Intercourse Necessities: 7 Issues Each Man Wants In His Nightstand

A well-equipped room means much more than a stable bed.

For the adventurous, sex-positive type, there's more to a complete bedroom than good lighting and a sturdy bed. Knowing how to properly stock your nightstand with sleepover guests could mean the difference between a good night and a great night - a night you're likely to experience again.

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Finger vibrator

A finger vibrator should never be missing from your bedside table. You don't have to buy anything creepy, just something small that offers enough clitoral action to get rid of. Two out of three women need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm, and honestly a normal bang in the sack will rarely achieve such results. Having a small vibrator on hand will help take your sexual encounter from good to overwhelming. Also, if you show a woman that you understand how her body works and want to do whatever it takes to make her feel good, she will definitely come back for more.

What to buy:Crave Bullet, Form 2

High quality lubricant

Listen, you need to keep a large bottle of quality lube -- not some cheap bargain brand -- within easy reach of your bed. Look for a thick, organic, water-based lube that really lasts. Silicone-based lube lasts longer, but when used with silicone toys it can cause corrosion and, in some women, vaginal yeast infections. Stay away from all-natural options like coconut oil, as they can cause latex condoms to tear. And while we're at it: stick with scentless and ditch the flavors.

What to buy:JimmyJane Organic Lube, Babeland BabeLube

A variety of different condoms

Yes, you should find a condom you like and keep it handy. But remember that every woman and every vagina is different. Some women are allergic to latex, some prefer the feel of shearling (although these don't protect against STDs), and some want a regular, tried-and-true latex trojan. Stay away from misleading descriptions that promise "Her Pleasure" or "Fire and Ice" sensations. You could be trading sex for an ice pack in your nether regions.

Buy something: Latex-free Skynz, Trojan ultra-ribbed

masturbation sleeve

If buying a gadget to masturbate sounds like masturbation, consider how it will benefit both parties. Taking time to independently focus on yourself and what's good for you could actually improve your performance in the bedroom. Just don't forget the lube.

What to Buy: Tenga Polygon

sex toy cleaner

If you use sex toys with multiple partners, you must thoroughly clean and disinfect them. But don't bother boiling your utensils as there is a risk of damaging them. There are many specialty sprays that will quickly and easily remove all bacteria from your tools. Get a UV light box — basically a mini sex toy decontamination chamber — to remove any leftover germs. Cross contamination is not sexy and can lead to the spread of STDs. And remember, not all toys are created equal, so be sure to go through the instructions before using a new one.

What to buy: Lelo cleaning spray, UVee

A couple's mood

Investing in a quality couples vibrator can enhance any sexual experience. Since most women need clitoral stimulation, a couple's vibration can help her in hands-free orgasm during penetration sex. They hook it under their labia, turn it on and that's it. You'll look like a pro when you have one of these babes in your goodie drawer.

What to buy: Eva from Dame Products

Cleaning wipes for aftercare

Great sex is awesome, but it can get messy. Instead of grabbing a towel, have towels ready. But don't awkwardly hand your partner a cloth, as if she's cleaning up spilled food. Acknowledge the mess. Make tidying up part of the fun. Get a wipe that is paraben and chemical free - 100% cotton if you can find it.

What to buy:Sustain Natural Post-Play Wipes

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