Braving the Desk: An MMA Fighter's Method to Health in a 9-5 Job

Sedric Louissaint is a name synonymous with both powerful punches in the MMA ring and skillful strategies in cybersecurity. The idea of ​​balancing an active lifestyle with a desk job seems like a myth to many. Yet Louissaint refutes this misconception every day as he bridges the gap between the sporting and corporate worlds. His story inspires countless professionals who want to stay fit while navigating the demands of a desk job.

As CEO of Show Up Show Out Security, Sedric Louissaint is no stranger to sedentary desk work. Whether he's deep into problem solving or mentoring cybersecurity enthusiasts, his job often requires him to stay still, focus on multiple screens, scan his eyes over lines of code, and fly his fingers over buttons . However, Louissaint remains far from the stereotypical sedentary professional. Louissaint dedicates himself to the field of physical fitness with the same ease with which he decodes complex algorithms and fends off cyber threats. His passion for mixed martial arts calls him to the gym to feel the adrenaline rush of a good fight and the sweet exhaustion after a hard training session. Amazingly, he has found a rhythm that harmoniously combines the opposite worlds of quiet desk work and energetic MMA training.

“Keeping fit at a desk job can be challenging, but with a few strategies, it can be done,” admits Louissaint. His approach is simple and effective, highlighting strategies that can be implemented to maintain health and well-being. Integrating regular exercise into your daily routine can seem daunting for people who work at a desk. However, Louissaint insists it's a lot easier than you think. Hourly stretching or walking can drastically improve well-being. It breaks the cycle of sedentary life and can refresh both body and mind.

Technology can serve as an ally on this fitness journey. Louissaint recommends using a timer or reminder app to keep track. These apps can act as personal fitness assistants, encouraging you to get up, stretch, or walk every hour. This routine keeps the body moving, relieving the enduring stress of desk work and re-energizing for the tasks ahead. Simple exercises, while unconventional, can be incorporated into a work routine with significant health benefits. Louissaint recommends seated leg raises, chair squats, or desk push-ups. These exercises require no special equipment, only little space and can be easily integrated into everyday work.

A few seated leg raises during a conference call, chair squats during a break, or desk push-ups before lunch can help maintain an active body and improve strength and endurance embrace the unconventional. A few chair squats or desk push-ups can energize the body and keep the energy flowing,” encourages Sedric.

Posture is another aspect of fitness that Louissaint emphasizes. When sitting, it's easy to sink into uncomfortable positions that strain the spine. However, good posture can promote well-being just as effectively as regular exercise. Louissaint advises, "Remember, sitting up straight with your feet flat on the floor, shoulders relaxed, and back supported can make a world of difference." These minor posture adjustments can reduce the physical discomfort associated with desk work and have a significant impact on overall health and affect fitness. Beyond these daily fitness strategies, Louissaint's lifestyle includes a lot of travel for his fighting career, meetings and training programs. He doesn't let travel get in the way of his fitness goals, although it can disrupt his regular fitness routine. He reveals some essentials he always packs to ensure he stays in top shape while out and about.

Sedric Louis Saint

Wearing his MMA and boxing gloves is a must for Louissaint. "Having these on hand means I can do impromptu workouts no matter where I am." These items allow him to continue his training at a hotel gym or a local MMA studio.

Hand wraps, another important part of his travel gear, protect his hands during intense training sessions and reduce the risk of injury. “Your hands are one of your most valuable martial arts assets. It's important to protect them at all times," he adds. Louissaint considers a jump rope to be an essential tool for maintaining cardio fitness on the go. “It's light, compact and can be used anywhere. It's a great way to keep my heart rate up even when I can't do a full workout," he says. Rest is just as important as training. Louissaint wears compression gear to speed up recovery after intense workouts or fights. "It helps my muscles recover faster, so I can start exercising again sooner," he says. Louissaint always carries protein powder and vitamins for optimal nutrition. “Proper nutrition is crucial for an athlete. These supplements ensure my body is getting what it needs to perform at its best, no matter where I am,” he says. With these travel tips, Louissaint shows that it's entirely possible to stay fit while navigating a demanding career and travel schedule. His unwavering commitment to health and fitness serves as an inspiration and reminder that staying fit on the go takes planning, dedication and a pinch of creativity.

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