Natalia Abraham Coelho wins Girls's Physique Olympia, Males's Open Prejudging Held

Fans packed the Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood on Friday night as the 2022 Olympics got underway. Friday night is usually referred to as "Ladies Night," but the Mr. Olympia preliminary round was also held, and the other competitions held in Las Vegas had several big events throughout the evening.

Busy schedule for the 2022 Olympics weekend

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New Men's Open Champion?


The last call for preliminary rulings was a raised eyebrow - not because of the men in it, but because of their positions in that call. Hadi Choopan maintained his position at the center of this call, but was brought to the center at various points by Derek Lunsford and finally Mr. Olympia Brandon Curry of 2019. They were joined by Samson Dauda, ​​Nick Walker and defending champion Mamdouh Elssbiay. What was surprising was that Big Ramy never saw the middle of the callout, meaning the judges aren't considering him for the win. That means there's a big chance that either Curry wins the title back or we have a 17th Mr. Olympia.

Coelho defeats Villegas to win Women's Physique Olympia

Natalia Coelho 2022 Women's Olympic Championwings of strength

Natalia Abraham Coelho is one of the most popular female athletes in all divisions, but her goal is to become a Champion in Women's Physique. That dream came true as Coelho emerged in the best shape of her life, taking the Women's Physique Olympia title from two-time winner Sarah Villegas, who finished in second place. Coelho had finished second several times but this was her night and capped her year in a great way. She also won in Pittsburgh and New York that year. She is the first champion to win all three of these shows in the same year.

Shaw repeats the three-peat

Ms Olympia Andrea Shaw 2022 Ms Olympia Winner and Championwings of strength

Ms. Olympia Andrea Shaw has dominated the women's bodybuilding division since her Olympian return in 2020. She had won the Rising Phoenix and Olympia in 2020 and 2021. She has achieved that feat again in Las Vegas by winning her third Olympic title a month after winning the Rising Phoenix for the third time. The repeated three-peat has started a conversation about whether Shaw could become the all-time great, calling it a career.

Clarida reclaims the Olympia 212 title

Shaun Clarida 2022 Olympia 212 Winner and ChampionCourtesy of Wings of Strength

Shaun "Giant Killer" Clarida will be a father soon, but he became a two-time Olympia 212 champion this weekend. Clarida ousted Angel Calderon Frias and former 212 titleholder Kamal Elgargni to regain the title. He is the first man to regain the Olympia 212 title after losing it.

Truscott wins the second Fitness Olympiad

Missy Truscott Women Fitness 2022 Olympic Winner and Championwings of strength

Missy Truscott was due to be joined by fellow Fitness Olympians Whitney Jones and Oksana Grishina, but both were forced to withdraw before the prelims began. That put Truscott in the driver's seat and she crossed the finish line. Jaclyn Baker finished second and Ariel Khadr settled for third place.

Gillon's dominance continues

Cydney Gillon Figure Olympic Champion 2022wings of strength

The only competition that seemed like a formality was Figure, and Cydney Gillon didn't disappoint. Gillon won her sixth Olympia, extending her figure record for most in history. The runner-up was Jessica Reyes Padilla and the third-place finisher this year was Lola Montez.

Francille Mattos repeats herself in Wellness

Francille Mattos Wellness Olympic Champion 2022franciellemattos/INStagram

Gillon and Shaw weren't the only champions to successfully defend their championships. Francielle Mattos held off a powerful attack from Isabelle Nunes and Angela Borges to win her second straight Wellness Olympia title. This year, the finals took place on the main stage for the first time, and the winner took the opportunity to shine.

The Olympia weekend continues with the finals of Mr. Olympia, Classic Physique, Men's Physique, Bikini and Wheelchair all taking place on Saturday December 17th.

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