5 steps to burn fats and construct muscle

Many people have at some point asked this simple question, "How do I get shredded?" Or it might sound like, "How do I burn fat?"

Of course, the answer is complicated. There are several factors at play when it comes to getting a toned six pack and a toned physique. But to get you on the right track and help you burn fat in your workouts, we've broken the process down into five easy-to-digest steps.

5 steps to shred body fat layers

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1. Exercise in the morning on an empty stomach

t a morning person? Maybe you should be. If you're familiar with the term "fasting cardio," now is the time to start using it. Waking up and exercising on an empty stomach is key to burning fat and may help shed pounds, according to a recent study published in the journal Physiology.

When the researchers conducted the study over six weeks, they divided the men into three groups. The first group increased their calorie intake by 20 percent while half exercised and the rest remained inactive. The second group scheduled an after-breakfast workout, and the last group followed exactly the same workout routine at dawn.

They found that the first group gained almost six pounds, the second gained about three pounds, and the last group not only maintained the same weight but also burned more fat throughout the day.

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