BlueChew Evaluate 2023: What Is BlueChew, Effectiveness, Value, and Facet Results

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Today’s work is done, and it’s time for some fun! There’s just one problem: you don’t feel like you perform as well as you used to, or perhaps you’ve never felt confident in the bedroom.

Prescription ED medications can be expensive and awkward to get. You’ve heard of that “Blue-something” alternative, but what is BlueChew, anyway? In this BlueChew review, we’ll look at how the service can bring evidence-based, cost-effective ED meds right to your door, and how well they work.

What Is BlueChew Used For?

First, what is BlueChew? BlueChew is a unique telemedicine service that can provide you with prescriptions for ED meds compounded into chewable tablets.

As other BlueChew reviews mentioned, BlueChew is for men who want to save money, avoid awkward visits to a doctor’s office, or find an alternative to pills. Anywhere between 10-40% of adults find swallowing pills difficult, so chewable tablets can open access to ED meds for many men1.

If pills just aren’t your thing, it’s time to chew it and do it!

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What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

According to our BlueChew review research, erectile dysfunction (ED) is a difficulty or inability to achieve and maintain an erection long enough for satisfying sex. During an erection, sexual arousal sends nerve signals to the penis that trigger increased blood flow in, and decrease blood flow out. This is why your penis hardens and appears larger.

As other BlueChew reviews mentioned, ED can involve the nervous system, blood vessels, hormones, or smooth muscles. For example, you may have poor blood flow, disrupted nerve signaling, or low testosterone2.

Who Can Experience Erectile Dysfunction?

All men can experience erectile dysfunction. According to our BlueChew review research, the risk increases with age and in the presence of certain health conditions. Cardiovascular disease, obesity, low testosterone, low thyroid function, and neurological problems such as spinal cord injury are some causes of ED.

Based on our BlueChew review research, almost 50% of men with coronary artery disease have ED.

Additionally,stress, anxiety, and depression can affect erectile function and appear in a nasty cycle with unsatisfactory sexual performance. This is because the necessary nerve signals travel through the parasympathetic nervous system, which activates when you are relaxed2.

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What Does BlueChew Do?

What is BlueChew’s main drawcard? According to this BlueChew review research, BlueChew delivers affordable, chewable ED medications to your door.

As other BlueChew reviews mentioned, you first need to fill out a health form. In some states, you’ll need to havean online consultation with one of BlueChew’s healthcare professionals to gain a prescription for either sildenafil, tadalafil, or vardenafil. These are the active ingredients of Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra.

Once you agree on the best medication, it’s compounded into chewable tablets and delivered on a subscription basis. You can change it at any time with your healthcare professional’s clearance.

BlueChew Reviews: Pros and Cons

BlueChew review would be complete without a list of the main benefits and downsides.

As other BlueChew reviews mentioned, the best things about BlueChew are:

  • Professional ED-focused medical support
  • awkward waitingin a doctor’s office, pharmacy visits, or face-to-face conversations.
  • Prescription Consultation for Sildenafil, Tadalafil, or Vardenafil
  • Lower prices than the brand-name ED medications
  • Chewable tabletscan be more tolerable. Even better, the vardenafil option is mint-flavored.

However, there are some issues we found during this BlueChew review:

  • You cannot purchase a subscription if you live in rth Dakota, South Carolina, or the US territories.
  • Health insurance does not cover BlueChew.
  • Telemedicine may overlook certain underlying conditions that require additional attention.

BlueChew Reviews: Availability

You can sign up for a BlueChew subscription in most of the United States. Based on our BlueChew review research, unfortunately, the service is unavailable in rth Dakota, South Carolina, US territories, and internationally. It’s also easy to change your billing and shipping addresses, but you would lose access if you moved to a state where BlueChew is unavailable.

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BlueChew Login and Subscription Plans

To get started, you must first register for a BlueChew account. Once you have your login details, you can initiate the telemedicine consultation by filling in an intake form. Some states will also require a short video call with a healthcare professional before you can get a prescription.

According to our BlueChew review research, you and your assigned healthcare professional can choose between three compounded medications, with two possible dosages for sildenafil and tadalafil, and four package sizes. With approval from BlueChew’s provider team, you can switch subscriptions at any time.

BlueChew Promotions

BlueChewruns promotions that make your first month even more affordable, and often free. This makes it easier to tell if the medication will be effective for you, as even the best drugs won’t work for everyone.

BlueChew Coupon Code

If you’re on a tight budget or are unsure whether BlueChew is right for you, you may still be deciding if it’s worth a try. Based on our BlueChew review research, to help you save on your first order, we’d like to offer you this coupon code, available only through our BlueChew review.

BlueChew Price: How Much Will It Cost?

What is BlueChew’s typical cost?

As other BlueChew reviews mentioned, depending on the medication that best fits your needs, and the number of tablets you order each month, you can expect to pay anywhere from $20 to $120 per month:

  • Sildenafil at 30mg costs $20, $30, $50, or $90 for packages of6, 10, 17, and 34 tablets, respectively. At 45mg, the monthly subscription fees are $30, $40, $65, and $120.
    Tadalafil at a dose of 6mg costs $20, $30, $50, and $90 for packages of 4, 7, 14, and 28 tablets. They are $30, $40, $65, and $120 for the 9mg option.

    Vardenafil is only available in 8mg tablets. For packages of 4, 8, 15, and 30 tablets, your monthly fee is $20, $35, $65, and $120, respectively.

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BlueChew Cost Comparison Against Conventional ED Treatment

One of the best things we found during this BlueChew review is the savings you can expect to make. On the other hand, both Viagra and Cialis have almost tripled in price from 2012 to 2017. With monthly costs of $190 and $187, respectively, you’re paying top dollar for the brand name3.

BlueChew Services and Health Insurance Policies

According to our BlueChew review research, health insurance policies do not cover BlueChew subscriptions. However, as the average BlueChew price is 50-80% lessthan similar commercially available ED treatments, you may save the same amount.

Using a Health Savings Account (HSA) card is possible, as BlueChew accepts Mastercard, VISA, Discover, and American Express based on our BlueChew review research. Only some HSA policies will cover BlueChew, so check with your provider first.

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Effectiveness: Does BlueChew Work?

According to our BlueChew review research, the medications available are effective for most people. Every man is an individual, so no prescription will work for everyone, which is why BlueChew reviews can be mixed.

Sildenafil, the most time-honored ED medication, dramatically increases the rate of successful attempts at sexual intercourse.

Based on our BlueChew review research, when researchers excluded interruptions unrelated to an insufficiently long or hard erection, 66% of men using sildenafil enjoyed successful intercourse, compared to 25% in the placebo group.

Younger men and those who had ED with psychological causes (e.g., performance anxiety) benefitted the most. However, sildenafil was effective for men of all ages and with various medical conditions. Men with spinal cord injuries were indeed feeling lucky, with 81% reporting successful intercourse during the study period4.

Sildenafil and tadalafil are equally effective when it comes to improving erectile function.

One trial found that they increased the scores in orgasmic function from an average of 4.8 to 8.5, sexual desire from 5 to 7.6 (7.65 for sildenafil, 7.59 for tadalafil), and sexual satisfaction from 6.2 to 12.1. The percentage of men reporting successful penetration doubled, from just over half to over 96% 5.

Vardenafil is the most potent of the three, which is why its dosage in your tablets is much lower. Clinical trials show that a 10mg dose, close to the 8mg tablets sold through BlueChew, could improve erection scores from 13.4 to 20.6. Better yet, based on this BlueChew review research, 54% of men with diabetes described stronger erections despite having difficult-to-treat ED 6.

Longevity: How Long Does BlueChew Last?

What is BlueChew’s duration of action? Based on our BlueChew review research, it depends on the medication you receive. Tadalafil has the longest half-life of 17.5 hours, which allows it to work forup to 36 hours7.

Sildenafil and vardenafil can work up to four or six hours7. They are best when you want an on-demand medication, like for a hot date night. Tadalafil is often the preferred option for weekend vacations and men who love spontaneous fun.

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BlueChew Free Trial: Is There a BlueChew Free Sample to Try before Making a Decision to Buy?

It’s understandable to be skeptical of telemedicine services where you don’t get to meet your doctor in person and offers sound too good to be true.

In this BlueChew review, you will find out that they regularly offer coupon codes that unlock a free trial for one month before you have to start paying for your prescription. This way, you can see if the system and medications offered work for you.

Click here to access our BlueChew review coupon for a free trial.

Online BlueChew Reviews: What the Internet Has to Say

BlueChew reviews online are mostly positive, and a solid body of evidence supports the medications sold through the service.

Literature Findings on BlueChew’s Products

A 2021 study on dissolvable sildenafil strips is perhaps an indirect and positive BlueChew review. Here, 120 men used either sildenafil tablets or orally disintegrating strips for eight weeks and then switched treatment after a month’s break.

Based on this BlueChew review research in particular, disintegrating strips match BlueChew products more closely than formulations that take longer to break down.

Both forms were equally effective, but the pills took seven minutes longer to start working. Although it wasn’t seen as significant, you could still notice dissolvable or chewable forms saving you more time, because many men choose sildenafil as an on-demand solution8.

BlueChew Reddit Reviews

There are many BlueChew reviews on Reddit with different but overall positive experiences.

One Reddit BlueChew review describes a resolution of his erectile dysfunction but doesn’t discount the importance of a healthy lifestyle:

Redditor LooseCucumber9983 said he started taking BlueChew because he “was having some anxiety before and during sex, and just had a hard time staying hard.”

He also tossed advice for men who may also have problems with erections:

  • “First, stop masturbating.”

    “Stop watching porn as that messes with your brain and penis.”

    “You also need to be more active.”

As for taking BlueChew, he suggests not eating for about four hours before taking the tablet and drinking 4-5 bottles of water in that time span. He mentioned that, after taking BlueChew, “I can definitely feel hard and get foreplay going and I have no problems since.”

He also noted that BlueChew made him last longer, too. LooseCucumber9983 also left with a bit of advice:

“ need to have an open mind and believe that it will work for you.”

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Among the longer BlueChew reviews on Reddit is this much more detailed read, a tadalafil success story:

This redditor mentioned that the reason he started getting ED meds is that he“really wanted to get a clear idea on what sex with ED meds was like start to finish.”

He noted that his erection“felt harder and longer.” He also mentioned he was more in control of his ejaculations.

He was surprised at the volume of semen he produced with each succeeding ejaculation. “It was a series of huge spurts.” He also mentioned that he didn’t find problems in engaging in intercourse again that same day.

“I am completely happy with the product, the results, and the plan. I love that I can put my subscription on hold whenever I want and pick it right back up again,” he concluded.

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According to this BlueChew review research, every man and his needs are unique. Commenters under another post offered short BlueChew reviews that describe either sildenafil or tadalafil being effective for them, but not both:

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Potential BlueChew Side Effects

With the options of sildenafil, tadalafil, and vardenafil, BlueChew side effects are likely the same as their other formulations, according to this BlueChew review research.

Common BlueChew side effects that may occur if you have a subscription for Sildenafil are:

  • Facial flushing
    Visual disturbances
    Hearing loss
    Runny or stuffy nose
    Low blood pressure
    Muscle aches, particularly back pain
    Indigestion or nausea

See a doctor if you experience priapism (a prolonged erection lasting over four hours) or notice a yellow tint to your skin, nails, or eyes, as this could be a sign of liver toxicity. We fortunately didn’t find customer reports or warnings of these effects when researching for this BlueChew review.

If you are taking BlueChew’s Tadalafil, you may experience the following side effects:

  • Headache
    Low blood pressure
    Hearing loss
    Visual problems
    Muscle aches
    Inflammation of the nasal cavity

Visual changes, most commonly blue-tinted vision, are not among the BlueChew side effects if you have a Vardenafil subscription. It does not affect vision as it is more specific to the other two, but it may still cause:

  • Headache
    Hearing loss
    Indigestion or nausea
    Flu-like symptoms
    Increased levels of creatine kinase, which may indicate muscle damage
    QT prolongation, a change to your heart rhythm that rules out vardenafil if you already have long QT syndrome9.

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BlueChew Interactions: Is BlueChew Safe to Use with Other Medications?

Based on our BlueChew review research, taking any tablets described in this BlueChew review is unsafe if you need medication for pulmonary arterial hypertension, as well as many other treatments that work by boosting circulation.

It’s not a medication, but alcohol is also a factor that can increase your risk of BlueChew side effects, too. Be careful when consuming alcohol in such situations since heavy use of alcohol is additionally linked to the development of temporary erectile dysfunction.

This category of drugs works by increasing nitric oxide and a cellular signal called cGMP. Any medication that acts on the same pathways will likely increase your risk of the BlueChew side effects listed above9.

BlueChew vs. Competitors: How BlueChew Ranks Compared to the Others?

BlueChew reviews rate the service highly compared to competitors. There are several other telemedicine services that allow you to buy ED meds online, and there are also natural supplements that may support healthy erections. Each solution has its benefits and drawbacks.

However, BlueChew takes the cake on affordability and comfort, thanks to its chewable formulation, and is a near-instant solution. Natural supplements can help address underlying causes of ED and may help you avoid BlueChew side effects, but take longer to show significant results.

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Alternatives to BlueChew Services

What is BlueChew’s competition like? Based on our BlueChew review research, the two main competitors, often mentioned in BlueChew reviews and comparative articles, are Roman and Hims.

BlueChew stands out in value, as you can access a one-month free trial and your consultation is free. It’s also the only service with chewable tablets, and customer service reps are quick to respond.

The main advantage of Roman orHimsis that they sell a wide range of men’s health products, such as treatments for acne and hair loss. If short-term flings are your thing, you can even buy home STD tests on Hims. However, Hims is more expensive (except for generic sildenafil), and some online reviewers describe it as less effective.

If you live in a state that BlueChew does not ship to, Roman and Hims have you covered. Hims also serves the United Kingdom, so you can access treatment if you’re reading this from across the pond, too.

For more detailed information on all available ED alternatives, make sure you look for the Best ED pills online.

Reaching Out for All-Natural ED Medications

Many men prefer all-natural supplements that address the underlying causes of ED, such as poor blood vessel function or metabolic issues. These may be preferable if BlueChew side effects bother you or none of the options are safe for you.

The best supplements for avoiding BlueChew side effects contain evidence-based ingredients such as d-aspartic acid or Panax ginseng. D-aspartic acid, for example, is an amino acid shown to increase testosterone levels in humans. Besides stronger erections, you may also gain more muscle and better mental healthif your testosterone levels are lower due to aging10.

Supplements that contain Panax ginseng could be best if you have metabolic syndrome or fatigue. This herbal remedy can increase testosterone and the number of mitochondria, which produce most of your cells’ energy. More energy production means a faster metabolism, giving you more than symptomatic relief if your ED is related to excess weight11.

To learn more, read about the best male enhancement pills, which contain many of the most evidence-based all-natural ingredients.

BlueChew Reviews: FAQs

What are guys asking about BlueChew online? Here are the most common questions that not every BlueChew review addresses.

Where Can I Buy BlueChew for Men?

Based on our BlueChew review research, you can only purchase a BlueChew subscription from the official website, after an affiliated healthcare provider writes a prescription.

Can I Find BlueChew in Stores?

, BlueChew is a service, and you can only fill the prescription on either the company website or with compounding pharmacies they partner with.

Can I Make a BlueChew Amazon Order?

According to our BlueChew review research, you cannot fill your BlueChew prescription on Amazon. A search for “BlueChew” only yields dietary supplements, but if you see any BlueChew reviews or product pages on Amazon, you can bet they’re fakes.

Is BlueChew Legit?

Yes. Established in 2014, BlueChew reviews are mostly positive, and there is no history of legal action. Based on our BlueChew review,all ED products available from BlueChew have the same active ingredient as Viagra/Cialis/Levitra, but they are not exactly the same in their composition.

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We can’t say either is “better,” as every man is different. According to our BlueChew review research, you may benefit more from BlueChew’s tadalafil or vardenafil tablets than sildenafil (the active ingredient in Viagra). If swallowing pills is difficult for you, BlueChew’s chewable forms can be more accessible.

Can I Take 2 BlueChew Tablets at the Same Time?

We don’t recommend it unless you received such instructions from a medical provider, as BlueChew side effects are more likely to occur if you take more than one tablet. Every tablet’s dose is carefully chosen to balance safety with potency.

If you think that your ED meds are not working, you should discuss this with the licensed medical provider as he may suggest a higher dose or a different product plan. BlueChew’s Sildenafil and Tadalafil tablets come in two strengths.

How Long Does BlueChew Take To Work?

Based on our BlueChew review research, Sildenafil and Vardenafil take 15 minutes to one hour to kick in, as their average time to maximum concentration in blood is 0.7 - 0.9 hours. Tadalafil may take a little longer, with an average time to maximum concentration of two hours7.

Does BlueChew Make You Last Longer?

Both BlueChew reviews and clinical trials on the tablets’ active ingredients describe them as able to help you achieve and maintain erections. However, they are not considered performance enhancers.

BlueChew Reviews: Final Thoughts

BlueChew is an affordable, discreet service that grants you access to ED meds, compounded into convenient chewable tablets. You can expect to pay over 50% less compared to brand-name prescriptions. Overall, BlueChew reviews online are positive, but different meds work best for different men.

All three available medications, sildenafil, tadalafil, and vardenafil, are proven to increase your chances of satisfying sex. Even men with conditions such as diabetes and spinal cord injury can enjoy the benefits. BlueChew side effects are usually non-existent to mild, if you experience them at all.

Considering the convenience, efficacy, and value for money, we’d like to finish off our BlueChew review with two thumbs up.

Time to chew it and do it!

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