The High 6 Strongest Pre Exercises For Excessive Vitality

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Finding the right pre workout supplement for your body and your goals can be a struggle. It’s not a skippable struggle, either. Using the strongest pre-workout supplements will make your goals more attainable and help boost your performance considerably.

To make the most of your workout, you need to get your hands on something potent. The right product is not only suited to your needs, but has just the right kick to keep you going strong.

The problem is that there are hundreds of pre workout supplements, and they all claim to be the strongest, the most potent, and all around most effective. Which ones deliver on their bold promises of strength?

Over the past few months, we’ve gone all in on finding the strongest pre workouts on the market right now. We spent a lot of time and money to ensure that we could find you the best product out of dozens and dozens of options.

Finally, we narrowed it down to the top six most powerfully potent contenders – keep reading to find out.

It was a tough race, but we have sorted out the very best of the best strongest pre-workouts. We started with our number one pick, and it’s scary strong.

1.    Huge Supplements Wrecked Enraged

Courtesy of Huge Supplements


Without contest, Wrecked Enraged is hands down the strongest pre workout supplement out of everything we tried. It outperformed everything else and we can’t recommend it enough.

This product gave us the most intense energy and focus out of the bunch, leading to some crazy workouts.

It combines potent stimulants with nootropics to deliver powerful focus and ongoing energy. This lasts for a good two to three hours, all without the devastating crash when it wears off.

10/10 on the beta tingles, and there’s a real, palpable sense of urgency that’ll get you ready to crush the weights as soon as possible.

Taste isn’t the most important factor in a pre workout supplement. Wrecked Enraged’s Blood Razz, however, has an amazing sweet flavor and is super mixable – a nice plus. medicinal or chalky taste, just clean deliciousness.

The price isn’t too bad either. Wrecked Enraged comes in at $44.95 for 40/20 servings, or about $1.12 per serving. While the price may seem on the higher end, it lives up to every word of hype and every penny spent.

If you want the strongest pre workout supplement, this is it. thing we tested gave us quite the same punch of power that we needed to push through our most intensive routines. The endurance it supplies is impressive, helping you keep going at the gym for even longer.

You can get yourselves a tub of Wrecked Enraged on the official product page, be quick before they run out though.


2.    El Jefe

El JefeCourtesy of Huge Supplements

Rounding out the second spot is El Jefe pre-workout. Another high-stim supplement that promises high levels of energy and concentration. That concentration was definitely something we could feel through the entire workout.

It doesn’t smack you in the face with a burst of energy and aggression, instead slowly releasing over time.

El Jefe also has a decent taste, particularly the orange creamsicle flavor. It also comes in peach rings, sour gummy bear, and tiger’s blood.

While it does provide a pretty impressive pump, it isn’t as powerful as what we got from Wrecked Enraged, and the mental aspect was a bit more potent than the physical.

It claims to have about 4 grams of beta-alanine per serving, but we didn’t really notice any tingling from it.

El Jefe runs for $54.95 and nets about 40/20 servings, putting it on the pricier side as well.

3. The Gulag

The GulagCourtesy of Huge Supplements

The Gulag is an awesome choice for those who want above-average clean energy. With 250-300mg of caffeine, the most notable boost this product gives comes from the mood enhancement. It’s great for getting you into a focused, euphoric mood.

That boost hits after about 20 minutes, and lingers for 2-3 hours before tapering off.

It’s not a heavy hitter, for sure, providing more daily-driver levels of energy. It is not going to get you super energized or aggressive, but it will definitely provide some clean focus.

Another con is the proprietary blend. There’s 692 mg of ingredients in undisclosed amounts in The Gulag, which can be a huge turnoff for those who want total transparency with their ingredients.

One strange downside was that the scoop was larger than the suggested serving size. To get the right amount of Gulag, users will need to slightly underfill the scoop.


4. MVPre

MVPreCourtesy of Huge Supplements

Manufactured by InnovaPharm, MVPre does a bang up job of increasing alertness. With the usual 40/20 ratio, the $49.99 price tag is still on the higher side. This pre workout lands excellent mood improvements and is ideal for high-intensity interval training (HIIT) performance enhancement.

Focus is good with MVPre – not the best, but it gets the job done pretty well. There are a ton of flavors on tap with MVPre, and they’re not too bad all around. The roadside lemonade flavor isn’t anything to write home about, but it’s not gag-inducing either.

It does claim to increase pump, and it can provide that in explosive measure. However, ‘explosive’ is a good word for it, because we did experience a pretty hard crash when the effects peter out.

Ingredient Breakdown 

MVPre divides its ingredients up by function matrices.

  • Pump ; Performance Matrix. Contains citrulline malate (2:1), beta-alanine, GlycerPump, and S7. S7 is a caffeine blend made from green tea extracts and other forms of natural energy boosters. It also contributes to the taste factor.
  • Cogni-Stim Matrix. Contains choline bitartrate, N-acetyl-L-tyrosine, caffeine anhydrous, biophytum DC (root) extract, N-phenethyl dimethylamine 50mg, and huperzine A.


5. Transparent Labs Bulk Black

Transparent Labs BlackCourtesy of Huge Supplements

After landing on the pre workout scene back in 2015, Transparent Labs have made a name for themselves in the form of clean energy boosts.

Like Wrecked Enraged, the Bulk Black offering from Transparent Labs contains nootropics. Those nootropics give you that perfect tunnel vision, where you are fixed on your weights and your body.

Bulk Black has some backbone to it, but the power levels are not winning any awards, here, with most of the ingredient list dedicating itself to energy and focus.

There are no jitters or crashes with this one, but it also isn’t quite as extreme as some others. It’s also $60, which is a lot to pay for something that doesn’t help you push yourself to your highest limits.

6. Decim8

Decim8Courtesy of Huge Supplements

Coming in at the end of our list of the 6 strongest pre workout supplements is Decim8, which helps hone laser-sharp focus in a workout. It touts that it’ll pack such a punch of energy that it’ll have you flying, and with all of those high-stim ingredients, we wouldn’t be surprised.

There’s a powerful sense of motivation with this one that’ll have you ready to hit the gym, helped along by a dose of DMHA and Eria Jarensis to make you feel downright euphoric. Because the effect of the supplement

The pumps are solid but not overly impressive. Because the stimulants are so high here, it’s best to take a day off from it if you’re the type to hit the gym daily.

What We Look For In The Strongest Pre Workouts

When we set up this ranking system of the strongest pre workouts, we needed to create benchmark metrics for how everything performed. There are several aspects we looked at. Here are the points we went over:


The most important thing we looked for when grading these pre workout supplements is energy. For a strong pre, we expect an insane burst of energy that lasts at least 1 ½ to 2 hours – if not more.

The sense of urgency is part of that energy delivery. It needs to give you that need to dive into the gym and hit the weights hard when you get there.

Most high-stimulant supplements worth their stuff will include caffeine. It’s the other stimulants and the type of caffeine that make a difference. The wrong combinations could lead to powerful post-workout crashes.


Energy boost is vital, but the strongest pre workouts shouldn’t skimp on focus, either. We needed to notice an increase in focus and overall alertness in order for something to rank high on this list. Tunnel vision, really zoning in on the workout, and keeping that focus throughout the supplement’s duration are key.


Obviously, a strong pre workout needs some punch to it. We need the pre workout to help us boost power, letting us push ourselves to the max during a workout.

Beta-alanine is a staple ingredient in most of the best pre workouts. It helps you push past the burn and crank out a few more reps. When people talk about the ‘tingles’ with beta-alanine, this is what they’re referring to.


Of course, besides performing effectively, you want to get a good value product. So, finally, we took value into consideration. A supplement is going to feel way less worth it if you’re not getting enough bang for your buck. When you buy a supplement, are you getting what you pay for?

We crunched the numbers on these to decipher how much each serving cost, both from a half scoop and full scoop perspective. The ones with the best values provide great benefits with the most economical cost per scoop.

What To Do Before Taking A Strong Pre Workout?

A pre workout is an excellent addition to your fitness or body sculpting routine. However, you shouldn’t dump a scoop into a shaker blind without knowing what is going to benefit you the most. Before taking a strong and potent pre, there are several things you need to do, and a few research points you should know about. Read them below.

Assess Your Tolerance

Everybody is different, and everyone has blends and concentrations that will hit them differently. If it’s your first ride with any of the strong pre workouts we’ve shown you, we highly advise safely assessing your tolerance. That means taking half of the recommended serving size to see how you react to all the ingredients.

If you feel nauseous (assuming you ate beforehand), lightheaded, jittery, or paranoid, the supplement is not for you. Negative side effects aside, some pre workouts simply won’t give you the results you want, and you’ll just need to shop around for other options.

Consulting a medical professional who is familiar with how you train is also a helpful step in making sure a supplement is right for you. If you’re still getting your land legs with intense workouts, try to find a beginner friendly supplement and work your way to the top from there.

Allow It To Kick In

Once you’ve consumed the pre workout, allow it to kick in. Take at least 20 minutes for the ingredients to be absorbed by your body. Don’t start training until the product has fully kicked in. Usually, you’ll start to feel the effects after 20-30 minutes.

Some of the stronger stuff will ramp itself up over time. If the first half hour passes and you feel like you aren’t getting everything you need from it, give it more time. Some will peak after 40-50 minutes.

Don’t Take On An Empty Stomach

We highly advise not to take any of these pre’s when you’re on an empty stomach. This will cause it to kick in even harder.

While that may sound great, this can actually trigger adverse effects like nausea and headaches- symptoms that don’t make for a very enjoyable workout.

There’s no need to gorge yourself into a food coma before you take it. Eating some quick carbohydrates, however, will do the trick.

Limit Your Caffeine Intake

All of these high-stim pre-workouts, and many not on this list, contain caffeine among their natural stimulants. If you’re taking a strong pre workout, you have to watch your total caffeine intake that day.

That means you don’t want to consume too much coffee, and today’s definitely not the day to slam back an energy drink. Otherwise, you’ll wind up ingesting way too much caffeine for one day.

Are Strong Pre Workouts For You?

If you love stimulants that pack power and focus, they’re an excellent choice to use. Make sure to not take them 2-3 hours before going to bed, otherwise it could interfere with your sleep and muscle recovery.

Final Thoughts On The Strongest Pre Workouts

We sat down and did all of the work for you when it comes to picking out the strongest pre workout supplements. After weighing our metrics of power, energy, focus, and value, we’ve landed on the best of the best.

Wrecked Enraged came out on top, absolutely smoking the competition in every category. It’s the strongest and most effective pre workout supplement that we tried, bar none. It’s also one of the most cost effective options out there so that’s another plus. The only issue is that they run out of stock pretty fast, so if you want to get your hands on a tub; be quick.

That said, the other options are good as well, even if Wrecked Enraged outpaced them. They all come with their own lists of pros and cons in how they’ll improve your workout.

This is sponsored content. M&F is not endorsing the websites or products listed in this article.

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