Why Brady's new line could possibly be good for transferring on and off the gridiron

Tom Brady's brand is back with a new line of activewear, launching just in time for football season, aptly named Grid Flex. This new drop was designed out of a desire to meet all the needs of an all-weather training set, suitable for pumping irons in the gym or kicking the ball across the field. With this in mind, M&F takes a closer look at these clothes to see if they meet specifications.

Brady Brand's new training set consists of a long sleeve hoodie and pants with the purpose of braving the elements on the field while looking good for your next training session, wherever that may be. Both garments feature a signature grid structure, offering clean lines and a simple, classic look, but how do they differ from every other training set out there? One of the main advantages of "Grid Flex" is the water-repellent exterior, which means rain won't stop play, but don't worry about it getting too hot as the fabric has a woven construction that regulates your body temperature. This is how the garments stack:

The Grid Flex Hoodie

Courtesy of Brady Gear

Brady's latest hoodie features a Project Rock-style kangaroo pocket for easy access on the go, but what we really liked was the inclusion of a hidden zip pocket for secure storage. This feature is a great way to store your keys, gym membership card, or AirPods without them flying out of sight for the next tough tackle or that perfect box jump. Color variants include Ink, which looks like it's pretty much black, Stone, a blue-grey variant, while Flint is the lightest shade.

retail price: $125

The Grid Flex pant

The Grid Flex pantCourtesy of Brady Gear

Brady Brand says these are the perfect pant designed to keep your performance high no matter the weather. Like the hoodie, they offer a water-repellent exterior and additional comfort thanks to a fleece lining. Similar to the hoodie is also the thought that has gone into keeping your belongings safe. There's a zippered back pocket, and you don't see that often with jogging pants. In general, we've found Brady gear to hold its shape fairly well for size, but a generous elastic waistband should accommodate even the biggest gym giants and defending monster men.

Available in the same colors as the Hoodie with Ink, Stone and Flint options.

retail price: $125

Grid Flex: The Verdict

Brady Gear Grid Flex materialCourtesy of Brady Gear

If you like your workout clothes loud and proud, you might find Brady's sportswear a little tame for your taste, but the purpose of the classic look is to offer a line of clothing that can be worn for both work and play, and it's also something we appreciate. The subtle textured pattern that appears on these Grid Flex garments sets them apart a little from the norm without being overly daring. And from a practical point of view, the hidden and tearable storage is a game changer.

Shop the new collection here!

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