The perfect dash exercises to get sooner, construct muscle and lose fats

Most people don't run at top speed unless someone is following them. But here's a novel idea: "Practicing running faster makes you faster," says Matt lan, an RRCA-certified running coach and master instructor at Barry's Bootcamp in New York, NY. Sprint workouts—short, hard efforts followed by light recovery periods—actually help you become a better runner at all speeds and distances.

That's because "they train the body to recruit and develop fast-twitch muscle fibers, build muscle, and improve heart rate and overall calorie efficiency," says lan. Plus, the more comfortable you work through sprint workouts, the easier they'll feel. After just a few weeks, you'll be amazed at how much easier it is to maintain your breakneck sprint pace longer than when you started.

If you're doing those sprint workouts -- only do them once or twice a week -- make sure you give yourself plenty of time to warm up and cool down before and after. A solid warm-up includes dynamic exercises like hamstring loops, high knees, quad stretches, and butt kicks, followed by an easy 1-mile jog or three-minute strider (15-second effort of increasing intensity, followed by a 30-second walk or jog ). ). You can perform the following routines on a treadmill or outdoors, either on a track or on the street.

The best sprint workouts to get faster, build muscle and lose fat

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1. Sprint training for beginners

"Simple enough for anyone, this workout teaches you to set your own pace," explains lan. "Try to get the same speed as the first round for as many reps as possible - reps like this will cause the body to adjust and get stronger faster."

  • 1 minute. to run
  • 30 seconds. sprint
    Repeat 6-8 times

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