An avocado a day is likely to be essentially the most scrumptious solution to enhance your intestine well being

You'll never confuse them with tums, but if you're looking to calm your gut, you could try avocados, according to a study published in the Journal of Nutrition. In a study of 163 people, those who ate an avocado a day for 12 weeks developed a more robust and diverse "gut microbiome" — a vivid term for the bacteria in your stomach and colon that impacts everything from a better mood to towards a stronger immune system.

It turns out that the bacteria like to feed on the type of fiber found in avocados, helping to settle your stomach and aid in digestion after a meal.

Try using avocado for breakfast (in an omelet), lunch (with a salad), or dinner (on a burrito bowl). You don't need to make any different adjustments to your daily meal plan to support your gut health.

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