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It is a field of interest that has spawned numerous branches, turning it into a multi-billion dollar industry.

Yet for all the resources available, the majority of people just can’t seem to develop the strong, solid and empowering lean muscle mass they know, deep down in the guts of their DNA, to be their birthright.

I’m not talking about some conspiracy theory by the industry to keep us all in the dark and struggling with our ability to put on lean muscle mass, so they can make more money. I’m talking about their not even acknowledging it was there.

Now I’m one of those who fall under the category of “Hard Gainer”. I’ve always been a lean guy and packing on the muscle has never been easy. Over the last year, I underwent a journey to finally face that challenge head on. To discover what was stopping me, while coming to a deeper understanding of what it means to undergo a significant transformation. A journey that forced me to ask: “Why do I want to build muscle mass?” A seemingly simple question with a seemingly obvious answer. Or is it?

There are LOADS of muscle gaining programs available. Why are they all failing us? Do they not actually work? That’s not it at all. Many of those programs do work in putting on muscle mass. But their approach ends up being the greatest obstacle to our accessing what they have to offer.

For our purposes, we will use it in the way that is most commonly acknowledged by the general public. Training fashioned after that of professional bodybuilders. It just so happens to be the approach adopted by the industry and the masses to become what is now “conventional training”. A system familiar to all and still used by most. That is especially true when it comes to building muscle mass.

And here’s the kicker….

Fat loss is not a challenge I have had to face. But that didn’t mean I couldn’t go through the process, which is essentially that of a major transformation. I don’t say a physical transformation, because it goes beyond that.

I needed to choose a goal that:

Well packing on muscle mass was it!

The irony was that I’ve always been attracted to putting on muscle mass. But all the programs and info that were readily available stopped me in my tracks. I tried a few of them. I had limited results. I couldn’t be bothered to try the others because no matter how you dressed it, it was still the same program.

To create the “Perfect Body”!

Let’s be honest and lay it out right here, right now: There is no “THE Perfect Body”!!

There is only the development your body undergoes when exposed to specific training stimulus. The adaptation and natural expression of your body to that training IS, however, PERFECT.

And don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

Now, in all fairness, there have been leading muscle mass proponents out there who have come at it from a perspective of building self-confidence, improving your quality of life, etc. And personally I think that’s great! As a guy who has never been attracted to building the perfect physique as my reason “Why?”, I very much appreciate it.

But as soon as we explore further, we’re right back to physique. With statements like: develop a broader chest, to maximally hit your shoulders, drinking sufficient water give your muscles a fuller look, having that “look” will give you the confidence to walk into a room and own it.

The end result of the ultimate muscle bound physique IS NOT what will give you confidence. It’s the journey of undergoing a major transformation, and trusting what you have to bring to the table, that will.

1 PERCENT! That’s great for them, but what about the rest of us. Does that mean the other 99% are doomed to be weak, with atrophied muscles, low sense of self worth and unfulfilling lives? Does that mean the other 99% are lazy? Apathetic? Uncommitted?

Not in the least. It just means there isn’t a powerful enough REASON WHY!

If packing on muscle mass to develop the ultimate physique was powerful enough, we’d all look like crazy buff action superheroes right now.

The reasons I have heard are innumerable. And if you listen carefully, you’ll hear them too:

I want to be able to play with my kids without doubling over or putting my back out.

It’d be great to not feel trashed after my workday (hard labor).

Who wants to be an invalid when they get older? I don’t. I want to be independent and able bodied until the day I drop.

I injured my shoulder while doing dumbbell presses. I can’t sleep on it which kind of sucks, because if I want to hug my wife at night I need to be laying on it and can’t do it for more than a few minutes.

These are the motivating forces that drive us. These are the powerful “why’s”. These are the reason’s each and every one of us can gain the muscle mass that has, for so long, eluded us.

It is a limitation in and of itself. Our bodies have an intelligence all their own.

You can’t trick it into thinking you’re gaining muscle mass for more than just a physical appearance by saying that’s what you’re going to do it for, yet still doing the same old stuff. You have to put the action behind the intention.

You want to be able to handle yourself better?

You want to improve your performance, whether as an athlete, a weekend warrior or for the first time exploring a physically vibrant life?

You want to be free of debilitating pain, as a result of training, that stops you from being able to enjoy the rest of your life?

You want to be excited about your training, rather than dreading it or becoming bored?

You want the time, effort, blood, sweat and tears you’ve put into your training to open up opportunity’s for you to do more beyond the gym doors?

Now there are many ways out there to attain the above mentioned qualities. But we’re not here for those. We’re here to Build Lean Muscle Mass! And we’re going to do so, while gaining and keeping all the aforementioned benefits.

I have never been as excited and motivated as I am now to pack on the muscle mass. I have never gained muscle mass at the speed at which I am now gaining it. I now see it as a possibility that I can tap into whenever I wish for the rest of my life.

What I said was, focusing on physique as your driving motivation is the barrier to your actually achieving it. It is the focus of all the other programs out there, of all the info out there, of all the marketing. And for the vast resources available at our fingertips, the majority of us cannot attain what they are purporting to offer.

To say the majority is unwilling to do what it takes to get those results, is a poor excuse for not delivering on or making deliverable, what you have been promised. It’s a tough one for many to do otherwise. The pressure to follow the current mass message is immense. It’s also safe. And no one ever got evolutionary results by being safe.

Those who will have left early, not seeing the answer they came to hear, though it sit right before them, a natural consequence of the journey. And that’s okay. It’s not for them at this time. But YOU are here. And I would confidently say, that you are in the MAJORITY. Because you are ready for a change…

You want more than the shell of what could be yours.

You want the value of your time invested into the training to equal that of the quality of life you want to live.

You want an Evolution. A Mass Evolution.

And so you shall have it!

Club Mass Evolution is a download-only digital product. Nothing will be shipped to you. Clubs are sold separately. The Course Manual is delivered as a PDF ebook that can be opened with the free Adobe Reader, found on most computers. The Instruction Videos are in iTunes video format and can be played on PC and Mac computers as well as portable devices, such as iPods.

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