sucks and makes your life more complicated which
in turn makes you hate your diet and makes you fail!

Most techniques you hear about in diet programs have an incredibly
or NO effect
on the amount of fat you lose, and by doing them you're
much more likely to quit the diet to to frustration!

FACT: Eating 6 meals per day to
increase your metabolism is a MYTH and by
doing it, you may be setting yourself up
for failure!

People like YOU who want a
hassle-free solution to fat loss

Let's face it,
losing weight
and keeping it off isn't

figure out...

...the perfect
foods to eat

...how much of
them you need
to eat

...what type of
exercising is
best for you

...and how
long you
should exercise and exactly how many days
per week

Worse yet, if you're trying to figure out ANY of
these things,
you're setting yourself up for failure. Most diet programs try to give
you little tips and tricks that "supposedly" ramp up your metabolism,
burn fat and help build muscle, but they don't understand that if you
hate dealing with the hassles of losing weight (as I'm sure you do),
you're never going to
stick with it!

Trust me, I was the same way as you. In fact, for
years on end
I was doing the infamous "yo-yo" diet where I'd lose a bunch of weight,
then gain it back, lose it again, then gain it back, etc.

But one day, I sat down and said..."enough is
enough, this has
to change!"

But before I tell you the story, there's something
you need to

Have you ever heard the following tips that can
increase your metabolism and help you achieve rapid fat loss?

Well, what if
they're just made up techniques that allow
authors to
sell more books because they sound good? What if they made
little or no
difference when you actually put them to work and tried to lose weight?

I'm here to tell you that unless
you're trying to compete in a fitness competition, the
vast majority of
techniques you hear "fitness experts" tell you to do are a waste of

And if
you're still doing them, not only are you making it more of a hassle to
stay in great shape, you actually might be RUINING your chances of
staying lean and sexy!

Worse yet, when you don't see the results you're
even though you're putting so much time and effort into your diet,
you're probably going to give up!

And that's exactly what happened to me before I
finally got so
frustrated that I made myself a custom fat loss program.

Let me tell you the story...

always hated going on "diets" and could never stick with them
long enough to see results that lasted. I've been in decent shape my
whole life but could never get to where I REALLY wanted to be because
everytime I'd start losing weight, I'd end up quitting
because it was too complicated and required too much of my

So when I left my job which
required me to walk about 15-20 miles per week and simultantously
injured both my toe and wrist, plus fell out of my healthy diet and
stopped working out becuase of the pain, I was in serious trouble.

a matter of about 3 months I added a disguisting 25 pounds of fat to my
frame, and I thought I was done for. I knew that if I tried dieting
again it would just come back eventually, so I didn't know what to do.

I started researching day and night, trying to come up with a solution
that would not only benefit me, but one that would also work for other

went through the dozen or so fitness books I had that all claimed to
have the answer, but the funny thing was, I'd tried all those methods
and never saw results that lasted more than a few months.

Happened Next Changed My Life Forever...And It Will Change Yours Too!

I finally decided to swear off what the "experts"
were saying
and do my own
research to find the ultimate solution to rapid fat loss that was not
only easy
to achieve, but was something I didn't mind doing so I could follow it

I scoured all the books I had, I even got my hands
on about a
half a dozen more. By the time I was done with my research, I'd taken
all the best points from over 1 dozen books and dozens of scientific
research studies and compiled it into my own little fat loss system.

And much
to my surprise, the system I came up with worked SO good for me and it
was SO easy to stick with that I decided I absolutely had to write a
book about it and share it with you. 

So if you're the kind
of person that wants to stay lean and sexy without dedicating your life
to counting calories, weighing food, carrying around food with you at
all times so you could get your 6 meals in or figuring out the perfect
macronutrient ratio, keep reading!

You've probably heard the same promises
made by other books that they'd help you lose weight fast and keep it
off, and I know you're probably skeptical.

But I assure you, the Hassle Free Fat Loss System
like anything else you've ever read. 

It's based on dozens of
scientific research studies - not theories that just
nice but don't work in the real world (except maybe for those people
who don't mind spending 2-4 hours everyday on their health alone -
which isn't necessarily a bad thing, however most people don't
have that kind of time!)

The workouts are customizable to
YOUR own personal needs - I spent a lot of time agonizing
over exactly how to set this up and the way I came up with might be the
most innovative thing I've ever done. Not only can you customize your
own workouts, but you also get to see a little animated cartoon do the
exercises for you so you know exactly what to do!

You can still eat the food you
love without
feeling guilty about eating it - Obviously you
can't gorge yourself
everyday eating an entire bag of chips along with a large pizza and a
bottle of coke, but you'll have much more freedom from food than any
weight loss plan I've ever heard. Even better yet, you can eat these
foods while staying incredibly healthy!

can actually save
yourself money
- I know this sounds strange, but times are rough nowadays and you
should be looking for ways to save. In this program you won't need to
buy any equipment if you don't want to, and you're going to end up
eating less food (without being hungry all the time) which means you'll
need less groceries - and you'll save a bunch of money!

that's just the beginning. The funny thing about this system is that it
will work for nearly everybody. The
only people it won't work for are
those who are too scared to try it out (hopefully that's not you!).

So let me get a little more specfic...

Inside Hassle Free Fat Loss you'll discover:

You either lose
weight or
you spend absolutely
nothing. It's one or the other.

you invest in Hassle Free Fat Loss you're going to have a full 60 days
to try it out. If at any time in the 60 days after you invest in Hassle
Free Fat Loss you don't think it's worth the little money that you're
going to pay, you can simply ask for a refund.

No questions
asked, no
hassles, no hoops to jump through!

I'm going to take it up a notch just to prove to you how serious I am
when I say that you WILL lose weight in the first 30 days.

I already mentioned, you're not only getting the Hassle Free
Fat Loss system but I'm also going to give you a 30 day challenge.

This 30 day challenge is going
to lay out for you, Day-By-Day, the EXACT steps you need to take to be
successful. This
leaves no chance for you to fail. You either lose the weight following
the step-by-step guide I'm giving you, or you get every single penny

Jeremy Reeves, C.P.T.
Author of Hassle Free Fat Loss

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