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Health and fitness isn't just about how you look on the outside, it's about how you feel on the inside. When you think about it, how healthy is your brain? Are you less like yourself in extremely challenging times? Maybe your hobbies don't excite you as much anymore, you get nervous when someone shakes your hand in greeting, or you just can't sleep through the night.

Neuroscientist and brain health expert, Dr. Natalie King, on a mission of inclusion and justice in raising awareness of "Brain Health and Disorders". In an interview with Dr. King, she claims, "The stress that affects each and every one of us on a daily basis, our brains are exhausted, and people just check out. The problem is that we can't live there; We need to find ways to re-center and build our “muscle” reserves in the brain at times like these.”

Excessive mental exhaustion and fatigue can affect physical health and manifest itself in conditions such as hair loss. dr King focused on solutions like wellness concepts like Florae to combat some of the aftershocks we're dealing with due to the pandemic.

To further address mental fatigue, Dr. King also: "Pause and practice deep breathing to calm your nervous system. Have mercy and be patient. We are all experiencing something unique, and it's okay to take a little longer to find that new normal for you and your family."

Brain health is an often overlooked area of ​​health and well-being. When exercised properly, the brain is a powerful tool that can create positive outcomes in all areas of our lives, leading you into a world of well-being and happiness that you may never have thought possible. Social isolation can have long-term psychological effects on an individual. t to mention the heartbreak of not being able to hug your grandmother on her 90th birthday or cheer on your best friend at her wedding. Missing out on these important events has caused a rift in our hearts, minds and bodies.

Think of your brain as a shiny luxury sports car. To reach your destination, your vehicle needs fuel, just like your brain. When you fill up a car with premium petrol, the car runs more smoothly and with a higher potential. If you put diesel in the tank of a petrol vehicle, the lines would clog, the working parts would jam and the car would stop working. Your brain works the same way. It runs efficiently when you fuel it with positive, optimistic thoughts. If you fuel it with negative thoughts, it will take hold.


Marisa Peer, an international award-winning hypnotherapist and speaker, expands on this concept of the subconscious by saying, "Your mind's job is to do what it thinks you want to do based on what you tell it to do. Based on the language you use and your job, which is such an important job, telling your mind exactly what you want using relevant, topical, powerful, incredible, exciting, descriptive words...if You approach your potential, it moves, and then it moves again. ne of us could ever see our potential because it expands as we move toward it.”

Knowing, and more importantly believing, that you can change your entire world for the better simply by using the power of your mind. Imagine having limitless potential for your life. Perhaps more powerful than we will ever understand. We can move towards a healthier relationship with mental health.

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