How Kevin Hart is staying on the high of his health sport at 42

day is like the other for Kevin Hart. Currently, the multi-hyphenate is splitting his time being on the ground in rthern Ireland to produce his latest film 'Lift' and preparing material for his much-anticipated reality check arena tour. His tremendous success is the result of an endless drive, which he confirms every morning at five o'clock in the daily training session with trainer Ron "Boss" Everline.

"My training allows me to approach the day with the same energy no matter what I'm doing," says Hart on the set in Belfast. In the gym in his hometown or on the go with Everline, the 42-year-old recharges his batteries by drinking C4 before training. So when the company approached him to be the face of their new C4 Smart Energy that boosts the brain, the match was natural. "t only have I felt the benefits in the gym, but I've been able to maintain that momentum through the rest of my crazy schedule."

We spoke to Hart about his fitness philosophy, training on tour and getting into soldier form to play Roland in the upcoming Borderlands movie.

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Men's Journal: How did this partnership with C4 come about?

Kevin Hart: I knew C4 long before I worked with the company. I used their product to start my mornings especially when I was working out at the gym as I found it greatly increased my energy levels. t only has it helped me maximize my training with Boss, but it has also kept that momentum going throughout the day. So it was part of my lifestyle before all of this happened.

How has your way of training evolved over the years?

The workouts have changed because we have changed. Boss is a phenomenal trainer and does a great job mixing our routines to the point where they become non-routine while keeping him productive. That's what makes a coach great in my eyes. Over the years we have developed quite a bit and can look back on a long list of successes. We've done marathons, CrossFit sessions, epic bike rides and so much more.

Aside from certain projects, what are your goals when you go to the gym now?

I believe the greatest goal is always to find happiness within yourself. I don't go to a regular session just to look a certain way. My daily goal is to be consistent. I want taking care of my health to be part of my lifestyle and in the right direction 365 days a year. That's why I never want to do a workout where I can't move the next day. Because having this time every day in which I pay attention to my fitness is important for my happiness.

How so?

I found I was sluggish in the afternoon if I wasn't doing a workout earlier in the day. Standup comedy is something that has always required a lot of energy from me, and I like to perform with a lot of intensity. I want to be able to perform at my best, especially when I'm on the road. I try to give people their money's worth on this tour. I don't want to do it half-heartedly. There's been a while that we haven't been able to do shows, so I'm looking forward to getting out there again.

Do you have any training jokes that have come out of your training lately?

Art mimics life and comedy comes from life experiences. I can't share anything that has come to my mind lately because I need the people to pick up the tickets! We're still adding new shows to the tour and going to some other countries as well. I'm in the walking world, keeping my foot on the gas.

Is it difficult to find places to train while you're out on a tour like this?

I've formed relationships with gyms around the world after touring for as long as I have. There are many places that have kindly let me in after hours so I can avoid any kind of fuss. The biggest thing is nutrition. You can train like hell, but if you don't eat right, you're fighting an uphill battle.

Speaking of your work with Boss, you seem to be having a lot of fun. Is that also important for staying consistent with your training?

Enjoying our workouts is important to us. thing in life should be taken too seriously. There should be a little fun in everything, especially when you're doing something you love. You have to be able to smile. This relieves you and makes work easier and more pleasant. My coach has become a brother and our relationship is something that I thrive on. Morning rituals between us include laughter and meaningful conversations as we work to get better.

Do you have music that you like to play during these sessions?

Lots of Bon Jovi.

In relation to your film projects, is there a fitness achievement that you are most proud of?

I can't say I got to the point where I got that. There's a lot more I plan to do. I still make films and produce films. My role in Borderlands was different. I really enjoyed this challenge.

We're really excited for Borderlands - and so are all of Gearbox's video game fans. You've worked with Navy SEALs and trained for hand-to-hand combat. What can we expect from your performance as Roland?

Expect to be shocked. I don't want to give too much away because this is one of those projects that already has an amazing following because of the game and I want them to experience it fully in the theater. There were some reservations about the casting decisions, but I think people will be blown away. Our director and the rest of the cast did a great job. Just wait 'til you see what we've all done together.

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