Bodybuilding Poses: Rear Double Biceps

While the front double is indeed a bodybuilder's hallmark, it's still pretty much an arm pose. The rear double is much more than just the front double from behind. The rear double bicep shot is actually a back shot. Coupled with the posterior lat spread, these two poses essentially highlight half of your body from head to toe. Since bodybuilding competitions are won and lost from behind, it's reasonable to think that getting the shot right is 50% of the way to winning the show or not. So make sure you have this pose before you ever dream of stepping on a stage. By the way, you have to master them all before you even enter a bodybuilding competition.

Chris Nicoll / M+F Magazine

Remember, as with any other mandatory pose, the idea here is standardization for judging purposes. While you should always strive to make each pose your own, don't overdo it. Hiding vulnerabilities is acceptable, and a little flair is okay, too much isn't. Pay attention to the athletes who are winning and use them as a guide to how far you can go. And of course, common sense goes a long way. Leave the theater for your routine.

classic back doubleChris Nicoll / M+F Magazine

Hitting the rear double biceps pose

  1. As with all poses, start at your feet and work your way up. I
  2. Instead of keeping both heels close together as in the front double, drop one leg back and slightly to the side, with your knee rotated slightly inward. This is where you'll showcase your hamstrings, glutes, and calves. A lot of guys make too much of a fuss when they plant their back leg – they stomp, twist their knee in and out, rub their hand over their hamstrings…. Too much. If you're in shape, none of that crap is necessary. You will bang all alone.
  3. Flex your calves (back heels up, front heels on the floor and hamstrings tight), tighten your hamstrings and glutes.
  4. Simultaneously extend your arms to either side, pull your elbows back while twisting your elbows and bringing your fists to rest just above your ears. If you have a Christmas tree, this is a good time to light it.
  5. Slightly pull your elbows down while flexing your biceps along with all the muscles of your upper and middle back.
  6. Finally - my pet - TURN YOUR HEAD! matter which side, just turn. This lengthens and accentuates one trapezius muscle and bunches the other into an intriguing knot. For some reason the guys started omitting the head turn. Huge mistake.

Finding one or more top pros to emulate here doesn't always have to be the same guy for all poses. If you like the way Ronnie Coleman poses his arms, copy his posing style. That doesn't mean you have to copy his lat spread if you prefer Joel Stubbs'.

For stellar rear doubles look to Kai Green, Ronnie Coleman, Samir.

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