The Greatest At-House Infrared Saunas of 2023

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Life can be a big ole ball of stress. That's just the way things are the older you get. Work adds a ton of it to your life, and personal responsibilities at home add even more to it. Sometimes it can be too much for us. But what if we told you that a little bit of stress could be beneficial to you? Well, it's true and there is a process called hormesis that explains this.

What is hormesis? It is a cellular process in the body that is caused by periodic, strategic stressors. This process can help the body slow down the aging process, help you deal with larger doses of stress down the line, and just improve your health in an overall way. Sounds pretty good, right? How does one get this process started? One such way to do so is to use At-Home Infrared Sauna therapy.

Most of us know what a sauna is. A little room that uses physical heat like wood or stones warmed up by fire, gas, or electricity to get the body to sweat. Getting the body to sweat is a strategic stressor to help clear the body out. But these saunas use Infrared Light therapy to do the same thing. These are rays that are invisible to the eye but can be felt through the heat it creates.

One of the benefits of Infrared Saunas is that it is a much more direct way of warming up the body than traditional saunas. Since it is a light wave, it can penetrate the skin and warm up your core directly, whereas traditional saunas need to warm up the entire room before your body can warm up.

That way, an Infrared Sauna can get up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit to reach maximum efficacy, whereas regular saunas need to get up to 185. This level of heat discrepancy means that people that can't handle the heat, as well as others, can still get the benefits of a sauna without taking such a physical beating.

Much like exercise or intermittent fasting, this kind of strategic stressor can affect our hormones in positive ways. Positive ways such as improving sleep quality and increasing energy levels. A small study has found that this is due to an increase in melatonin production in the body.

More studies have been done to show the benefits of using infrared saunas on the body. One such study has shown that the body can benefit from it by helping to minimize the risk of high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, dementia/Alzheimer's disease, headache, type 2 diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis. While more studies need to be undertaken, the ones we have thus far show that there's nothing wrong with going in this direction.

With some of this rattling around in our brains, it seems that anyone with the means to have an At-Home Infrared Sauna in there home should grab one. Install it in the house and start to sweat out all the bad stuff accumulating in our systems to help our bodies in big ways. And the best place to pick one of these up is over at Sun Home Saunas.

There is a large collection of wonderful At-Home Saunas available at Sun Home Saunas. Each one of them is good in specific ways. To help you guys pick the one that is best for you, we have laid out the selections below under specific categories. So scroll on down and check each one of these out to pick the one that is right for you. You won't regret having any single one of these in the home.

Best Workout Sauna: Sun Home Solstice™ 4-Person Infrared Sauna

For those looking to work out in a sauna to really get the blood flowing, look no further than this model from Sun Home Saunas. With ultra-low emf heaters that are 12.5x more powerful than the leading competitors, this doctor-designed and endorsed sauna comes with Medical Grade Chromotherapy LED lights and EMF/ELF shielding to do the body plenty of good. Kick back on the built-in bench with a backrest and a charging station for you to place your phone/tablet for a highly relaxing time. And you got plenty of space to host 4 people in this sauna to make it a social event as well. This model is unique due to the benches being completely ergonomic. The lux matte black color will add a modern aesthetic to your home and elevates any workout or recovery room. Something that you would normally see at a five star hotel, you really can't beat having this in the home.

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Best Personal Sauna: Sun Home Solstice™ 1-Person Infrared Sauna

If you want a sauna that is built just for you and you alone, then this personal sauna from Sun Home Saunas is the way to go. This small but mighty infrared sauna packs a punch with the same high level of craft as the larger Sun Home Solstice sauna above, it's got the real estate for you to kick back and let the infrared rays warm you up and do your body some good. Being a one person infrared sauna it can fit nicely in any sized space. Oh yeah, did we forget to mention lifetime warranty?

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Best Low EMF Sauna: Equinox™ 2-Person Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna

As is the case with anything that pumps out infrared tech or tech of any kind, you have to worry about EMF. It's not good for the body and we're here to use these Saunas for body-positive means. And Sun Home Saunas are made with plenty of shielding to keep the EMF at bay. This model may be the best at doing so. It's got the same cozy and high-quality design and features as the other Saunas in stock, with a look that looks more at home in your home. A really worthwhile pickup in our minds. The two-person also features chromotherapy lighting and Bluetooth surround sound, to create a truly euphoric experience.

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Best Far Infrared Sauna: Sun Home Solstice™ 3-Person Infrared Sauna

Of all the infrared saunas in the Sun Home Sauna stock, this may be the very best one. The ability to warm you up is unparalleled, thanks to the incredible Far Infrared Design this one is made with. Hunker down in this Bluetooth enabled sauna to enjoy some music and some heat to do your body a big favor. Benefits of the FAR infrared wavelengths include cellular detoxification, stress relief, skin health improvement, and inflammation reduction - need we say more?

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Best Outdoor Sauna: Sun Home Luminar Outdoor™ 5-Person Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna

Maybe you don't have the space in the house to get an Infrared Sauna from Sun Home Saunas. If that's the case, maybe this Outdoor Sauna is the way to go. It can fit up to 5 people in it, so you can enjoy some time with your loved ones as you all sweat it out while taking in the glory of mother nature. The same high level of craft went into this as it did the other. Same features and benefits, just with a design made to be set up outside. You can't lose. The high-tech and durable outdoor infrared sauna features 10 full spectrum heaters which is more than any other infrared sauna in the planet and will ensure you stay toasty all year around. The unit is manufactured with highly carbonized wood sourced from Japan that will ensure the cabin will endure the elements and will last a lifetime. The Luminar outdoor sauna is also the prettiest we've ever seen, equipped with a ton of glass to create a jaw-dropping aesthetic but also allow you to view the outside world while getting your sweat on.

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