Cedars-Sinai heart specialist weighs up circulation and Inno Supps' Nitro Wooden complement

As a top cardiologist in Beverly Hills Cedars-Sinai, it's one of my goals preventive Cardiology.
I've spent my entire adult life thinking about how to optimize blood flow in my patients to improve sleep performance, memory and focus, heart health, and energy levels.

Undoubtedly, one of the easiest and most beneficial ways to do this is by helping your body produce more nitric oxide.

Supplementing with nitric oxide itself is actually not possible. Your body has to make nitric oxide from its component parts. You can help your body do this by providing it with certain vitamins, minerals and herbs that have been scientifically proven to naturally increase nitric oxide production in the body.

There are many nitric oxide and blood flow supplements on the market, but I believe one stands out. It's called nitro wood by Inno Supps.

This formula is perfect for both men and women to increase circulation and experience:

  • Increased stamina and physical endurance
  • Improved libido and sexual satisfaction
  • Increased natural energy and mental awareness
  • Overall improved heart health

Here are my thoughts on why increasing nitric oxide production is important and what constitutes it Inno Supp's Nitro Wood The most effective clinically backed supplement for rapidly increasing blood flow when and where you need it in the body.

What is nitric oxide?

Nitric oxide acts as your body's vasodilator, causing blood vessels to relax. When blood vessels are relaxed, blood flows more smoothly to every part of your body.

Proper circulation keeps your heart healthy, your body energized, your mind sharp, and ensures your organs are supplied with blood, nutrients, and oxygen so they can function properly.

And guess what other organs need adequate blood flow? The ones below the belt. That is, if you want more satisfaction and stamina in the bedroom.

More nitric oxide means increased blood flow throughout the body, giving you adequate blood flow when and where you need it.

From the gym to the bedroom, if you take care of your heart, your heart will take care of you. And one of the best ways to do that is by making sure your body is producing plenty of nitric oxide.

Why nitric oxide supplements are important for circulation, heart health and performance

There are many ways to improve circulatory and heart health, such as exercise (especially cardio) and including more nitrates from vegetables and omega-3s in your diet.

But often more is needed. Nitric oxide deficiencies are common. As we age, we produce less nitric oxide. Some studies show that men in their 40s have half as much nitric oxide in their bodies as men in their 20s. Stress and lack of sleep can also limit nitric oxide production.

This is exactly why most people also need to take essential herbs, vitamins, and a quality nitric oxide supplement in clinically proven dosages to improve circulation and get their blood moving effectively.

Without an adequate supply of these free radicals, your circulation suffers, which leads to reduced performance in all areas of life.

I believe nitric oxide is the lifeline that improves blood flow from the heart to "hard-to-reach places" throughout the body.

Why I Believe Inno Supps Nitro Wood is the Best Supplement for Heart Health and Circulation

I am a specialist in cardiovascular diseases, internal medicine, echocardiography, nuclear cardiology and paediatrics. In my expert opinion nitro wood is the most important heart health product on the market.

The natural blend of ingredients in Nitro Wood is undoubtedly the best way to significantly improve circulation and blood flow throughout the body.

It contains a variety of clinically proven natural ingredients that have been shown to increase circulation and blood flow. Three of these ingredients I believe every adult male and female should consume daily to improve heart health and blood flow throughout the body:

Let's dive deeper into why I believe these three ingredients should be consumed daily and the rest of the Nitro Wood ingredient profile.

Nitro Wood contains S7®, which can help the body increase nitric oxide by up to 230%

S7® is one of the newest nitric oxide boosting ingredients on the market. There are already some impressive clinical studies showing that it stimulates your body to produce more nitric oxide endogenously.

S7® is formulated with a low-dose combination of seven plant-based superfoods, including green coffee beans, green tea extract, turmeric, sour cherry, blueberry, broccoli, and kale, which has been shown to help the body increase its own nitric oxide production by up to 230%.

There are also claims that the ingredients in this revolutionary natural supplement can produce this increase in nitric oxide within 2 hours. This is important because once your body uses nitric oxide it's gone, meaning we have to make it constantly and consistently.

Nitro Wood contains a blood circulation boosting blend with beet root powder to support healthy blood pressure and better circulation

Beets are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that improve overall body health. The root vegetable has been linked to a number of health benefits, including improved cognitive function, increased athletic performance, and lower blood pressure because the nitric acid it creates in the body helps dilate blood vessels.

Beets can also help your body produce more nitric oxide. This is because they are high in dietary nitrates, which your body converts directly to nitric oxide.

A study found that participants taking a beetroot supplement increased nitric oxide levels by 21% after just 45 minutes. Similar, another study found that men and women who drank beetroot juice significantly increased nitric oxide levels, also in just 45 minutes.

Nitro Wood contains beet root powder, a highly concentrated form of beet that offers the same benefits as the root vegetable.

In addition to beetroot powder, the blood flow blend in Nitro Wood also contains:

  • pine bark
  • Cinammon
  • grape seed extract
  • garlic extract

These natural herbs have been clinically proven to promote nitric oxide production and healthy circulation, support healthy blood pressure or improve physical performance.

Nitro Wood contains 278% of the daily value of vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful dietary antioxidant whose potential role in heart health has received significant attention in clinical trials and prestigious publications.

In several clinical studieslow vitamin C levels have been linked to a number of conditions, including hypertension, endothelial dysfunction, heart disease, atherosclerosis and stroke.

There is evidence that vitamin C, through diet and supplementation, may help protect arteries from damage and improve nitric oxide production by the endothelium, which in turn increases vasodilatation and lowers blood pressure.

I believe that the antioxidant properties of vitamin C help prevent and treat many cardiovascular diseases and can significantly increase blood flow and nitric oxide production.

Nitro Wood contains 250 mg of vitamin C as ascorbic acid, which is 275% of the daily vitamin C requirement that an average adult needs on a daily basis.

Other useful ingredients in Nitrowood

In addition to the above ingredients, Nitro Wood contains niacin (vitamin B3) and cayenne pepper fruit powder (capsicum).

Vitamin B3 has been shown to potentially help maintain cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure and other cardiovascular health risks, increase brain function, and even be effective in helping patients with erectile dysfunction.

Paprika has various health benefits ranging from promoting fat loss and a healthy inflammatory response to better blood circulation and lowering blood pressure.

Nitro Wood is manufactured in an FDA-approved facility and undergoes third-party testing

nitro wood 1

Last but not least, Nitro Wood is safe and free from artificial fillers, flavors and sweeteners.

Dietary supplements are not regulated by the FDA. Because of this, you need to do a deep dive with the company to find out where they make their products and whether they hire a credible outside consumer advocacy group to audit for contamination and label accuracy.

Nitro Wood is formulated by Inno Suppsa nutrition company widely recognized as a leader in the nutritional supplement space, offering clean nutritional supplements with no additives, artificial flavors or artificial sweeteners.

All Inno Supps products, including Nitro Wood, undergo rigorous NSF-certified third-party testing and are manufactured in the United States in a state-of-the-art, FDA-approved and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified facility.

Final Thoughts on Inno Supps Nitro Wood

It's far more important than most people realize that a part of your daily health routine focuses on supporting blood vessel health and nitric oxide production.

All of your organs need to have healthy blood flow and circulation in order for your heart and body to perform at their peak. If you're looking for a simple way to perform better in ALL areas of your life, proper circulation should be your primary focus.

In my expert opinion, Inno Supps Nitro Wood is the most effective supplement to quickly increase blood flow when and where you need it in the body.

Click here Read customer reviews and try Inno Supps Nitro Wood today to see how it can help you with overall heart health and ALL "performance goals".

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