Consumers now put on these $44 barefoot sneakers for working, weightlifting, and informal pursuits

Anyone in the market for new training shoes should consider a minimalist pair over traditional ones. Whether you're new to this style or have had them for years, Whitin's men's cross trainer barefoot shoes are a great choice. They're an Amazon best seller with over 10,000 reviews and offer many benefits you won't see in other types of sneakers.

The main difference you will notice when wearing barefoot shoes as opposed to other sneakers is that they are lighter and have a wider tow box. This gives you plenty of room to conform to the natural shape of your foot without constricting. They also have a thin, flat sole that's super flexible and moves with your foot for added comfort.

It's designed to support your natural curve and prevent heel strike, which some studies have found makes athletes more prone to injury. Also, this shoe in particular promotes better balance and a healthy posture, which is useful for various activities. Buyers wear these shoes for running marathons, weightlifting and beyond.


Got it: Whitin Men's Cross-Trainer Barefoot Shoes, $44 (was $63) at Amazon

If you're still undecided, find out more than 10,000 shoppers who swear by the comfort and durability of these shoes. The last thing you want is for a pair of shoes to only last one season. One person claimed, "I've had these shoes for well over a year now and they still hold up to daily/weekly use."

"I run marathons, lift weights, and play disc golf. This pair of shoes does it all," wrote another 5-star reviewer. "Even standing around for hours at a festival I feel comfortable and my feet are much stronger after wearing them for a while."

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Shoes like these usually cost no less than $50, so now's the time to make the switch without breaking the bank. After all, they are versatile and buyers have proven that they can be worn practically anywhere.

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