Ex-FSU Power & Velocity ​​Coach's Recommendation: Be versatile along with your train decisions

Dan Schaefer, Phd, a former Florida State University strength and speed coach, was hired by Gatorade to oversee the overhaul of the exercise program for the brand's new Gx app. In theory, the concept was simple: create workouts inspired by pro athletes – i.e. how Serena Williams, DK Metcalf or Jayson Tatum would train – and then use the Gx athlete's input to create personalized training programs combined with nutritional recommendations from the Scientists at the Gatorade Sports Science Institute.

dr Schaefer and the GSSI teams have worked together for years to bring the Gx App to market - a free tool designed to help athletes of all skill levels access knowledge and elite training.

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gx training preview

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