Trey Mitchell has his fitness center bag packed and prepared for some heavy lifting

The World Strongest Man Competition is one of the most physically demanding sports there is. During the week-long event, participants will not only be challenged in terms of their physical strength, but their performance, agility and mental toughness will also be tested.

Trey Mitchell has become one of the top athletes in the sport over the past few years. The two-time reigning Shaw Classic champion placed second in last year's Rogue Strongman Invitational, sixth in last year's Strongman, and fourth in this year's Arnold Strongman Classic.

The Texan native will compete in his fifth World Strongest Men competition next week in Myrtle Beach, SC. Before putting his body to the test, Mitchell walked M&F through some of his workout favorites.

Team Affinity Kit Bag

I love this bag because it's big enough to fit all my gym gear plus some. Plenty of pockets to keep everything organized for easy access.

SBD Knee BraceTrey Mitchell

SBD Knee Bandages

The knee cuffs support the joints when lifting heavy loads to prevent injuries. SBD sleeves provide warmth and stability without sacrificing the freedom of movement of my knees.

SBD Lever

SBD Leaver Belt

This belt has multiple holes for quick adjustment without the need to adjust the buckle. I use it for all my lifts to add more core stability for back health.

SBD wrist

SBD wrist wraps

Wrist wraps support your wrist during heavy pressing exercises, allowing you to lift more than you could without them. These are long and flexible, giving me the ability to wrap my wrist multiple times.

bear foot

bear foot shoes

I used to lift barefoot on all my lower body exercises because I felt like I was more stable and had more control over my form. But most gyms require shoes in the gym, so I found Bearfoot shoes to be the closest thing to wearing no shoes at all.

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Ironmind Strong enough slings

I will be using these straps for heavy deadlifts so I can focus more on strengthening my back and posterior chain and not letting my grip be the limiting factor on the lift.

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Villain Dimple

mobility ball

This is an exercise softball I got from a sporting goods store that I'm going to put on and dig up trigger points in the muscle to help with recovery from heavy weightlifting.

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Atlas Full Spectrum CBD Oil - Mobility

Atlas Full Spectrum CBD Oil: Mobility Formula

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