Chase DeMoor exhibits you learn how to achieve in each health and romance

Chase DeMoor juggles his athletic career with the surreal life of a Netflix dating reality star, so it understandably took the 26-year-old a little trial and error to develop into what could be a potentially great life partner.

I'm excited to see how the former soccer player navigates life and love now as a reality star. Muscle & Fitness caught up with Chase DeMoor in South Africa, where he is currently in the middle of boxing camp, to find out where everything has been going so well.

Chase DeMoor first caught viewers' attention in 2021 as part of the Netflix dating show Too Hot to Handle (Season 2), in which horny hardbodies must refrain from any form of sexual affection in order to take home the show's prize money memorable as the muscular 6'4'', 250-pound brick man with a tendency to throw up a brick wall rather than listen to his on-off romantic partner Carly Lawrence over his inability to share his feelings.

However, as the show wore on, it became clear that DeMoor, who played in both the USFL and Spring League (his team, the Houston Linemen, won last season's Mega Bowl), was just as willing to work on his romantic entanglements as on his -field tackles. And while his partnership with Lawrence didn't last and he wasn't selected as a finalist on that show, thanks to the lessons he took on board during the process, DeMoor would have earned a well-deserved second place finish.

w, Chase DeMoor is getting a romantic second chance in the new Netflix series The Perfect Match, which is set to premiere on Valentine's Day.

"The concept is that they basically took all the fan favorites from the biggest reality shows with the biggest personalities to basically build it like Netflix's Avengers," explains DeMoor, who says "The Perfect Match" is Part of Love Island and part of The Challenge. "You get to see a lot of emotions," he promises.

Charles De Moore

Chase DeMoor chases success on a grand scale

Viewers of "The Perfect Match" will also be shocked when they see the physical change DeMoor has made since filming the show. With a football contract to pursue and a burgeoning boxing career underway, he looks fit and ready.

"Football was more about putting on as much weight as possible to play against guys who are also much bigger and stronger," says DeMoor. "Boxing is more, you know, trimming... cardio makes me a lot better on my diet. I think nutrition is the key to boxing. Getting my diet under control was the highlight. My cardio was at its peak. And then there's three, four hours of boxing practice every day.” Currently coached by the famous Jack Rabbit Boxing Academy, DeMoor is focused on getting his first win after tying in an exhibition fight and losing his last fight. Adjusting to life was one of the greatest challenges of a boxer's life.

"I was offered from the first fight and basically I had to lose 30 pounds in 30 days," laughs DeMoor. "[The transformation] happened so fast it was like people saying, 'This isn't the same person!' The secret is lifestyle changes. You go from eating a bag of chips to a bag of carrots or drink the diet (version) instead of regular soda and cut back on your alcohol intake.”

While DeMoor is forced to keep a low profile about what will happen in "The Perfect Match" and not get sucked into his current romantic status, one thing is certain: This will be a romance-free Valentine's Day for the star, as he is before will be brought to the training camp for his next boxing match on April 26th. But when he's finally able to sew his wild oats again, DeMoor will likely capitalize on some of the lessons he's learned from his status as a serial Netflix dating pro:

DeMoor's Dating Lesson 1: Share Your Emotions

"I'm really working on that," says DeMoor. "Being affectionate and sensitive isn't one of my love languages, it's how I grew up. It takes a while for me to open up to someone and I'm working on it more every day."

DeMoor's Dating Lesson 2: Listen to Your Partner

"I think it's super important," says the tall man. "We talk a lot about communication, but I don't think people really understand what that means. Hearing and listening are two different things.”

But even if those lessons are learned, or at least worked on, any hope of DeMoor settling down and spending some more time indoors might be a little premature. Aside from boxing and being called back to the beach for whatever Netflix project comes next, DeMoor is still committed to advancing his football career as one of his top priorities and has recently been linked with the XFL. "I was drafted into the USFL last year," he says. "I was one of the interim guys for the XFL and was kind of looking for another NFL opportunity. Last weekend I trained with the CFL. I'm currently a free agent. It doesn't matter if I sign, but when. I expect to sign up in the next few weeks.”

Get in line, ladies.

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