Now $24, this dwelling health equipment is "nice for getting again in form," in line with consumers.

The Amazon bundle includes an ab wheel, jump rope, push-up bar, and resistance bands.

Whether you're new to exercising or just trying to stay in shape, a home gym is an easy and convenient way to hold yourself accountable. It eliminates almost every excuse you might have for not working out, and while building a home gym sounds expensive, you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars. The Luyata 10-in-1 Exercise Set has everything you need and is only $24 thanks to an Amazon double discount.

This workout set includes an ab wheel, foam mat, stretch band, push-up bars, wrist wraps, and resistance bands to get you started. You will also receive a guide to help show you how to use the equipment properly.

Anyone just starting out should take it slow and work on perfecting their form before worrying about timing or number of reps. Consistency and good form are the keys to success in the gym, even if you work out at home.


Got it: Luyata 10-in-1 Ab Exercise Wheels Kit, $24 with coupon (was $40) at Amazon

Great for working your core, the ultra-wide ab wheel is made of durable, non-slip rubber so you can use it on almost any surface without slipping. We recommend using with the foam knee pad to provide extra padding and comfort. The mat also comes in handy when using the stretch band, push up bars and resistance bands.

Unlike traditional skipping ropes, this set can be adjusted to your height, making it ideal for multi-person households. This way you can share instead of having to buy multiple sizes.

Because this set is so versatile and affordable, we're not the least bit surprised that it's endorsed by over 3,000 Amazon buyers. A 5-star reviewer said it's "great for getting back in shape" and added that it's ideal for homes with "minimal space".

It may seem obvious, but $24 for an 11-piece set of exercise equipment is a deal you won't get often. To put it in perspective, an Ab-Wheel alone can cost upwards of $30, so you might as well get more bang for your buck and score all at once.

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