Get again to nature with the Reebok Nano X2 Journey shoe

Reebok was at the forefront of a training shoe revolution, with the popular Nano model becoming a staple of the CrossFit games and a favorite sneaker for those who need the comfort of a shoe that copes both in the gym and on the street . And with the announcement of the Nano X2 Adventure, Reebok offers a range of enhanced features that will take your workouts outside the gym and even further off the beaten track. M&F takes a look.

With added durability for wild workouts, the Nano X2 Adventure recognizes the need for versatile shoes and follows in similar footsteps as its original version and Under Armor's Charged Bandit trail running shoe, while retaining specific characteristics that make the Nano so great for a diverse range of workout If you like the sound of a shoe that can be worn for solid indoor fitness sessions, hikes, or intense park workouts, then the Nano X2 Adventure might be king of the hill.

Courtesy of Reebok

What's new in the Nano X2 Adventure?

For trail walks or hikes, the Adventure X2 is well-equipped with a nylon ripstop upper, meaning you're less likely to tear the shoe up on rocks or trees. The design also features reflective materials to keep you visible in the dark or on the go. Durability has been boosted with a sturdier lugged outsole, and Reebok's Floatride Energy Foam also provides comfort and responsiveness, while providing some cushioning for those heavy runs.

The Nano X2 Adventure features a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) lateral and medial heel clip for performance and flexibility without sacrificing the robustness of the shoe's structure. For many wearers, this updated heel clip offers better ankle support.

When will the Reebok Nano X2 Adventure be released?

You can buy this new training shoe in three different colorways from August 24, 2022. Pure Gray with Core Black and Classic Teal Pure Gray with Rich Purple and Orange Flare Orange Flare with Core Black and Solar Acid Yellow

The price for the male and female options is $140. Reebok Unlocked members can get their hands (or feet) on the Nano X2 Adventure starting August 18th. A Jurassic World theme is coming soon.

What is the conclusion of the Nano X2 Adventure?

Reebok continues to bridge the gaps in our diverse daily lifestyle needs, allowing us to have shoes that stand up to the daily grind. While elite runners will likely opt for a custom-tailored running shoe, and super-heavy lifters may benefit from a sneaker with less toe spring, there's no doubt that the X2 Adventure will find its place among those who love to hit the gym and still love it , going outside for late-night jogs or nimble dog walks. Oh, and they look pretty awesome too.

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