Do that 10-minute ground and wall-based exercise from Grace Albin

As a gymnast and high school cheerleader, Grace Albin fell in love with choreography and group training. Today she can share this passion with her fitness clients and more than 330,000 Instagram followers. Albin shows that to blast your whole body, you can achieve an intense session with just a small amount of space and a wall for good measure. Try it yourself with this exclusive floor workout.

"Enjoyment with physical activity is the best predictor of client compliance, which is the best predictor of outcomes," says Albin. "In other words, if you choose to do an activity that you don't like, you will soon quit. This happens because people sign up for some type of course or buy a device based on recommendations from friends or because they fall for a gimmicky ad with big promises. I always say to newcomers: "Don't spend a penny". Benefit from free trial versions and try at least five formats, e.g. B. a running group, a boot camp, a yoga class, CrossFit or whatever. Eventually you will end up on the one that motivates you to keep going back. Every trainer is so different, and you may find that you have more fun indoors than you do outside, or people in a particular group may feel more relatable. You never know which one will resonate with you until you've tried different formats."

Grace Albin misses the wall; She uses it for profits

In Grace Albin's Floor Workouts, made available exclusively to M&F Hers readers, Albin shares a great session on building muscle strength and tone. You will work the upper body, lower body and core. All you need is enough space to stretch out and a pair of socks to help you slide up and down the wall. Albin's tip: For more suppleness, you can put on two pairs of socks!

In terms of modifications to ensure this workout is accessible at all levels, the first method is to simply increase or decrease the number of repetitions based on your ability.

"The second way is to increase the intensity through technique progression," says Albin. “It feels harder on the lower body to keep your hips further from the wall and forces your hamstrings and glutes to work harder. Keeping your hands and upper body lower against the wall in the upper body area forces your shoulders and core to fight gravity harder.” Technique and form are always at the forefront for Albin. "The main reason for this is that it prevents injuries," she says. "Strong form prevents both acute injuries that occur suddenly during exercise and repetitive strain injuries that creep up over time."

If you like the idea of ​​finding ways to move that don't require a gym, Albin is all about finding opportunities. "t just in the house, but everywhere else," she says. “Sneak in more exercise by taking the stairs instead of the elevator when shopping or commuting to the office. Walk around the playground while your kids play instead of sitting on a park bench. There are opportunities for exercise throughout the day. Use a desk that adjusts to allow you to stand part of the day, or sit on an exercise ball instead of a chair. Calf raises while watching TV. Walk around while on the phone. These can burn as many calories as a 45 minute class!”

Grace Albins performs her 10 minute floor workoutCourtesy of Grace Albin

Grace Albin's 10-minute floor workout

Warm up:

  • Bend knees 90 degrees, raise hips up and down 20 reps.

Lower Body (8 reps for each movement)

  • Straight leg extensions
  • windshield wipers
  • Knees crossed to the right
  • Knees crossed to the left
  • twist unders
  • Crossed ankles on the right
  • Ankles crossed to the left
  • Butt stretch (15-30 seconds per side)

Upper Body (15 reps per movement)

  • Taps for floorboards
  • Plank squats
  • Pulse right leg
  • Pulse left leg
  • Stretch with arm circles (2 forwards and 2 backwards)

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