Nico Ali Walsh has a totally geared up fitness center bag to turn out to be the "large one".

Growing up as Muhammed Ali's grandson and not shying away from the sport in which your grandfather is known as 'The Greatest' and 'People's Champion' requires a high level of mental toughness and defiance. Boxing has always been part of Nico Ali Walsh's upbringing. It was hard not to fall in love with the way it tested him while also showing him what he was capable of as his skills continued to evolve.

Walsh (8-0, 5 KOs) learned early on that you could never escape the comparison and mention of the man he calls "Poppy." Rather than run from that pressure, the 23-year-old embraced it and found an advantage in knowing that with every fight he's not only creating his own legacy, but also enriching that of his legendary grandfather

Walsh meets Danny Rosenberger on May 20th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. His fight is one of the undercard headlines of Saturday night's event, where Devin Haney will defend his lightweight championship against Vasiliy Lomachenko, which will be televised on ESPN pay-per-view.

Walsh recently took a break between practice sessions to introduce M&F to some of his favorite fights in sparring and on the go.

Nick Ali Walsh

NIKE Machomai boxing boots

These are the only boxing shoes I wear. They are comfortable and have an old school look. With these on my feet, I float like a butterfly.

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sparring cup

You never know when you'll need to do a few laps, so I always bring this with me to the gym. I've never been knocked down without a cup, and I don't want to find out if it feels like it either! It has my butterfly logo and looks like what the pros wore 50, 60 years ago.

hand wraps

I can't go to the gym without my bandages. I can't train without my bandages. A boxer must always protect his hands and these wraps keep my hands ready to throw.

Skipping rope

It's an important part of my boxing routine. I jump rope every day, so I make sure it's always in my bag.

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Nico Ali Walsh JournalNick Ali Walsh


I keep track of all my training sessions in this journal and it is the tool I use to document my boxing journey. I enjoy documenting the indelible memories I have made and will continue to make.

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Beats by Dre Powerbeats Pro

I use it whenever I run and it gives me the motivation I need to get through my workout. I listen to chill rap and R&B. I'm an old soul so I listen to the classics.

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It stinks in the boxing hall, so I like to take care of my personal hygiene!

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Nico Ali Walsh cameraNick Ali Walsh

Fujifilm Instax Mini Polaroid Camera

I take random photos from the gym. I also like to document my boxing journey here. It is important to capture these memories. Life goes by fast. I want to remember my younger years.

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Custom made Everlast gloves

i love the color They put my custom butterfly logo on it. I love their gloves because they fit well and don't really need to be broken in.

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I'm always ready for battle, so I bring the hat with me. A boxer must always be ready.

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