Greatest THC Gummies: High 5 Delta Eight THC Manufacturers

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Living in the twenty-first century can be pretty daunting. The unlimited deadlines you have to meet, the bills you must pay, and the balance you have to maintain between your private and work life can often cause a person to suffer from severe stress and insomnia.

To counter this, you might look for the most convenient and quick way to relieve yourself of excess stress, and, as a result, you resort to conventional steroid-based methods.

However, little do we know that these leave long-term severe side effects on our bodies.

To begin with, if you don’t take the correct dose for a suitable period, the withdrawal symptoms can be intimidating, like indigestion, heartburn, and sleep problems, which are the same conditions you wanted to avoid with the help of steroids.

This short-lived feeling of comfort can get very addictive and, after excessive use, these methods might just become ineffective.

What’s the net benefit, we ask, of such painkillers that provide temporary comfort only to cause more pain later?

Let us tell you about a not-so-conventional but more refined method of releasing your tension and stress. We’re talking about Delta-8 THC - all-natural and only organic ingredients. They may boost your focus level and energy, allowing you to be more productive throughout the day.

The best part is, you’re always in control regardless of how much you take, making it an excellent companion for those long, exhausting days.

Best Delta-8 THC Brand Review 2022- Delta-8 Products for Sale

These are delectable chews that may provide a sense of relaxation and pleasure in our busy schedules.

The following are our best Delta-8 brands:

1. Exhale Wellness - Overall Best Delta-8 Brand Online, Editor’s Pick

2. BudPop - Most Potent & High Quality Delta-8 THC Products, Runner Up

3. Hollyweed - Exceptional Quality & Variety Flavor Delta-8 Products

4. Diamond CBD - Strongest Delta-8 Recreational Edibles With CBD Extract

5. 3 Chi - Most Reputable Brand for Weed Edibles

Considering that cannabinoid edibles are becoming more prevalent, it’s unsurprising that many brands emerge every other day to switch things up a little. In addition to long-popular CBD gummies, we can now enjoy Delta-8 THC gummies for an added dose of THC to your daily routine.

We have researched and determined the five best brands producing Delta-8 THC gummies right now. The following are our in-depth reviews of each brand.

#1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best Delta-8 Brand Online, Editor’s Pick

Exhale Wellness believes in practicing what it preaches and leads the way when it comes to developing healthy THC gummies.

The brand focuses a major part of its attention on using natural compounds that may cure different ailments. In this way, it helps people connect with nature and realize its benefits.

Additionally, it aims to educate people about THC, ensuring that they have all the information to buy their preferred supplement. Speaking of preference, consumers can log into the website to find numerous options, all made from organic ingredients.

Hence, Exhale Wellness may deliver the full THC experience while preventing side effects.


One of the highlights of the brand is that it uses user feedback to improve its products. For instance, we were pleasantly surprised to see that it has manufactured completely natural and fruit-flavored gummies, suitable for vegans and non-vegetarians alike.

They do not contain animal compounds so that consumers can enjoy the 100% organic taste. Additionally, there are no chemical components either, meaning the gummies are safe and may not have side effects.

To purchase the desired item, all you need to do is visit the user-friendly website and skim through the choices on offer. Once you have made a decision, it is easy to opt for a one-time payment or a suitable subscription plan.

The latter has several benefits, not least of which is its 25% discount. However, irrespective of your choice, the company offers a money-back guarantee, and unsatisfied customers can return the package to avail of its refund policy.


  • Vegan
  • Fruit-flavored gummies
  • May be potent
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Contains full-spectrum Delta-8 extract
  • artificial compounds
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Subscription plans available
  • Does not contain animal gelatin


  • Only online purchase

Summary Of Customer Reviews

It’s safe to say that consumers have found these THC gummies to their liking, as is apparent from the five-star reviews.

Depending on the dosage, buyers reportedly enjoyed its brilliant texture and fruity flavors, making it worth their money. But more than the taste, it’s the after-effects that have everyone talking.

Most people said they felt relaxed and refreshed after consuming the gummies, which may be a benefit. However, we’ll have to wait and see if scientific research confirms user experience.

Apart from that, customers have loved the navigable website that makes ordering easy.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Exhale Wellness

#2. Budpop - Most Potent n-GMO THC Gummies

Budpop has defied all odds to emerge as a leading manufacturer of THC gummies.

Thanks to its innovative strategies, it has left a mark on the market; astonishing, as it was established in 2021. However, despite being fairly new, it did not waste time to learn the tricks of the trade.

It has an impressive team of professionals with a combined experience of 30 years who have prior knowledge of working with THC. But especially pleasing is that the budpop’s THC gummies brand grows its own hemp plant, thereby allowing it to study and experiment with various extraction techniques.


It contains innumerable products that may deliver a premium-quality THC experience to consumers. But what stood out for us were its strawberry and blue-dream berry gummies.

As the name suggests, both these items have vibrant colors and grab the buyer’s attention in more ways than one. That said, although they look tasty, you might be worried about chemical compounds.

Fortunately, the brand realized buyers’ concerns and used 100% plant-based ingredients with a distinctive fruity flavor. Meaning, they may prove delicious and start to show effects after a couple of hours.

Moreover, third-party laboratories test these ingredients to make sure that all products meet the safety norms. While there are brands that manipulate the data, Budpop publishes the results on the website for complete transparency.

So, it creates a bond with customers, and consumers can check the quantity of all the compounds used in it before making the purchase.


  • n-GMO products
  • Tested by third-party laboratories
  • Plant-based ingredients
  • Does not have animal components
  • May prove potent
  • High-quality compounds
  • Prompt service
  • Fast shipping
  • Several pack sizes
  • Dosage guide available


  • money-back guarantee

Summary Of Customer Reviews

One of the foremost compliments from customers has been about its fast shipping. Ordering from the website is straightforward, but the company also ensures that the gummies reach people on time.

Moreover, it is extremely tasty, and buyers were able to enjoy its natural flavors. This guarantees that you may experience the full benefits of THC, but there is no way to be sure.

Speaking of uncertainty, some users said they felt reduced pain, leading to greater comfort after taking the prescribed dose. Naturally, it has received a largely positive response, but there is no conclusive evidence to back up this claim yet.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Budpop

#3. Delta Effex - - Premium Quality Delta 8 THC Gummies

Another well-known brand that believes that research is the only way to make premium-quality THC gummies is Delta Effex.

Our team studied the company and visited the web page to find that it uses FDA-approved facilities and state-of-the-art research methodologies to successfully meet customers’ demands. t to mention, it has sufficient knowledge about hemp extracts, thanks to many years in the CBD industry.

Unsurprisingly, we found that all its products tend to be safe and uphold modern healthcare standards without compromising on quality. It also uses plant-based ingredients that are lab-tested with the results published online for complete transparency.


These THC gummies come in a “Rainbow pack”, but that has nothing to do with psychoactive properties. The brand has streamlined everything from manufacturing to production, thereby ensuring that it meets the government guidelines.

Instead, its name is an innovative play on the available flavors, highlighting the many options for customers to choose from. Be it strawberry, mango, mystery, blue raz, or green apple; you will enjoy the natural taste and organic flavors for a satisfying THC experience.

What’s more, despite the variety of choices on offer, the potency does not go down. Meaning, users suffering from pain or insomnia may find that it helps them relax.

However, since there is no definitive research to suggest that the gummies will be helpful, Delta Effex makes all information about THC available on the website. Customers can learn about the compound and clear all doubts to make an informed decision.


  • Several flavors
  • Potent formula
  • Pure Delta-8 distillate
  • Pack of ten gummies
  • Innovative ingredients
  • Excellent research program
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Premium-quality hemp extracts
  • Follows health and safety guidelines
  • Provides all information related to THC gummies


  • cancellation after shipment
  • Available in one size

Summary Of Customer Reviews

Consumers had different opinions regarding how long the gummies take to have an effect; usually, it varies between one and six hours.

People found that even half a gummy could have the desired effect and may help them relax. Although there is no authentic research to justify this claim, the common consensus is that the gummies deliver long-lasting results compared to other products.

In fact, customers had trouble limiting themselves to the recommended dosage, especially given its numerous flavors and great taste. Needless to say, it lives up to its worth as a five-star product.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Delta Effex

#4. Diamond CBD - Strongest Delta 8 Marijuana Edibles

Diamond CBD aims to develop innovative hemp extracts that they can distribute to people all over the world. In other words, it wants to create a global presence, allowing consumers to enjoy the natural flavor and taste of THC gummies.

w, to ensure that its products meet the highest standards, it has a team of experienced scientists and doctors conducting thorough research. They experiment with various manufacturing techniques, study the individual compounds, and look to ascertain how they might interact with each other.

Unsurprisingly, the website features a vast collection of THC products that may help customers treat different ailments.


If you are looking for a powerful supplement, we suggest opting for this brand.

By using modern manufacturing techniques, scientists were able to combine CBD Isolate with Delta-8 to create a potent formula. Hence, it may help people relax and reduce joint pains after surgery.

But how does it do so? The researchers have found that they can use uncommon ingredients like corn syrup, cane sugar, sorbitol, and water. This reduces the need for adding artificial compounds, which may prevent side effects.

Moreover, its innovative formula is long-lasting, meaning you do not need to make frequent purchases. That said, if consumers do need a regular supply of gummies, the subscription plan offers a convenient solution, thanks to its discounted rates and hassle-free shipping.

In fact, even for single purchases, the company provides free shipping on orders that cost more than $100. Additionally, you can choose from its numerous pack sizes and flavors; mostly the gummies are sweet to counter the sourness of THC.


  • Available in different sizes
  • Various flavors
  • Subscription plan
  • Exciting discounts
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping on orders worth $100 and above
  • Natural ingredients
  • 200 gummies per bottle
  • Delta-8 balanced with CBD isolate


  • t a lot of full-spectrum products to choose from

Summary Of Customer Reviews

Overall, they have received positive reviews, thereby gaining popularity.

Most reviewers said that they were able to experience some relief after taking the gummies. On the flip side, people who went for random urine testing found that it showed up in the sample as THC.

So, if you reside in an area where the law bans THC, it might be a problem. But as far as its performance is concerned, consumers felt that it delivers noticeable results. However, the gummies might take time to have an effect, depending on the dosage.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Diamond CBD

#5. 3CHI - Popular THC Gummy Bears With Delicious Flavors

Unlike other brands, 3CHI doesn’t focus solely on profits but wants to change how people consume THC for its possible health benefits.

Thanks to its fantastic team of scientists, the brand has developed unparalleled extraction methods, allowing it to study individual components. This ensures that it can use those components that prove more potent than the original hemp plant.

But especially pleasing is the fact that it uses several minor ingredients, not seen in other THC gummies. Plus, they are highly effective and a testament to the 15 years of production experience that 3CHI has.


This brand focuses on quality rather than quantity, and that’s why it is available in two pack sizes - eight and sixteen. You will find that the gummies are worth 25 mg each, making them highly potent and reducing the need for regular purchase.

In fact, even half a gummy may have the necessary strength to match up to other brands on the market. So, to make sure that first-timers do not have issues with dosage, 3CHI publishes all the information on the web page.

And while on the website, you can choose from either its black raspberry or watermelon flavor. Plus, all the gummies are vegan and gluten-free, so you may not suffer from side effects.

Once you choose a product, ordering is easy, and its prompt service delivers the package within a couple of business days. But it would be best to read the company policies as it does not ship to some locations.


  • Uses minor ingredients
  • 15 years of production experience
  • Extensive research
  • Innovative hemp formula
  • Cold shipping
  • Heat resistant products
  • Eight to 16 gummies per pack
  • Resealable mylar bags
  • Contains premium-quality ingredients


  • Does not ship to all areas
  • May contain a foul odor

Summary Of Customer Reviews

We studied the reviews to find that people were initially worried about the small capacity of the bags, thereby causing doubt in their minds. But soon, they found that half a gummy has enough strength to provide the desired effect, which made it worth the investment.

Additionally, parents were relieved that the bags were childproof, ensuring the safety of their kids. t to mention, due to their resealable nature, it’s easy to prevent deterioration for a long time.

That said, some people had storage issues, especially in high-temperature areas, but it didn’t prevent them from providing positive feedback.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of 3CHI

How We Chose These List Of THC Gummies From Best Delta 8 Brands

Quality work takes time, be it manufacturing THC gummies or making a list of the best brands that produce them.

So, our team got together and discussed the possible methods to tackle this seemingly monstrous task. Inspired by the ongoing research, we decided to do a little snooping ourselves, albeit nothing shady.

1. Internet Search

We decided that the best place to begin would be on the internet. It is a storehouse of information, so we were bound to find what we needed and also what we did not need - false information.

Needless to say, it took us a long time to filter through unverified sources, but something good did come of it. We found how brands manipulate data, which put us on our guard.

2. Top 20 Brands

After the preliminary search, in front of us was a list of 20 brands of best THC gummies that our team had to shortlist to five. The next step was to dig deeper and study authentic sources like scientific papers, THC journals, and brand websites.

3. Transparency

This provided us with a platform to see if the brands kept their promise and how they streamlined the manufacturing process. Additionally, our team gave preference to companies who displayed all the information on their website as transparency is an important consideration for buyers.

Be it shipping policy, extraction methods, or questions about THC in general, we ranked brands that provided all the information higher compared to others. So, from 20, our list came down to ten, but there was still some way to go before we reached our target.

4. Further Research

That was when one of our team members suggested we look at customer satisfaction, user experience, and third-party lab reports for the final leg of our research. To better cover all these aspects, we divided the team into three groups who came back with valuable information.

5. End Result

While top brands usually showcase all the information, we wanted to consider first-hand experience to make sure our guide holds water in the future. Moreover, thanks to the lab reports, we could ascertain if they used all the components in the right amount.

This was especially important because we were specifically dealing with THC compounds, meaning it was essential to be vigilant. It took time, but finally, by noting the buyers’ response, we narrowed down the five best brands on the market.

Buying Guide - 7 Crucial Points To Look For Best THC Gummies

As you have already seen from the previous section, not much separates the top brands. That’s why we have formulated a buying guide to highlight all the essential factors you need to keep in mind while choosing the right product.

  • THC Level

Since we are reviewing THC gummies, it is vital that scientists do not exceed the permissible limit when using the compound. THC may prove beneficial when used in the correct amount with the right ingredients; on the flip side, it may have side effects if consumed in excess.

As a result, brands need to make public their knowledge about the hemp extraction process, sourcing, and manufacturing facilities. What’s more, thanks to the third-party lab reports, consumers can verify the data themselves, to hold the producer accountable for the gummies.

Rest assured; if companies follow the THC guidelines, there is no need to worry about your health.

  • Brand Value

From the first point, it is clear that brands that uphold the highest safety and healthcare standards will attract more buyers. It adds to the brand image and lets consumers know that their health matters more than mere profits.

An interesting way to establish a trustworthy reputation is to have information related to THC. Hence, first-time users can learn more about what they are buying and how it may help them.

Along with that, the top brands highlight their ongoing research and help customers understand that the gummies’ effects may vary from one individual to another.

  • Shipping And Refund Policy

Once you find the right product, it is important to check the shipping and refund policy. There are places where the law bans the consumption of THC; naturally, the brand will not deliver to that location.

Additionally, you need to read the company policy to learn how long it takes on average for the order to arrive. Usually, it should not take more than a couple of business days, irrespective of the distance.

What’s more, unsatisfied customers who want to return the package must be aware of the refund and money-back policy, provided there is one.

  • Price

Often the deciding factor that stands in the way of your preferred purchase is the cost of the gummies. You must note that premium-quality products have the best ingredients, making them pricey.

Also, full-spectrum or plant-based compounds have lengthy extraction methods, which increases the cost of manufacturing. So, it would be best to have a flexible budget or save money to buy from the top brands.

We suggest that you do not spend savings on low-quality gummies, which may contain artificial flavors, and could affect your health.

  • Dosage Guide

Although most brands prepare a dosage guide based on height, weight, and gender, we recommend consulting a doctor before thc infused gummies. As the ongoing scientific research has not delivered conclusive results, some compounds may cause side effects.

Furthermore, you might be allergic to certain ingredients, or the gummies may react with other medications that you are consuming simultaneously. Understandably, it would help if you follow the doctor’s orders to stay healthy.

If you get the green signal, start with a mild dose of five to ten milligrams. Give your body time to adjust to the supplement, and if you feel good after a week, increase the dosage by five milligrams.

  • User-Friendly Website

Due to the numerous choices available online, brands must have a skimmable and user-friendly website. The primary purpose of the buyers is to find the product they need and make the purchase quickly instead of spending hours on the web page.

Moreover, customer representatives should be available to provide a prompt reply to consumers’ questions and concerns. This will allow people to make a knowledgeable purchase.

  • Customer Satisfaction

Finally, if a brand ticks all the right boxes, it will meet most customer demands. Certain brands also have a feedback form that consumers can fill out; they can study the response to enhance user experience in the future.

FAQs On THC Gummies

Q1. How Many THC Gummies Should You Consume?

The consumption of THC gummies depends on the body structure, weight, and severity of the ailment. Also, since different people experience varying reactions to the supplement, it is never possible to determine the correct dosage. While seasoned individuals can consume more, first-timers should not try more than two and a half to ten milligrams.

Q2. Can THC Gummies Help Treat Anxiety?

Scientists are not sure about the effectiveness of THC gummies; however, the initial results related to anxiety treatment are promising. Several studies claim that they may reduce discomfort, which could help people deal better in social situations.

Q3. How Long Do THC Gummies Last?

The duration of THC gummies depend predominantly on the dosage and potency of the formula. On average, they can last between five and six hours, but some users have also found THC in their urine sample even after a couple of days.

You must note that chewables tend to remain in the system longer compared to vaping, which peaks between seven and eight hours.

Q4. Is It Possible To Overdose On THC Gummies?

Yes, it is possible to overdose on THC gummies, but you may not experience major side effects. Since premium-quality products contain plant-based ingredients, they might not affect your health. However, buyers who consume more could show some of the following symptoms:

  • Drowsiness
  • Lethargy
  • Disorientation
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea

In most cases, a goodnight’s sleep is enough to solve the problem, ensuring that you wake up feeling refreshed and energized.

Q5. Can THC Gummies Reduce Pain?

THC gummies may reduce pain, but there is no guarantee due to the lack of definitive data. Some users reportedly felt comfortable and relaxed, while others did not show improvement. That said, modern research has thrown up findings suggesting that THC and CBD may work against chronic pain or arthritis when used in the right amount.

Q6. Should You Take THC Gummies Every Day?

For the best results, experts recommend that you should consume THC gummies daily. As organic gummies may not have side effects, regularly taking the prescribed dose should not be a problem. In fact, you can ask the doctor to divide the dosage into two small parts that can be consumed twice daily instead of one big dose.

Q7. Is It Okay To Consume THC Gummies On An Empty Stomach?

Although you can consume THC gummies on an empty stomach, it is not ideal. To ensure that the supplement has the maximum impact, it would be best to consume it with food.

For instance, a low-fat diet may not have the same absorption capacity as a high-fat meal. Therefore, you should talk to experts and chalk out a diet chart.

Q8. Can THC Gummies Cause Weight Gain?

THC gummies can both increase or decrease weight, which may be a side effect. It may happen that consuming the gummies increases your appetite, which might cause you to gain mass. That’s why doctors recommend people to work out or engage in light exercises to keep their weight in check.

Conclusion : Shop THC Gummies Online By The Best Weed Gummy Brands

Although several top-quality brands are available on the market, our research indicates that Exhale Wellness’ THC edibles stand out from the rest.

It satisfies all the criteria, including professional service, quality ingredients, and user-friendly policies, thereby boosting its brand value. t to mention, it contributes greatly towards ongoing research to ascertain if THC may cure severe ailments.

Additionally, other brands have employed modern manufacturing techniques and experienced scientists to deliver innovative supplements. So, we will not be surprised to find more potent THC gummies in the future.

Until then, feel-free to refer to our guide to pick the correct product.

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