Tom Segura took a "sledgehammer" strategy to dropping greater than 50 kilos

If you, like millions of fans around the world, have followed the career of brilliant and brutally honest comedian Tom Segura, do you know that while this Cincinnati-born star is currently in the best form of his career? The Up star was once more than 50 pounds heavier and even regularly joked about how he would get out of breath on stage.

His time was devoured writing, recording podcast content with his wife Christina P, and of course traveling from city to city to deliver laughs at sold-out venues from Birmingham, Alabama to Birmingham, England, and Segura fell victim to an all-too-common sedentary lifestyle before he finally decided to make a bold change.

In an exclusive chat with M&F, the star presenting the latest Netflix special; Released July 4th, Sledgehammer talks about his victorious battle with the bulge.

It's ironic that Segura's 2014 Netflix special was titled "Completely rmal," because during the show (filmed a year before release), the comedian explained that his life was actually in turmoil. After a doctor's visit, the star was told the tests had revealed a number of worrisome health issues. t only was he overweight, but blood tests showed his muscle enzymes were "through the roof." Being overweight or obese alters our muscle metabolism, leading to increases in creatine kinase (aka CK), which is often indicative of muscle breakdown or stress.

A sedentary lifestyle like Segura's is one of the key factors in getting him into this state and he honestly reflects on where he was 10 years ago. "I weighed 255 pounds. In the special I say I weighed 245 pounds, but I'm lying," he admits. "I weighed 255 pounds." Segura had gradually allowed bad lifestyle habits to creep up on him and was trying to convince himself that he had accepted his health as "fine," but deep down he knew he had everything other than "perfectly normal".

Tom Segura's relationship with his body has evolved from show to show

"The truth is, I don't think I really liked it, but I just went with it," he says of his increasing weight and resulting health issues. "I was 34 when that happened. That's not a good thing, and I was completely settled at the time." Fortunately, Segura was beginning to change things. He started training, and those who come back and watch his 2016 special; Mostly Stories will notice that Segura started to seem fitter. His shoulders looked broader, but it was 2018's "Disgraceful" show that really made people sit up and take notice. On stage, he revealed that he had lost 50 pounds and was visibly more alert and fitter.

"Everyone has their own number that's allowed, and after that the alarm goes off," says Segura of how Libra can boost our motivation for change. Despite training hard, the star's relationship with food still needed improvement. He admitted he approached his training like an "NFL linebacker" and told himself he could eat whatever he wanted as a reward. As Segura's weight continued to increase, the 1.80m tall comedian could no longer hide his plump figure and finally realised; "Oh shit, like this got out of hand!"

“I learned that there is no end number and it took me a long time to figure that out,” says Segura, showing some maturity over his current attitude to staying in shape. “Even now I'm in the 200 pound range. I sort of fluctuate, I would say, between 198 and 205. You don't hit a number and say, "We're done"'s a constant thing. As cliché as it sounds, it's a lifestyle in the truest sense of the word.”


This is what Tom Segura's lifestyle looks like now

Segura was in college when he first began struggling with his weight and self-esteem issues and learned that making drastic changes would get him the results he wanted, but he couldn't sustain the weight loss because he was limited in ways could not stand it anymore, which led to the weight increasing again. As his journey continued, Segura also began a low-carb, high-fat ketogenic diet and found once again that it reduced his body fat. Although he says it worked for him in the short term, as an individual he feels he has lost variety using this method.

Through his personal trials, Segura has gradually come to the realization that fitness is all about making long-term and sustainable lifestyle changes. For him, that means being able to enjoy treats whenever he wants. while making sensible decisions the rest of the time.

Tom Segura plans his meal times

One of the biggest obstacles to Segura's weight loss is his hectic schedule. Often playing two shows in a single day, Segura would find himself and his crew eating junk food late at night. But these days, the comedian says, if they have two shows, they'd try to grab a bite to eat between shows rather than wolfing down until the wee hours. "It's a completely different way of how we used to do it," he says, explaining that banquets and celebratory evenings aren't entirely off the table, but are enjoyed much more sparingly.

The star also understands that impulsive decisions might seem insignificant at this point but can utterly derail people's progress, like those sugary "super" coffees. "They say, 'Man, I love that chocolate caramel swirl thing,' and ... I don't know ... an elf took a shit in it or something. It's just, it's so crazy what's in it, and they're like, "Yeah, that's how I start my day," and you're like, "Holy shit, man, it's like you ate a whole pie!" "

In fact, many of Starbucks' sweetest coffees contain between 50 and 80 grams of sugar, while the American Heart Association recommends that men should consume no more than 36 grams of sugar and women 25 grams in a single day. The good news for those looking to change their diet is, as Segura has found, that consistent healthy eating eliminates the desire to eat all the bad things. The comedian says he starts his day with yogurt (good for gut health and calcium) and blueberries (a great source of vitamins and antioxidants) rather than "super coffee." He's also upped his water intake and enjoys oatmeal with a scoop of powdered protein shake. "w you have 25 grams of extra protein in your oatmeal," he says. "I don't want a candy bomb now."

Tom Segura has fit friends

These healthy foods are easy to prepare on the go, even while traveling on the Segura tour bus, and the stand-up guy says he eats alongside his team and crew, with chicken breast and salmon among the most commonly consumed foods travel counts. One way to improve our ability to keep up with fitness is to make it a social issue. Thankfully, Tom Segura is in good company here, as his personal trainer, Shaun Nix, is also his tour photographer.

Here's Segura's training split throughout the tour. (Depending on the type of gym available to him in each city, he can swap out sessions as needed.)

Monday: chest and back.
Tuesday: 45 – 60 minutes exercise bike for cardio.
Wednesday: Heavy day - legs, back and arms, with exercises like squats and deadlifts.
Thursday: 45-60 minutes of jogging or stationary bike for cardio.
Friday: Weapons, hull and mobility work.
Saturday: Light cardio session.

At home, Segura also has his own gym, complete with a peloton bike, free weights, kettlebells, and a wall-mounted tonal resistance machine. Speaking to the storyteller, it's clear he's serious about breaking a sweat. "I love it," Segura enthuses.

Tom Segura morphs into standup on stageTom Segura

Tom Segura learned that in order to be physically fit, you also have to be mentally fit

Tom Segura realized that mentality is everything when it comes to getting in top shape. The star says deciding to put off fitness plans to a more opportune time was a mistake because there's never an ideal time. He also says he's noticed that people blame an old sports injury for not being able to train at all. And just as he experienced during the "perfectly normal" phase of his life, Segura understands that people suffer from great self-denial about their physical condition. "And you realize that most of it is about saying, 'I'm not going to let the excuses affect that.' "I'll just do it," he says encouragingly.

A quick look at Segura's Instagram account reveals that staying fit and active has become a way of life for our man. Whether hanging out in Ireland with strongman Pa O'Dwyer or plunging into freezing baths, the comedian adds years to his career by taking better care of his mind, body and spirit. And with his stand-up and podcasting performances currently in full swing, Segura is truly at the peak of his powers. Keep an eye out for Sledgehammer, his latest Netflix special, streaming July 4th.

"The other thing I would say to people involved in fitness is that sometimes you feel like you shouldn't talk about it much unless you're an expert, but I would say the opposite," he concludes straight actors. "I would say if you're into fitness, dieting and stuff like that, talk about it all the time. Talk to everyone about it!”

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