Scotty James has his fitness center bag prepared to carry X Video games gold

Scotty James is no senior statesman at 28, but typically athletes in his field are preparing things for their retirement. James made his Olympic debut at just 15, becoming the youngest Australian to compete in the Winter Games.

Since that time he has dominated the halfpipe for almost a decade and has the hardware and accolades to boot: two-time Olympic medalist, seven-time X-Games medalist, three-time world champion and US Open winner.

Thanks in large part to James' early focus on training, recovery and nutrition, he is still able to outperform his younger rivals. And an imminent slowdown is out of the question. Before he competes on ESPN on Friday night's X Games Aspen SuperPipe, James spoke to M&F about some of his necessities for both competing and training - and surviving on fresh fruit.

Scotty James

Red Bull helmet

It is important to keep your head safe at all times! Especially when I'm pushing the limits in the pipe or in the park and trying out new tricks

Fire lens Tommy Hilfiger Goggles

These are very important when I train on the mountain and the sun is shining. The view of the mountain is huge

Tommy Hilfiger glasses

These are for downtime on the mountain or on the way to the mountain

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Theragun Pro

I am always traveling and use this pre and post workout to keep myself fresh, prepared and rested.

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SJ neck/head warmer

I wear this under my helmet to protect me from the cold and sun. I have my own line that will be available for people to purchase soon!

banana holder

There's nothing worse than a mashed banana. I like to keep my snacks safe as they move around in my backpack.

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SJ gloves

These are my competition gloves for game day. These are my signature gloves that I wear to every competition. t really for boxing! These are my lucky charms.


It's important to stay hydrated. It is important to drink plenty of water, especially at higher altitudes.


You never know when you'll have to buy something on the mountain.


I love listening to music when I train and compete.

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Piz Buin Mountain SPF50+

The sun can be glaring in the snow as well as a lot of reflection from the snow. Skin protection is a must.

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car key

You have to get to the top somehow!

lunch box

It includes two chicken wraps for fuel on the mountain.

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