Is the Amazfit T-Rex 2 smartwatch a sensible choice for the nice outside?

Amazfit aims to offer a smartwatch with similar features to Garmin's offerings at a fraction of the price, but the T-Rex 2 rivals the big boys when it comes to providing reliable navigation, sports and fitness tech , or is it just prehistoric?

battle hardened

There's a lot to appreciate when it comes to examining the T-Rex 2. Its robust construction meets military specifications, which means that it has undergone 15 military-standard tests (certified as MIL-STD-810G) to ensure that the watch will withstand extreme temperatures and prove its durability in extreme conditions. More specifically, the T-Rex 2 can remain functional in high temperatures of 85 degrees Celsius and low temperatures of -30 degrees Celsius.

The T-Rex 2 packs some serious navigation features, aided by 5 satellite systems for better positioning even at high altitudes, making it ideal for hikers and climbers. For athletes looking for great wearable technology, this watch also features a strength exercise mode that counts reps of various strength-based activities. You even get a post-workout report that includes key metrics like: B. which muscle groups were trained in addition to your oxygen intake and valuable advice on recovery.

Ideal for sports?

There are 150 different sport modes in total, including everything from triathlon mode to improving your golf swing, and if you want to take a dip, the T-Rex 2 is 10 ATM water resistant, making it ideal for swimming and water sports, but not high-speed activities like water skiing . The watch is an improvement over the original T-Rex, has a larger display and the graphics are clear and attractive, but how does it compare to the Garmin Instinct 2 ($289.99 on Amazon) or even the Garmin Fenix ​​7 ( $589.99) from?

Priced at $229.99, the T-Rex 2 is a decent budget alternative. If you want solar power, you can shell out an extra $50 and opt for Garmin's Instinct 2 though. In terms of practicality, however, the T-Rex 2 may be heavier than the original watch. w it weighs 66.5 grams, but the more expensive Garmin Fenix ​​7X is even heavier at 66.5 grams. The T-Rex 2 is lighter because it's made of polycarbonate to keep the weight down while remaining tough.

Another important note is that the more expensive Fenix ​​7 doesn't have an AMOLED display (a preferred OLED type), but the T-Rex 2 does.

Feel like exploring?

In terms of battery life, the T-Rex 2 is well equipped for long hikes and extended camping trips. The watch charges in 2 hours and lasts up to 24 days. You can extend this up to 45 days by turning on the battery saver mode. For a budget watch, there are some cool explorer features too. You can import a map route file from the Zepp app and use it to track your movement on the T-Rex 2. So what's the verdict? Well, if you're not ready to splurge on a Garmin just yet, or prefer a budget-friendly device that's packed with features that won't cost the earth to replace, the T-Rex 2 is a solid option for both the fitness and outdoor pursuits that this device is far from extinct.

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