Armlift USA, one other must-see occasion at this yr's Olympia Expo

The World Armlifting Championships will be held at the Mr. Olympia 2022 this year. There are a number of really talented strong lifters who will be competing at this year's world championships. Let's meet some of them now.

In the men's, Carl Myerscough is making his World Championship debut; 2012 Olympic gold medalist and English record holder in shot put; he will endanger all world records in all disciplines at this contest. At 6'10” and a very athletic 360 pounds he is quite impressive to look at. Keep an eye out for the 3 lifters who will be performing at this competition, all of whom have won World Championship medals while competing in Russia: former WSM competitor Odd Haugen, 5-time Canadian National Champion Eric Roussin and the 4-time Bronze medalist at the World Armlifting Championships Riccardo Magni.

Lifters in the women's division who have already demonstrated excellence in armlift competitions in the US include Sarah Chappelow, Anna Wilkins and Ashlee Munsey. These athletes have all lifted big weights in competitions and could possibly break their weight class records in the weightlifting routines being held this year. An aspiring lifter to watch is Tammy McClure. She has posted some huge lifts on her Instagram account and it will be exciting to see her lift in person at this competition.

Riccardo Magni of USA Armlift.

There are 4 events at this year's World Armlifting Championships:

  • Double Overhand Axes Deadlift
  • 3″ Country Crush Blocks
  • 3″ Saxon rod
  • 2″ Country Crush Deadlift

All events are for maximum weight in an unlimited trial format with rising bars. We're really going to find out who has the strongest grip as they will be the last man/woman standing.

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