Why Oakley Re:SubZero are the brand new sun shades heroes

If you love exercising outdoors, you know that different weather conditions require different types of clothing, but when it comes to your sunglasses, Oakley has your eyes covered for all the elements with the new Re:SubZero line.

Courtesy of Oakley

Exercising while trying to put the sunglasses on tight can be a special kind of challenge. A heavy frame becomes uncomfortable if worn for long periods of time, and sunglasses that don't fit your head properly can become annoyingly itchy. or even let rain and sweat ravage your vision. Enter the Re:SubZeros. These bad guys are built on an advanced, lightweight frame that's flexible enough to wear during a run, workout, or any outdoor activity where you want to stay focused and keep your goals firmly in sight.

A product made possible by Oakley's 30 years of development, the Re:SubZero also features PhysioMorphic Geometry, an innovation that allows an extended envelope to be added to a lens design without sacrificing its structure or stiffness. The result is a seamless design and mask-like fit without the usual frame weight. The Re:SubZero are so light you'll hardly notice they're powered on, and this allows you to channel your energy into motion and get ahead with the task at hand. The latest Oakley sunglasses are worn by skateboarder Aori Nisimura, Olympic sprinter Andre De Grasse and Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones.

So how light are they? The Re:SubZero weighs just 24 grams, making it the perfect lightweight companion when you work up a sweat. A unique attachment connects the lens to the neck, stem and Oakley icon for a beautiful aesthetic, while the lens itself features Prizm™ technology to enhance color and contrast. Two Unobtainium nose pads of different thicknesses and depths allow for the perfect fit with a non-slip grip. If you want to upgrade your goggles and go from zero to Re:SubZero heroes, the range is available now and costs $246. Styles include matte black, steel, carbon fiber and the very cool "Planet X" which features a stunning gradient finish.

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