How Reebok's new Nano X3 Journey is engineered to energy your exercise

The latest installment in Reebok's Nano Adventure series is the Nano

To find out more, M&F sat down with Tal Short, Product Director at Reebok, to find out why this shoe is perfect for the gym or the great outdoors.

The Nano means that while you're enjoying the world around you, you're also doing your part to protect it. "Working with our friends at Vibram has been a great collaboration," said Short. “We used their rubber outsole expertise to find the perfect match for our range. In our goal to offer athletes the best training shoe on the market, we chose the Vibram Ecostep Recycle Evo for its combination of sustainability and performance. Offers excellent traction and durability and is made from at least 30% recycled rubber.”


The Reebok Nano X3 Adventure is designed for every type of surface

Short has been with Reebok since 2016 and says the company's commitment to sustainability is a top priority. As a fan of the NANO franchise before joining the team, he is passionate about the development of the popular training shoe. "Our inspiration for the NANO "The most exciting part for me is the outsole, but there are a few other cool outdoor elements on the shoe. The upper features water repellency in the vamp (front of the shoe) and features overlays in the forefoot for added durability. We also wanted to focus on comfort so added some shaping details around the tongue and collar.”

There's also a toe guard for foot protection and support, and then there's Reebok's "Lift and Run" chassis system in the midsole, which provides stability when running or jumping. It's clear to see that these shoes are designed by people who love to have their own adventures. "Growing up, sport was my life," says Short. “I played a variety of sports in high school and college and enjoyed my time as an athlete. Exercise is still an important part of my life today. As a father, the “why” of my education has evolved. I'm no longer training to run past 40, I'm more focused on staying healthy and being able to play in the backyard with my 40-year-old son!”

Reebok Nano X3 AdventureReebok

Why Reebok's latest design stands out

The product director says that while his job gives him the opportunity to try out many shoes, the Nano is his favorite series. And now that this new training shoe is finally ready to be launched, what does Short think about releasing it to the public for others to try? "I can't wait to see the Nano "The aim of the Nano X3 Adventure was to capture the core elements of the award-winning Nano ”

The Reebok Nano X3 Adventure Training Shoe will be available on on July 14, 2023 in a variety of styles and colors with a retail price of $150.

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